False Innocence Chapter 34

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst

Warning: Language

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Namjoon POV

The door slammed behind Namjoon as he exited the house making him stop. He took in a deep breath of the refreshing late night spring air and put his hands in his hair. ‘Holy shit what just happened,’ Namjoon thought to himself as he crouched on the walkway. He could hear his heart racing in his ears as he sat in the silent night trying to calm himself. Namjoon took in another slow and deep breath but his heart still raced.

Standing up, Namjoon turned and looked at the door to [Y/N]’s house wondering if he should go back in. He walked toward the gate, placed his hand on it then turned back around to look at the door. Namjoon paced back to the door and grabbed the door handle staring at it. He let out a frustrated noise and let go. He walked out of the gate and down the dark street.

When Namjoon arrived at the music studio both Hoseok and Yoongi looked at him questioningly. Namjoon’s breath was heavy from running there and because he was still replaying the events with [Y/N]. “You alright,” Hoseok asked looking Namjoon up and down. Namjoon’s appearance was a mess. His hair was disheveled, his shirt partly undone and wrinkled, his jacket missing, and his shoes had mud on them. “Joon,” Yoongi asked concerned. Namjoon nodded as he took in a deep breath. “What are you guys up to,” he asked forcing a smile. Neither boy responded and just stared at him. “Uh guys we should totally work on a song. Let’s work on a song,” Namjoon said walking over to the piano and sitting down. Both Yoongi and Hoseok’s eyes followed Namjoon still not answering him. “Where’s the rest of your uniform,” Yoongi asked with a smirk spread across his lips. Hoseok started laughed and slapped Yoongi’s shoulder.

It was as if the sudden realization that all of his stuff was still at [Y/N]’s house hit Namjoon. “Shit!” Namjoon yelled letting his head fall onto the piano keys, making the notes ring loudly. Yoongi and Hoseok started laughing louder and teasing Namjoon at his obvious situation. “You totally left them at a girl’s house,” Yoongi said through laughter. “Fuck off,” Namjoon said as he started to leave the studio. “You’re going to have to go get it back,” Hoseok yelled at Namjoon’s back.

‘I left in such a hurry I can’t believe I left my stuff there,’ Namjoon thought as he walked the short distance to his home. Namjoon pulled his phone out to check the time seeing it was just past 11. He had one text message from [Y/N] and he hesitated a moment before reading it.

From: [Y/N]

Message: I’m sorry...

Namjoon made the motion of throwing his phone but never actually let it go from his hand. “I don’t want her to apologize,” Namjoon said frustrated. He kicked a nearby rock in his frustration and let out a yell. When Namjoon got home he didn’t bother to greet his parents and went straight to his room laying on his bed. Namjoon moved his hand to his chest, closing his eyes, and feeling his heart race. The scene played over and over again in his mind, the feeling of her in his arms, her lips on his, her tongue against his, every memory made Namjoon wish he hadn’t left.

Namjoon rolled over on his side and he heard his door open. “Joonie, sweetie, are you okay,” his mother asked from the door. “I’m fine mom,” Namjoon replied quietly.

“Are you sick? Do you need medicine?”

“No I’m okay mom, thanks. Can you turn the light out when you leave?”

The lights went out and a click from the door let Namjoon know his mom had left. “What would have happened if I stayed,” Namjoon asked himself. “Would we have gone any further? Would I have been able to stop? She felt so amazing...” Namjoon pulled his blankets over him, not bothering to change, deciding he needed to try and sleep. He knew it was going to be difficult considering his heart was still racing even after having left [Y/N]’s house an hour ago, but he needed a new day.

The next morning Namjoon woke up with a terrible headache. He stumbled out of his room and down to the kitchen looking for something to eat. “Didn’t even bother to change huh,” Yoongi asked uncaringly from the table while he ate. Namjoon chose to ignore his comment and grabbed an apple from the counter. He took the apple with him back to his bedroom where he sat down on his bed and picked up his cell phone noticing he had two text messages.

From: [Y/N]

Message: I’m guessing you don’t want to see me so I had Jimin come get your stuff.

From: Jimin

Message: Yo man! [Y/N] had me meet her to grab some of your things. Guess you left them behind during the study session you clumsy!

‘So she isn’t telling anyone about what happened,’ Namjoon thought feeling a little hurt. ‘It makes sense why she wouldn’t but still... why do I have to be such a secret?’

To: Jimin

Message: Hey thanks! Yeah I completely forgot. Could you bring it with you to school on Monday? I’m a little busy and can’t meet this weekend.

From: Jimin

Message: no problem!

Namjoon let out a sigh of relief because he didn’t want to leave his room, let alone his house. He threw his apple in the trash bin and went to take a bath hoping it would help make him feel better.


After what happened you never heard from Namjoon and it only made you feel worse. You wanted to apologize but he didn’t seem to want to give you the time of day. Taehyung had been blowing up your phone with sob filled voicemails and text messages. You never replied to any of the messages but you did read them over and over.

From: Taehyung

Message: I know you hate me but I love you so much. Please, give me another chance

From: Taehyung

Message: [Y/N] are you eating? Are you sleeping okay? Please take care of your health

From: Taehyung

Message: I miss you so much.

Each message was different which made you believe he was honestly thinking about you. He didn’t repeat himself at any point. You were still heartbroken but seeing each message made you feel happier and believe he still loved you.

When school rolled around there was a new seating arrangement done making it to where you sat near nobody you knew. Namjoon sat on the other side of the room with Ellin and Taehyung sat toward the front. Maybe it was best that sat on your own. Things still felt awkward with Namjoon and obviously Taehyung had broken your heart. Ellin and Namjoon were good friends so talking with her was out of the question. You would have to figure something out for lunch too. Sitting with all the boys was out of the question. You weren’t ready for their questions or possibly running into Taehyung. With one incident it felt like you had lost everyone.

Everyday for the next two weeks you avoided everyone. Jimin tried to talk to you a couple of times but you always gave him excuses and ran away from him. You had heard from Seokjin that Nana had broken up with him shortly after you and Taehyung had broken up. Taehyung continued to text you everyday even if you didn’t respond.

The one time you ran into Namjoon the interaction was so awkward you ended up skipping a class to get away from him. You acted as if you were sick and went to the nurse when in reality you hid in the garden under a tree and did nothing. This spot had become your solace because no one knew where you were and it made it easier to ignore everything around you.

It was Friday after school and you were sitting under the tree like you normally did. Your eyes were closed as you sat feeling the breeze kiss your skin. When you started to hear the pitter patter of rain you opened your eyes and realized you needed to get back inside. Luckily the thick layer of leaves of the tree protected you from the rain. Out of the corner of your eye you noticed someone extending an umbrella to you and you turned to them. Smiling down at you was Jungkook. “You might want this,” he said turning his smile into a small smirk. You reached out and took the umbrella from him smiling. “Thank you. How did you know I was here Jungkook,” you asked looking up at him. Jungkook sat his bag down next to the tree and sat next to you, his arm pressed against yours. “Well,” he started, “Someone needs to keep an eye on you.” An ornery smile spread across his lip making you laugh. “So you are stalking me,” you asked jokingly.

Jungkook started laughing at you. “What if I said yes?”

“Then I would have to return this umbrella to you.” You held the umbrella back out to Jungkook as a joke.

“Well good thing I’m not.” He smiled again then rested his head against the tree looking out at the garden. “Taehyung saw you coming here a while back and has been watching you. He asked us to come check on you. Make sure you were okay. Granted we were worried about you even without him asking. We just didn’t know where you were hiding.”

“Taehyung was watching me?” Your heart raced slightly. Jungkook nodded in response pursing his lips. “Why does he care what I do?” Your tone was filled with frustration.

“It’s because he honestly cares about you. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t make what he did right, but he does genuinely care about you [Y/N]. Just like the rest of us.” Jungkook was looking at you sweetly. “Don’t throw all of us away, okay? We miss you.” You watched as Jungkook stood up and grabbed his bag throwing it over his shoulder. “I’ll see you at lunch on Monday okay? If I don’t see you I’ll come find you.” Jungkook ran off in the rain toward the school.

You quickly opened the umbrella and grabbed your things chasing after him calling his name. He stopped and looked at you. You brought the umbrella up to cover both of you. “Thank you Jungkook,” was all you said as you smiled at him. He blushed slightly and smiled down at you. “I have somewhere I need to go. I know you lent this to me but I’m going to be a while and I don’t want you to walk in the rain without it. You’ll catch a cold,” You held out the umbrella for him to take. His smile grew as he took the umbrella from your hand. “[Y/N],” he started, “Never forget we care about you. You don’t have to fight such battles alone.” You nodded then ran off into the school, leaving Jungkook behind.

You knocked on the music room door and slowly walked in. You were met with the eyes of Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon. “[Y/N],” Jimin said quietly, his face a combination of excitement and worry. “Hey Jimin,” you said sweetly, “Um, Namjoon, can I talk to you for a second.” He looked away from you for a moment then walked out of the room with you. You lead him away from the music room and somewhere many students didn’t come by so you could talk more openly. Your heart was racing slightly but also hurting remembering what you had done to him. “Namjoon,” you said quietly, “I wanted to apologize to you about the other night.”

“You don’t need to apologize.”

“Please, just let me say something.” Namjoon stood looking down at you. You could see the hurt in his eyes. “I was a real jerk who used your feelings against you. I took advantage of you and I shouldn’t have. I-” You felt tears start to fall down your cheeks. Taking in a deep breath, you continued, “I’m really sorry Namjoon.”

Namjoon took in a large breath and let out a small sarcastic laugh. “Why does it feel like I’m getting turned down again.” He was smiling at you but you could tell there was no happiness behind it. “I was using you just as much so you don’t need to apologize. I don’t want you to be sorry about it. Let’s just act like it never happened. Okay?” His smile grew wider making it look even more fake. You looked to the floor nodding while wiping your tears. “Now,” he said, “You should get home. It’s getting late. I’ll see you on Monday okay?” Looking up at his eyes made you feel so guilty as you saw such sadness. “Be Careful getting home Namjoon,” You said before walking away slowly.

Namjoon POV

Namjoon watched as [Y/N] walked away feeling his heart break a second time. He leaned against the wall and slid to the floor covering his face with his hands. Tears pooled in his eyes as he took in a shaky breath and let it out slowly to keep the tears from falling. ‘Why am I not good enough,’ he thought as he tried to focus on his breathing. ‘I love her so much.’

He sat there a few minutes when he heard someone sit down next to him. He looked over at them and saw Yoongi looking over at him. “Hyung,” Namjoon said weakly as all of his efforts fell along with his tears. Yoongi put his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder not saying a word while Namjoon let out another shaky breath. He hugged his knees to his chest resting his head on them and let his tears fall quietly. Namjoon looked up, wiping his tears with the palm of his hand and took in a deep breath. “Weren’t you working on something with Jimin,” Namjoon asked trying to ignore the fact he had been crying.

Yoongi smiled slightly and stood up looking down at Namjoon. “We finished up for the day,” he said holding out his hand to Namjoon. Namjoon took it as Yoongi helped him stand up. “Come on Joon, let’s go home.”


It was Saturday afternoon when you decided to go out for an afternoon walk with your mom. You both stopped at the nearby park and watched at the little kids played. “Do you remember playing here when you were little,” your mother asked. You giggled and nodded, “Yeah, this is where I met Nana.”

“How is she these days? I haven’t seen her much.”

“We don’t really talk anymore. She changed.”

Your mom pulled you in close and hugged you. “It happens sweetie.” Your mom released you from her embrace and looked back at the park. “Is that a grown man playing with those kids over there?” You followed her pointed finger to see a broad shouldered man playing with all the kids. He looked as if he was having more fun than they were. The man turned around and when you saw his face your eyes widened. “Taehyung?” You asked loudly.

Taehyung looked up at you with a large smile spread across his face. “[Y/N]!” He yelled as he waved at you. “Excuse me little ones, I need to go say hello to my friend.” The little kids surround him started to complain. He bent down to be near their height and smiled at all of them. “I promise I’ll come back to play soon.”

“You know this boy [Y/N],” your mother asked. Taehyung ran up to you before you could answer and he had the largest smile on his face you had ever seen. You couldn’t help but smile back at him. “What are you doing here Taehyung,” you asked a little frustrated. “I was actually hoping I would run into you [Y/N], looks like my plan worked,” He said as he scratched the back of his head. He noticed the look your mother was giving him and he suddenly bowed to her. “Sorry, my apologies, I should introduce myself. My name is Kim Taehyung, I’m [Y/N]’s boyfriend.” Your expression changed from happy to confusion as you were about to say something. “Oh it’s so wonderful to finally meet you. I have heard so much about you from my daughter,” your mother said.

“I hope she has said good things about me.” Taehyung was using his charm at full speed on your mother.

“Of course!” Your mother giggled as she spoke to him.

“Would you mind if I borrowed your daughter a moment?”

“Please enjoy yourselves. Have her home safely.”

“Thank you. I will bring her home before dark.” Taehyung grabbed your hand as you tried to protest.

“Come by for dinner sometime. I would love to talk with you more.”

“That sounds wonderful! Let me know when you would like to have me over and i’ll be there.”

“Wait. Wh-” you chimed in.

“How about next weekend? Would you be able to come by then?”

“I will be there. Thank you.”

“Wait. No. Thi-”

“Wonderful, i’ll send more details with [Y/N] later. You kids have fun!”

Taehyung bowed to your mother and drug you away with him. Every time you tried to pull your hand free he tightened his grip. He ignored every plea you had about having him slow down or stop. At some point you were able to get your sandal off your foot and you slapped him on the head with it. He yelped in pain and turned to look at you. “What the hell [Y/N],” he yelled letting go of your hand and rubbing his head. “Will you listen to me for a second!” you screamed back. He looked at you shocked and nervous. “I have been asking you to stop since you pulled me away. Who do you think you are to drag me away! You can’t just show up like that!”

“What choice did I have!” Taehyung yelled back at you making you take a step back. “You’ve been ignoring me and avoiding me. How am I supposed to talk to you if you keep running away.”

“Maybe I don’t want to talk to you. Have you thought of that?!” You watched as Taehyung’s shoulders drooped while his attention fell to the ground. You softened a little before talking again. “What do you want Taehyung?”

He looked back up at you with pleading eyes. “I want a second chance.”

“What if I don’t want to give you one?”

“Please [Y/N]. I know I was an ass hole-”

“Just an ass hole?”

“More than that. But I love you so much. I’m sorry about everything. Actually I’m more than sorry. There aren’t words to describe how bad I feel about what I did. Please give me a second chance.”

You stood silently a moment before speaking. “I don’t know...”

“You didn’t say no so you must want to!”

“Of course I want to! I love you Taehyung. But I don’t think I can. You broke-” Taehyung grabbed you and kissed you softly before you could finish your sentence. You fully accepted his kiss and wrapped your arms around him feeling your body light up. He pulled away slowly and you let your eyes flutter open. “I know I broke your heart,” he started as he brushed your cheek lightly with his finger. “Let me fix what I broke. I mean it when I say I love you. Will you please give me another chance?”


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