Happy (A Kyungsoo Fluff One Shot)


Dating EXOs D.O. was never an easy job, and certainly it had its share of terrible parts, but he always seemed to find a way to make it all worth while. He never forgot a birthday, an anniversary, even when he was on tour in Europe, and you were visiting your family back in America, the international call cost a fortune, but he said it was worth it to hear your voice. It was the silly things that made your day. Texts at two in the morning saying he couldnt sleep because he kept grinning because he was thinking about you. It worked the other way too, you flying out to surprise him on his birthday when he thought that you were on the other side of the world, the shock on his face, a wonderful reminder that he was the light at the end of a tunnel. Kyungsoo was the kind of person youd expect to sit and watch the world go by, but instead he actively watched and listened and you always found yourself amazed by his knowledge of things that you didnt think hed even care about. He was there for you in every way a boyfriend should be, with the added bonus of being there for you when he was on stage as well. Hed confessed to you on stage during an SM Town show, running back stage to pull you from your relative anonymity into the far too bright spotlight. For a while things had been rough, you received death threats, hate mail, and even had things thrown at you as youd left a dinner with friends. Instead of worse though, it seemed the more open with your relationship you were, the more comfortable and happy people became with it. The company finally accepted it, and with that it was like a wall came crashing down. You started receiving fan mail, even through his enlistment you got words of encouragement alongside the words sent to him, and soon enough, you were back there on the stage, now years later, the love of your life kneeling down in front of you, in front of his hundreds of thousands of fans and their cell phone cameras, to ask you to be his forever. Youd laughed at him. Unable to breathe, the only thing that had escaped was laughter. You turned, hands covering the stupid smile as you shook your head. You couldnt believe him, this was crazier than youd ever expected. He stood, following you, putting his arms around you, the boxed ring in front of your face yet again, and you reached up, snagging the ring between your fingers, slipping it onto your finger before you turned to him, kissing him there, in front of his fans, and their cell phones, didnt have a care in the world. The wedding of an idol was surprisingly not stressful, probably because you didnt do much of the planning, simply approving or rejecting designs as they came. Youd wrapped your arms around his neck one evening as the date grew close and you smiled, telling him that this was the way to do a wedding. Who needed bridezilla? Hed laughed, and held you close. Every moment was precious, and each day was a gift. Seeing his face as he turned to see you walk down the aisle was the greatest moment of your life. No matter how many cameras were flashing. Your wedding might have been the biggest story on the news that evening, maybe that week, but it was your moment, regardless of anyone else who happened to be watching, it made you glad youd chosen waterproof mascara that day. You floated through the ceremony, and on through the evening, dancing with family, friends, and the love of your life. A year later, it was with a blush you didnt really need, that you told him the next best news of your life. He was home from tour, and youd just come home from the doctors office. You were happy, and this moment even rivaled him drunkenly giggling at you the night of your wedding as he pulled you close, dancing the last dance of the night. His eyes got wide as he came close, hands gently dancing against the skin of your stomach. You watched as he gasped. Hed realized that he was going to be a father. You grinned as he bounced around your living room, pulling out his phone to dial his best friend, and then his manager to tell him that hed need a break in about nine months. You didnt ask him to take a break, that had been his idea. All of the work of having a baby shouldnt be left to you alone, hed said. Hed wanted to be there, to help you, to be the father that youd known he could be from the first time you met him. Two months became six, and a year, and hed gone back for a comeback, and two months later, hed been back, sticking around this time. Hed decided that his family was what he needed to focus on. Surprisingly, his members had agreed. Theyd all been in and out, meeting his tiny baby girl, trying to teach her music or trying to influence her into liking them more. She was a spoiled little girl, presents from her exo uncles, and by the time she started talking, shed obviously bonded extremely closely with Jongin. Kyungsoo was the most happy that his daughter liked his best friend the best, but as he regularly saw, his daughter had become comfortable with all of his members, and her eyes sparkled like a star in the night sky when they all came to visit. She somehow understood when her daddy would give her a hug and a kiss goodbye, she didnt worry that he was leaving, only waving with her small fingers to him. When hed return after a concert or an interview, or a week of promotion, shed squeal happily and reach out for him, as she was easily picked up and held tight by her happy father. It didnt matter how tired he was, his favorite part was always being there in the evening to help her to bed, tucking her in, and singing her to sleep. Shed mumble words along with him until she was too tired and her words became no longer audible, fingers tight around a plushy a fan had given Kyungsoo for his daughter. Her room was full of them, and it was getting to the point where theyd need to get a new room for them, or get rid of some of them, but MaeSoo would have none of that. Any time any became missing, shed whine and fuss. As she got older, we began putting them into boxes, explaining that they werent going away, simply living in a new home in the storage room. Soon enough, her second birthday came around, and the two of you had left Mae with Kai for an afternoon to go shopping for a present for her, and as you stopped for lunch, you were suddenly looking at his phone at an article posted on the SM page. It made you gasp, looking up at him, surprised and a bit worried. You shared your worry with him, but he shook his head, a smile on his face. He was making the right choice for his family. He was going to leave EXO, to be here, for his child, for the rest of her life. He wanted to be a great father, more than just an idol father. Perhaps some time when shed gotten older hed go back and sing again, but hed made a choice, and you couldnt believe his sacrifice. He said his dreams had changed when hed met you, and this decision was just a long time coming. The day of her second birthday loomed in the near future and the guys had all come over for a dinner, discussing the changes to things now that Kyungsoo would be leaving, and theyd decided that perhaps instead it would be better for the group to take a hiatus. There were a couple of them who still needed to do their military service, and a few more that had weddings of their own to plan and enjoy. You couldnt believe your eyes and ears, but more than anything, you were happy. Your family was going to be one, for good this time. Itd been two years since your daughter had been born, two years to the day, as you took her into the backyard to celebrate her birthday. She ran squealing happily to her father who lifted her up into his arms, spinning her around, and kissing her cheeks. She giggled, and as you walked up, you couldnt help the loving gaze you shared with the both of them. They were the lights in your life, and you were happy.

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