BTS Wings is turning me into a Monster

Yo everyone!

How are you today? Hopefully you have a good weekend.


I'm seeing theories everywhere and they all make sense and fit.

My brain has its own ideas. I feel like I know and understand the story they are telling. I'm sure these videos got you feeling curtain ways. I know I'm feeling a lot, and relating somehow.


Yes, yes, I am a strange child.

That's why I'm called an alien by everyone who knows me.

No, I'm not mental…yet.

Yes, I have issues that many have.

A picture of the sky I took.

What do you see?

What do you feel as you look at it?

A reflection? A mirror? You? Twins?

Do you ever feel like the image above?

What do you see?

I drew this (O.O oh goodness…) 5- 7 years ago lol.



End, death, broken, future

Insanity, crazy, loneliness, lies, hidden innocence

Guilt, punishment, sin, tainted hands, tainted soul

Hopelessness, past, present, reality realm

good overlapping evil, reflections, inner feelings, inner thoughts

life, freedom, pain, sadness, forgotten


The end to the beginning.

Yup I have officially gone crazy… Now I'm drawing BTS and my ideas of wings and what i see when I look at them.

I'm going back to my little world (room). I'll be back with my art and fanfics, and maybe when jin appears. idk lol


Until Next Time~

~Alpha OUT!


*Me after this *



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