100 Days Manga : #011 Oh! My Darling

White dress, the ring of church bell, and a endless promise kiss in Hikaru and Shinpei's wedding. But in her school, there was a strict rules, the relationship between teacher and student are forbidden. Because of that the wedding must be hidden! ------------------------------------------- The manga was full of drama that I'm really sick of it. Seriously. I thought it would be just like this, but not - it's more complicated. I just thought maybe this manga was too much. I mean, I like drama in mangas but once again, this is too much. But for all of you who like opera soap drama, maybe like this manga. Rating: 5.5/10

There was a minor role in this manga that I really like so much. He was the antagonist one. His name is Tatara-san. He is a talented writer. Why I like him? Obviously because his hair!! You know, I'm kinda crazy with a guy who has a long hair (in manga). He is so cool xD

AND HER!! The main character's bestfriend! Since she was dumped by her boyfriend, I wanted she found another one. And by that you know who? Yeah, I was hoping she was with Tatara-san xD lol But it wasn't happened u.u

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