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Hello Bebes, I am doing something different. Today, I want to do fun reactions; like for different scenarios. So both of my beautiful boys will be in this one card ♡

☆ Depending on how this goes, I may continue this.


➻ When Jenissi Notices you for the first time:

Jenissi would be the one to put on a stunt on the inside, but on the outside would be flustered. He would try to hide it, but his staring would tell you different. Showing all signs of nervousness, he wouldn't be able to not look at you. . .


➻ When Nakta Notices you for the first time:

Trying to make it through the end of his concert, he'd do a double take admiring your beauty. Fighting his sleepiness, he'd focus all of his attention on you, becoming doe-eyed. . .


➻ How Jenissi reacts to you chanting his name:

Over all of the fans in the venue, he'd hear your voice; first and foremost. Your eyes would meet as he was rapping his part. Knowing your eyes would be on him constantly, he'd try to be extra swaggerlicious. . .


➻ How Nakta reacts to you chanting his name:

Nakta would try and follow the sweet voice that he hears loud and clear. A smile would creep from his lips as he tried to match your voice, and face. . .


➻ When you meet Jenissi at the hi-touch:

Jenissi would be filled with delight and the cliché feelings of love at first sight. Acting flustered, you'd see a cute adorable guy who turned from intense to shy in a jiffy. This is where you'd see the dimples, gifted from heaven itself, come out. Not to mention, he'd get fidgety. . .


➻ When you meet Nakta at the hi-touch:

Nakta would take a moment to tie together the situation, but when he did, you'd be the center of his attention. He may have looked cool and calm on stage, that would take a complete turn as his smile would let you know that he was excited to meet you. . .

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