Lee Min Ho - Park Shin Hye September departure, 'heirs' U.S. locations rush

Also accompanied by crystal crystal as an actor Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye leaves for the United States. these new trees SBS mini-series' crown who want to write, to withstand the weight of La-heirs "(a play and directing gimeunsuk sinhyo river below and heirs) of the recording September 3rd to climb on a plane to United States. 'Heirs' of the one official said, "Last month, the crew already pre'm home visits. Approximately three weeks after shooting the end of September, is expected to return home," he said. Lee LA and Malibu Beach Park Shin Hye from the U.S. plans to continue shooting. America's recording of the 'heirs' was released at the beginning of. Luxurious lives of the children lit jaebeolga said you're killing captured the attention of viewers is a compound eye. 'heirs' of the wealthy high school students are trendy drama to draw love and friendship. Jaebeolga of the heirs, heirs of a luxury resort, as the heirs of the power of these two inherited poverty damneunda, combined with what's happening. crystal in addition to Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye Choi, Won - Young bakhyeongsik imjueun choejinhyeok yunsonha starring as 'heirs' of the 'lord of the sun' and 10 is the beginning of the subsequent first broadcast. --Translate By Siennabebs :) --credit to : http://news.nate.com/view/20130821n03027

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