We just made 4 more K-Pop "singing" covers lol 🎤😂✌🏼



VIXX-Chained Up

B.A.P-One Shot (Karaoke cover)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything here on Vingle. But I've made a few covers earlier today with my sister and I really think we did a pretty decent job. It'll mean so much to me if you guys could watch, sing along with us, and provide me with some feedback? *Please note that we can't speak Korean and we don't really consider ourselves singers...But it's pretty awesome when we actually DO sound good lol.* **And again--THANKS FOR WATCHING!! HWAITING! ❤️**

Search "Keola Kpop" on YouTube :) Fighting!! 😃✌🏼️
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