Kpop Inspirational quotes edition.

hey everybody, it's me TwistedPuppy puppy. so I've been messing around with photo editing apps and what not and I've started enjoying making nice inspirational quotes. I also don't just want make fanfic I actually wanna do so much more for all of my Homies in vingle. this is one of the things I plan on doing now.

Kpop Inspirational quotes edition.


so here a brief explain of what I've made and will be doing. this is Tablo most famous saying the full saying so like this. “If I’m going to be hurt anyways, I would rather have something positive come out of that experience. They say a swan makes its most beautiful sound when it dies.” reason I just use they say a swan makes its most beautiful sound when it dies because it speaks to me some how it's like if he saying it's okay to cry because in the end you'll feel alive again...

and this is jonghyun from shinee most known saying. to be honest I really like it because he particularly giving us advice on how to relieve that heavy pressure we feel upon our shoulders and letting us know he's been there it and he made it out and so can you. also that we're not alone.

I use this saying on GD because I feel like out of every idol he's been through lot with so many people judging him and out to get him when he was getting really known. but even though he went through alot he still made sure to look up and continued to be himself.

this one I have to Namjoon from bts. many of us know he had gonna through hell and out but he didn't let it get to him. i want everyone here to know that your life is something important never feel like your not because you are. your a strong human being that is why you've made it this far never let anything OR ANYONE make you feel less of a person your strong. even if you cry because if you cry that means your the most powerful person because your strong enough to shed tears and look forward after crying because not everyone is capable of putting their pride aside. I being one of those people who need to put their prise aside.

this one goes well with bambam because he made it through the BS because he didn't lose hope and neither should anyone of you vinglers STRONG AND FIGHT AGAINST THE ODDS. your perfect just the way you are remember that.

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