The Gorgeous Stranger (Part 1/2) Key Oneshot


Sweaty bodies grind themselves against each other as the bass from the speakers boomed. The heavy atmosphere was filled with the smell of alcohol and perspiration, the scent of teenagers living it up making you want to gag. Flashing iridescent lights would blind you every now and again as you watched your friends on the dance floor, flirting with guys that could be one a pervert, or two a serial killer. The world was a scary place but all reasoning can fly straight out a window once alcohol is involved. This wretched place was not one where you wanted to be but staying at home all cozy in your pj's while blasting music through your headphones was not an option when your friends believe you dont get out enough. You didn't ask to go out clubbing but your friends quickly over ruled that. Now you were shoved into a skin tight, little black dress that your sister owned while sitting in a corner booth as you sipped from a water bottle that you brought. You were not stupid enough to actually drink or eat anything in the club. Anything could be spiked by a horny teenager or someone wanting to cause trouble so you made a pact to yourself. Don't eat or drink anything there no matter how hungry or thirsty you are! You were saving your first kiss with your first boyfriend, not with some creep you bumped into at a club at midnight while being drunk out of your mind.

"Ugh I don't even want to be here. I just want to go home!" Groaning with annoyance, you drown your sorrows in the water from your water bottle. The music swallowed your groans and the repeative trap sequences screamed into your ear drums. A dull headache washed over you and all you wanted was to leave but your friends were your ride. By the looks of it with a random male having a intense make out session with Chae Rin, your bestfriend, going home wasn't an option at the moment. Finally fed up with scenery, you wanted to find some peace and quiet so you quickly grabbed your purse and made your way out of the club. Chilling air from the starry night blasted you when you made your way out, shivers erupted from your skin and you quickly wrapped your arms around yourself to try to gather as much warmth as possible. If only you were able to come with your beloved sweats and a cozy hoodie instead of a dress that barely covered your behind. "If only...." you sighed. The outside wasn't that much better and you watched as a girl, who clearly had too much to drink, tumble over her own two bare feet. Even though the night was a big ball of frustration, the brightly lit moon helped calm your nerves and a deep breath of cold air refreshed your starving lungs. The roar of an engine blasted through the air, a motorcycle was pulling into the parking lot fast. The driver pulled in on what you called a deathtrap and parked it only a few feet away from where you were currently standing, a black tinted helmet blocking your view of the owners face. His body was dressed in a tight black v neck with a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and converse to match. The outline of a very well built body could be seen through the fabric and the sight of his muscles moving as he removed his helmet were quite visible. You didn't realize you were drooling until the darkest pair of eyes meet your own. The mysterious man's piercing eyes were almost staring into your soul. It was almost as if time had stopped and you lost the ability to breath once you caught sight of those cheek bones and sharp jawline that you wanted nothing more than you touch. Your eyes shifted down and when you caught sight of those plump pink lips, you knew you were a goner. He was too gorgeous and your fingers itched at the desire to run themselves in his black silky hair. Who was this gorgeous stranger?

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