Tech Innovation on Green Cross Laser Alignment

Whenever users are fallen into serious need of clear and accurate enough cross line positioning in distance, nothing is much more efficient than green cross laser alignment in practical industrial machinery processing works. The traditional manual cross line drawing from a triangular meter or blocking board is far enough to get precise and accurate enough cross line measuring work, while just substituted by advanced cross line laser module. When green laser module gets continuous green laser beam from external DC input power supply, whatever kind of industrial inspection and machinery processing work, this cross laser alignment is always getting 90 degrees two perpendicular lines positioning, while still efficient enough to make great work for improving work efficiency and reduce serious relying on manual skills.

Cross line laser source targeting from green cross laser alignment is very special and marvelously. On condition that it is employed by import 532nm green DPSS laser tech, the real cross line aligning is always workable for super longer distance and higher lighting. It is a low labor force cross line measuring solution, while users have no need to spend a lot of time on prior preparing work, but this cross line laser module just begins to work immediately after its very simple DC input power supply connection.

The operation of green cross laser alignment is always workable for extremely harsh working occasions. It is employing very durable structure from aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material. Even though green cross line laser source is processed in quite low temperature, however, this 532nm green laser module is still keeping stable performance, getting stable and reliable enough vertical and horizontal green lines positioning result as expected.

laser alignmentgreen DPSS laser

green cross laser alignmentcross line laser module

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