Quick Update on Korean Earthquake

Hi everyone!

I'm sure by now you've heard that Korea was a little shaken up last night, but I want to clear up any confusion.

There were 2 earthquakes, both in Gyeongju (in the south east)

- 5.1 at around 7:45pm

- 5.5 at around 8:30pm

I felt the second one in Seoul and it was a long rumbling quake.

I'm from California so I've been in quite a few and this was one of the longest ones I've ever been in.

Korean construction isn't that great, so unlike California or Japan where buildings are made to withstand earthquakes, Korean buildings are not the safest place to be during an emergency.

After the majority of the shaking was done, my roommate and I grabbed our passports, wallets, and phones and stood out in the street away from buildings and power lines until we knew it was safe.

There was no damage in Seoul, but there are so far 21 injuries in the south.

Photos of damage are all from Gyeongju.

It's seriously minimal damage. Please don't be scared of anyone's safety - the injuries were not serious!

I hope everyone is safe!

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