Pokemon Go • And The World Will Turn to Ash

This is the full story so far!!!

First part was, "Noire's Ambush"

After this was,"Trust in your Instincts"Then,"That's not a Fearrow Spark..."

Which led to, "Your Fight Is With Me"

Now it's "I Miss You."

(Holy Crap! I knew they looked alike,but I didn't think they'd be siblings!)

The Aftermath, "Being Candela Is Suffering"

I'm really loving this storyline!!

Surfacageis so talented!!!She'sopened the door to a wholenew world of Pokemon for us toenjoy and I can't wait to see more!!

Newest Additions to the

Masterlist (In Order!);;

Candela & Blanche's First Meeting

The Twins' Backstory l

The Twins' Backstory ll

Noire's Ambush

Spark's Instinct

That's not a Fearrow Spark...

Your Fight is With Me

I Miss You

Side Story - Noire & Candela

Side Story - Noire Wants to Cuddle

Side Story - Blanche's Questionable Gender

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