11:18 On The Streets Of Eternity~ D. James Breaux

Life is a whisper....

a whisper


two worlds


the sun spends its winter and the

eastern cottontail cheats predators;

where the purple tailed swallow

hangs her hat evermore and

pale pink camelias grow wild

in the westward mountains,


westward mountains;

those characterless silent towers

spring calls home.

Who in the sam hill

could find controversy with this

space time continuum;

in this space,

this space....

the only one

we have left.

Still though they are, the angels

mount an insurrection

at 11:18 on the streets of eternity

and monolith-like speakers

broadcast the eulogies

of those left far behind.

Abstract splashings from some invisible inkwell hidden in some dusty basement somewhere in some parallel universe. ❤️ #OutlawInCharge
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