Man Crush Monday - Suga


Alright here's my first thingy on this site. Imma admit I'm being a little biased towards this cutie buy of course he'd be the first one I make a post for and of course it'd be for Man Crush Monday. I mean look at this cute dork.


I mean just look at him! He's beauty, He's grace, He'll sleep on your face.


Look at him enjoying his delicious food.

Not to mention just...this.....this takes the cake.

This dork just needs to stop my heart just hurts when I look at him...I love him way too much I'm just I need help. He's too beautiful for this world and I will fight anyone who disagrees. ٩(°̀ᗝ°́)و @MaroonEverHart @Emealia

Hi....I'm awkward....I like Kpop....Anime....Cosplay...and yeah.
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