One Piece, Chapter 669 Summary

1 hour earlier, Sanji's group were lured into a trap by the Yetis and hit with sleeping gas, but they survived, woke up and beat up their captors to free themselves. The group then finds the samurai's head the legs freezing in the snow, and the samurai states that his torso feels like it's in water. The samurai wonder why the pirates are helping him, and Sanji states that he feels it's his responsibility to get the samurai back together, but afterwards he'll beat the samurai up. The group then head to the lake where the samurai's torso might be, but they spot a group of centaurs running away from the lake and then they notice the mountain-sized slime monster. Back in his lab, Ceasar gloats about his slime monster, which was created from the disaster that caused the island to be quarantined. Outside, the G5 Marines have commandeered a ship and are trying to break into the lab. Meanwhile, Law and Chopper sneak into the lab using the back door. Law states that he'll lure Caesar out and in the meantime Chopper can investigate the drugs. Chopper wonders why Law doesn't capture Caesar himself, and Law states that he has a problem and that's why he needs the Straw Hats. Back in front of the lab, Franky, Luffy and Robin crash land in the middle of the Marines to start their kidnapping scheme, and of course this wasn't the entrance Law had in mind. cr:

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