The Dissociative Identity Disorder Theory

So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister@BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 3 or 4 cards in order to hit everything. If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards please let me know. As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.

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So to start out with let me explain what Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is. Many people know it as multiple personality disorder. This is an extremely rare disorder that forms when someone undergoes extreme, and I mean EXTREME trauma at a young age. This trauma is widely varied and usually comes in many forms including physical, sexual, emotional abuse and extreme neglect. DID occurs when the victim is unable to cope and begins to lose connection with their thoughts, memories, feelings and so on. In other words they separate themselves into different areas (personalities) in order to help them cope with the abuse. You’ll also need to know what Munchausen Syndrome is. This is a factitious disorder. Basically someone with Munchausen is not sick. Those with this syndrome are trying to draw attention to themselves or seek sympathy. A lot of times this is a way for them to find reassurance that people do worry about them. Each case is different with some Munchausen Syndrome cases the patient knows they are seeking attention. In other cases the patient does not realize that they are. So as I mentioned in the intro card this theory centers around Jin having DID. This makes all of the other members the different personalities and emotions in his head. This first card is just going to be the who’s who of the personalities. Basically which member represents what and so on. In future cards we’ll connect the videos and Demian. We’ll introduce the personalities in the order of the videos.








Rap Monster




The Butterfly

**The Bird We believe the bird to represent Demian. He exists only inside Jin's head and acts as a guide to Jin to help him overcome the other personalities. This one like the butterfly we will go into more later. This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos. We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon. @AnyameTenchu Thirst Squad <3:@fruitypoptart@BrennaTran@AaliyahNewbell@twistedPuppy@IsoldaPazo@MichalJamerson@Sailynn@kolai4@pharmgirlerin@Kolai4@InnocentiaKishi@Junhwanbae92

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