Be Careful (Junhoe Oneshot)

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He's perfect.

From head to toe, the curvature of his body, every muscular indentation, the smooth surface of his skin, each strand of hair on his head cooperating with his perfection.

How could she not stare? It would be a disgrace to let such beauty go to waste without any attention given. She wanted nothing more but to appreciate his perfection, inner and outer, but doing it from behind the computer screen was the best she could do without having a heart attack like the previous times she'd encounter him face to face.

A lengthy sigh escapes through her lips while staring deeply into the computer.

"Sam? Saammm? Hellooo? You there?"

Sam snapped her thoughts away from her bittersweet fantasy. "What? Oh, yes Sailynn, I'm here." She responds into the phone.

"Ah huh, sure you are. I'd bet two rounds of soju that you're gawking at a picture of JunHoe again aren't you?"

"What? No. I told you, I don't think he likes me like that. I'm just another noona to him." Sam half smiled, remembering how quiet JunHoe would stay around her whenever she'd run into him with Sailynn.

"And I'm the queen of France. Well, not yet. But hey, if my dreams are possible, yours definitely are too."

"You're silly. Now what was so urgent you had to speak to me about?"

"Ah, yes!" Sailynn's voice shot up an octave. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Nothing, I have the weekend off, why?" Sam replied, trying hard not to get lost in JunHoe's features.

"Sweet! Let's go get bubble tea, it feels like it's been forever since I've seen you last!"

Sam rolls her eyes, "Sailynn, you say me last week."

"Yeah, but I missed you all those days in between...."

"Okay, okay," Sam giggled. "Call me tomorrow when you're here."

"Okie dokie! Make sure to look cute! Love ya! Baiiee!"

The line goes dead. Sam sets the phone down and opens a new window on her laptop to dedicate herself to dramas and away from the perfection on her wallpaper.

"Geez Sam, when I said to look cute, I didn't mean THAT cute. What are you trying to do? Steal my cute maknae title?" Sailynn giggled as Sam closed thr door to her apartment.

"What? You're not a cute maknae, you're an evil one." Sam smiled sweetly. "You said look cute so I went with the cutest in my closet. You know I have to dress up to impress my sweet dongsaeng!" She hugged Sailynn tightly.

"Yaah! Okay okay!"

The girls leave the complex and head down the street, navigating through the back roads to avoid high traffic and any other kind of delays.

"Ah! There! I can smell the boba!" Sailynn sings cheerfully, making Sam giggle at her silliness.

"Did you just want tea or do you wanna eat here too?" Sam asked.

"Mmmm let's eat here! I skipped lunch today just to finish a project so I'm starving right now!"

"Take care of yourself Sailynn, I don't want you getting sick."

"Eonni, you sould take care of yourself too, be more care with your actions."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, let's eat!" Sailynn held the door for Sam then marched in after her, bumping straight into Sam's back. "Ouch, why did you-"

"I'm not hungry anymore."

"Huh? Why?" Sailynn peeks over Sam's shoulder and instantly grins. "Oh, I see. Shall I get you the tallest glass of water they offer? You must be mighty thirst."

Sam turns around and glares down at Sailynn. "Let's leave. Now."

As Sam goes to grab Sailynn's arm, Sailynn dodges her hand and slips around Sam, waltzing over to the familiar face in the middle table.

"Junebug!" Sailynn sang loudly, making JunHoe to lift his head up from his phone and remove one of his headphones.


Sailynn puts her hands hips. "You're mean to me. I'm your noona, where's my respect?"

"You're older than me by 20 something days. Meaning I don't have to call you noona." He puts his headphone back in his ear and sticks his tongue out to her.

Sailynn sticks her tongue back then rushes over to the still frozen Sam and drags her over, smacking her hand down on the table to grab JunHoe's attention again.

"You remember Sam right? How come you call her noona? Hmmm!?" Sailynn pressed on.

"Because she actually is a noona. Hello Sam noona, how are you?"

Sam looks at JunHoe then at Sailynn, and then back to JunHoe again. "Fine...."

JunHoe flashes a quick smile and offers for Sam to take a sit at the table.

"Oh goodie! I'll go order!" Sailynn grins after JunHoe's gesture then turns around heads to the cashier.

Sam sits down carefully, all while trying to avoid any kind of contact with him. It's not like it was the first time they met. Sam had known Sailynn long enough, and had even gone on adventures with her, but when Sailynn got the opportunity to meet JunHoe and his brothers, Sam knew her she was one step closer to death, and when she met death, it was worst than she'd ever imagined.

She adverts her eyes around the room, dodging his random glances up at her and yet she couldn't help but stare from the corners of her eyes.

His honey tan skin, the sharp outline of his jaw. Plump pink lips that made her want to touch them with her own, just to make sure that they were as soft as they appeared.

JunHoe's eyes flicker up to catch Sam's, making her skin crawl in fear of getting caught. She rips her eyes away and narrows her focus down to a small advertisement paper on the wall.

JunHoe grins then returns his attention back to his phone.

"Are you there here by yourself?" Sailynn asks as she returns with tea in her hands.

JunHoe grabs one of the teas that Sailynn hands him, "Yeah, but some of the others are coming in-"


JunHoe and the two girls turn their heads towards the door.

Chanwoo, Jinhwan and Bobby walk in, waving and making their way towards the table.


Sam looks at Sailynn who was already on her feet. "What's up?"

"Um, imma go. I just realized I left my phone back home so Imma go...."

"Then what's that peeking out of your coat pocket?" JunHoe smirked.

"Um. That's my um, my uh, my iPod. Imma go okay? Baaiieee!" Sailynn bows quickly weaves around the tables, waving hello to Chanwoo and JinHwan then completely looking away from Bobby and exiting the tea shop.

"She just got up and left.... What the hell." Sam spoke softly, recovering from the shock of being stood up.

"She usually does that when JiWon hyung shows up, should have left him at home if I knew you were here, sorry noona," Chanwoo responds.

"Huh. I thought that was just her being a dork. Bobby, what did you do?" Sam asked.

Bobby throws his hands up, "I don't know! We barely even talk! I can even count the times we've spoken to each other on my fingers!"

"You did something. Oh well, we have noona to keep company!" JinHwan winked at Sam.

"Sailynn ordered food. Might as well finish it since she won't be coming back," JunHoe commented.

Chanwoo goes over to retrieve the order as the rest of the guys settle around the table.

It didn't bother Sam. Sure, she got ditched, but she was surrounded by beautiful faces, and even she knew that Sailynn would run if JiWon would pop in.

French fries are exchanged around the table, along with corny jokes and silly giggles. Sam laughed along, enjoying her time with the guys, all while internally thanking Sailynn for dragging her out of the house, even if it meant running into the man that caused her dangerous feels. She continued glancing at him out of the corners of eyes, hoping to catch his gaze again but JunHoe's concentration remained on his phone.

"So why do you look so cute today, noona?" Chanwoo asked with a mouth full of potato wedges.

Sam coughed down her tea. "I what?"

"Cute noona, you look cute," JiWon repeated.

Her cheeks flushed a soft pink color. "Um, Sailynn told me to dress cute for our date so I did."

"This was suppose to be a date? Huh. Guess you're on a date us then," JinHwan beamed brightly.

"How about we ditch these losers and get away to our own private date?" JiWon grins, exposing his cheesy smile.

JunHoe glances up and turns his head to JiWon. "Hyung. Knock it off. You're going to make her nauseous if she keeps turning red like that."

"What? I'm just kidding!" JiWon chuckles.

JunHoe rolls his eyes and stands up, "Imma head back, it'll get late soon and I don't wanna walk in the dark."

"Good idea, noona, you do you have a ride home?" JiHwan asked.

"Um, no. I walked here. But that's okay I can walk. It's not that far from here." Sam smiled shyly.

"Are you sure? We can you walk home if you want," Chanwoo suggests.

"I'll just walk her home guys, better safe than sorry right? Let's go noona!" JiWon grinned.

JiWon stood up and offered his hand to Sam, then pulled her close enough for a quick hug as JunHoe's phone rang and the rest of the guys cleaned up.

They exited the tea shop and stood on the sidewalk to wait for JunHoe.

He slipped his phone back into his pocket as he stepped outside. "Change of plans. Hyung, HanBin hyung needs you back at the dorm. He said to pick up your phone next time because he's been calling you this whole time."

"He has?" JiWon scratched his head and took out his phone.

"Then I can walk noona home," Chanwoo commented.

"No, it's fine, I'll walk her home. I'll meet you guys back at the dorm." JunHoe bows his head and starts walking, making Sam thank the guys quickly before running after him.

"Um, you don't have to do this, I can walk home on my own. There's still daylight out." Sam spoke quietly.

"It's fine. JiWon hyung would probably get you lost so it wasn't safe even to begin with."

Sam trailed besides him, her hands knotted behind her back. JunHoe was never mean to her, but nor was he exceedingly nice. He was just there on the sidelines whenever Sam and Sailynn would bump into the boys. His lack of communication towards had always sadden Sam, making her believe that in his eyes, she was nothing more than another noona among the crowd. Her heart didn't resign from its attachment to the feelings, instead, she was more than happy to keep admiring him from afar. It meant keeping her sanity and emotions stable.

"Be careful," JunHoe said out of the blue.


"There are potholes-"

Before JunHoe could finish, Sam stepped directly in a pothole, making her foot sink in and force her to stumble to the ground.

The quickness of her hands saved her from eating dirt, but it wasn't enough to save her foot from twisting in a harsh manner.

Tears line up along the rim of her eyes from the throbbing pain in her ankle. She maneuvers her body gently and sits on the ground, pulling her foot up to look at the damage.

"Damnit," she growled quietly.

JunHoe squats down beside her and removes her hands to take the shoe off her foot. "I told you to be careful. Aishh...."

Sam winced at the discomfort.

"Well. We're almost there anyways, hop on my back, I'll carry you the rest of the way."

Sam's eyes widen. "No."


"Absolutely not. I'll hop the rest of the way home, even call a taxi, but you are not carrying me back-"

JunHoe inches closer to Sam, invading more of her personal space bubble than she was comfortable with, eyes locked, leaving her in trace. "Noona. You're going to get on my back, and I'm going to carry you home without any complaints, understand?"

Sam nods slowly, unable to voice a proper denial.

With a little help, Sam climbs onto JunHoe's back. The warmth of his back begin to make her head swirl in different directions. She hadn't been this close to him before, and his natural scent rubbing against her nose wasn't helping either.

It didn't take long for JunHoe to reach Sam's apartment complex with his long legs carrying them both. He ignored her request to set her down at the entrance and went straight into the elevator to her floor. Sam fished out her keys to unlock the door, only to get them swiped away but JunHoe so he could open the door while keeping her on his back.

He shuts the door with his foot and proceeds into the living room, then carefully squats down to drop Sam on the couch.

"Stay here, I'll call Sailynn and tell her what happen."

He whips out his phone and pressed a few keys then raised the phone to his ear.

Sam leaned her hair back against the couch, intoxicated from JunHoe's scent in her nostrils for the past fifteen minutes.

"She's actually really close. HanBin probably called her to ask if we were with her." JunHoe announced, taking a seat on the arm chair a few feet away. " Regardless, stay off your foot for a few days. It doesn't look broken but it's definitely a bit sprained."

Sam's cheeks tint in color, "um t-thank y-you. For walking me home even after I've become a burden...."

JunHoe runs his hands through his hair and leans back into the chair, "don't mention it. Just be glad I came along and not JiWon. He probably would have left you there while he went to go get help, forgetting he had a phone in his pocket."

Sam smiled, imagining a panicked bunny running around everywhere without a single idea of what to do.

A loud tap knocks on the door. JunHoe stands up and heads over to answer.

"How close were you? You got here pretty fast," JunHoe asked, letting Sailynn in.

She cleared her throat and took a deep breath to relieve her panting, "a few streets away actually. I ran here, that's why. Where's my precious eonni?"

"Precious?" Sam giggled.

Sailynn ran over to Sam and threw her arms around her. "Who hurt you!? I'll beat them to a pulp! No one hurts my eonni!"

"Chill, she just tripped over a pothole and sprained her ankle. Grab some ice and have her rest, she'll be good to go in a few days."

Sailynn turned to glare at JunHoe, "are you sure you didn't try to kill her?!"

His eyebrows furrowed. "I'm going home. Noona, feel better. See you two around."

He dipped his head for a quick bow and turned to leave.

"Did you have to scare him away?" Sam hissed. "He carried me on his back all the way here and you're shooing him off!"

"I don't care. You're hurt!" Sailynn explained. "I'll fix you right up!"

"Just don't ditch me again, okay?"

A half smile took over Sailynn's face. "Sorry about that."

"Why did you run away? Does it have something to do with JiWon?"

Sailynn stands up and smoothes out her shirt, "let's not talk about that right now, ok? There's a new episode of Running Man we need to watch so let's hop to it!"

Sam points to her ankle.

Sailynn grinned. "Oh, right. I'll get the ice!"

Low humming entered Sam's head, stirring her awake. Opening her eyes, she saw Sailynn tidying up the apartment after their night of binge watching variety shows. Sam watched as her dongsaeng quietly hummed to a song on the radio- iKon's My Type.

"Thanks for staying with me," Sam smiled.

Sailynn turned and glanced at Sam, mirroring a smile of her own. "Of course. Lemme use your restroom to freshen up and I'll whip up something delicious for breakfast."

Sam nodded and slowly sat up on the couch while wrapping the blanket over herself. The throbbing in her ankle had stopped but it was still too swollen to even attempt applying pressure on it. She sighed, replaying the scene of her tripping in front of JunHoe and having him carry her back. The replay worsen in her head, making her cringe at herself for being so clumsy in front of the that perfect man.

Sam shook her head. "That was so embarrassing-"

The doorbell rings, distracting Sam away from her thoughts. With Sailynn in the bathroom, Sam tried getting up to answer, failing bad enough to fall back on the couch. She rolled her eyes and fixed herself into the same comfortable position.

"Who is it?" Sam called out.

"Your worried dongsaengs!" a familiar cheery voice replied.

Sam smiled as she recognized JiWon as the owner of the voice. "There's a key under the mat. Come on in."

The door opened a few moments later, revealing a smiling JiWon and straight faced JunHoe carrying a vase of flowers.

"How are you doing today, noona? I heard what happened, so we came to check up on you!" JiWon beamed.

"Better. Sailynn has been playing nurse so it's going well."

"What am I doing? Who you talking to-" Sailynn stops as she enters the room, instantly making eye contact with JiWon.

"You've been playing nurse towards me, just talking you up to the guys is all," Sam grinned innocently when she heard Sailynn.

JiWon opened his mouth to speak, causing panic to rise in Sailynn's system automatically.

"IthinkIleftsomethingoutside,lemmegogetit." Sailynn stammered and walked right past JiWon without noticing JunHoe and ramming right into him, making water from the vase splash on his shirt enough to soak through. "I'm so sorry, June!"

JunHoe pressed his lips together into a fine line and shook his head. "It's okay-"

"I'll go buy you a new shirt immediately! Okay!? Bye Sam! I'll be back!" Sailynn dips her head quickly and rushes to the door.

"Ah- yaah! I'll go with you! You shouldn't be walking alone in these streets!" JiWon shouted, running out the door after Sailynn.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked, trying to push herself up and off the couch.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Sailas is just being Sailas I guess. Sorry about the flowers, they kinda got mushed," JunHoe replied, turning around to set the flowers on the table.

Heat began to rise to Sam's cheeks. "Um, it's okay. It's the thought that counts.... thank you."

"I swear. There's no need to rush out and buy a t-shirt. I wasn't going to bring JiWon hyung but he insisted." JunHoe mumbled. "Noona, you wouldn't happen to have a dryer here, would you?" He said, turning back towards Sam.

"Yes. It's at the end of the hallway, why?"

"I'm going to toss my shirt in there to dry it up. It's just water anyways." JunHoe grabbed the collar of his shirt and swiftly pulled it off over his head then disappeared into the hallway.

A shirtless JunHoe in her apartment definitely sent Sam into an emotional overload. She listened as JunHoe pressed the buttons to the dryer machine, anticipating the return of his presence.

With the very few seconds of mental preparation, it still wasn't enough to save her heart from going on a rampage when he walked back in and took a seat on the arm chair. Sam adverted her eyes but continued to pay attention to him out of the corner of her eyes. When JunHoe leaned his head back and closed her eyes, Sam took advantage of the opportunity to study the man.

He was the definition of perfection to her. Sam's eyes didn't bother to repress a single drop of mercy while they traveled up and down JunHoe's defined muscles. She had seen so many photos of him shirtless, but nothing could compare to having the actual JunHoe before her very eyes.

Smooth chocolate skin, outlined pecs and abs, and the now gently sleeping face of JunHoe. Her heart raced like never before, creating the urge to reach out and touch him seem almost irresistible. Even the thought of reaching to touch his full lips began to linger in her head.

Sam jerked her head away and squeezed her eyes shut. "No. I need to fight this. Water. I need water right now. T-to clear up my thoughts, yes." She hissed softly.

She didn't know how, but Sam had managed to get up from the couch and hop her way to the kitchen. She leaned against the counter as she filled the glass with cold water and chugged it down, repeating it a couple more times before filling it one last time. The glass quivered with her hand, partly because of the raging emotions inside, and partly because the pain had returned now that she had moved.

"I need to be carefu-"

"What are you doing!?"

JunHoe's sudden voice took Sam completely by surprise, making her drop the cup in her hands. The glass shattered to piece once it made contact with the hard counter top surface. She reached back down to gather the shards with her hands, pulling her hand instantly when she failed to notice a sharp piece and cut her finger.

"Don't touch it!" JunHoe commanded. Rushing over to pull Sam away from the counter. "Noona, please be careful. You could have severely hurt yourself if you continued with that! Look, you even cut yourself!" He grabs a napkin and wraps it around Sam's finger, "aishh. Noona, if you were thirsty, you should have just asked me to get you a cup of water."

Sam's eyes remained glued to JunHoe's warm hands around her finger, lightly applying pressure. "Y-you were a-asleep."

"I wasn't asleep, I was just resting my eyes. I didn't think you'd move around if I closed my eyes, but I guess I have to keep my attention on you so you don't go off hurting yourself even more." He answered, getting closer and closer by the second until JunHoe held Sam's hand close enough to his chest that she could feel his body heat being emitted.

Her face flushed bright tomato once her focus surpassed her finger and centered around JunHoe's chest.

"Noona, are you okay?" JunHoe asked in a low voice then took one of his hands and placed it on her forehead. "Whoa. Are you really okay? You're burning up!"

Sam swallowed hard then forced her eyes away from his chest to meet his gaze. "I'm fine, thank you," she replied in a small voice.

JunHoe smirked and leaned his face closer, "are you sure? You look like you're having difficulty.... breathing."

Sam gasped softly, sending JunHoe to break into laughter. His sudden change of actions made Sam press her eyebrows together in confusion. She watched JunHoe quickly recover and wipe a single tear from the corner of his eye.

"I'm so sorry Sailas."


JunHoe let go of Sam's hand to pull her chin up to his lips, keeping her steady with his other hand tangled into her hair. The heat of his lips sent a hot tingling sensation through Sam's body. She was confused, but had no will power to stop and pull away first for the kiss was sweeter than she had ever imagined.

JunHoe pulled back slowly with a sly smirk on his lips. "Better?"

Sam stared at him, struggling to remember how to speak. "Wwhhat?

His smirk transformed into a wide grin. "Noona, I know you like me. Sailynn told me after we first met, that's why I apologized because she made me promise I wouldn't make a move until, and I quote, 'I give the signal.' But I really can't help myself right now. Seeing you bright red and nervous, it was tempting. I had to. I like you too."

Sam raised both eyebrows. "Sign-nal?"

JunHoe shrugged. "I think it was about something vengeful. I wasn't given the details but it's okay now, just be careful around her. I know what she's capable of and I wouldn't want you going to the morgue on me."

Sam shivered in horror. "I'll be careful."

JunHoe sank his teeth into his lips and leaned in again for another kiss, "then again, I may just send you there myself if you don't learn how to breathe properly in the next few minutes."


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