K Drama OST Playlist

So K dramas have some awesome OSTs most of the time sung by our favorite idols as well as actors and actress in the drama! <3 Heres a little playlist of some of my favorite k drama OSTs~

She Was Pretty : Only You - Siwon (SuJu) I looooved Siwon in this drama and this drama was awesome <3 This song is so peaceful to listen to yet has so much emotion in it!

Healer : Eternal Love - Micheal Learns to Rock MY #1 FAVORITE K DRAMA <3 this drama is legit tooooo good! This song is sooo nice to listen to and its in english haha ^^

She Was Pretty : One More Step - Kihyun (Monsta X) I really loved this drama and Kihyuns vocals are soooo nice! Love hearing him sing this lovely ost song <3

My Love From Another Star : My Destiny - Lyn The first K drama I fell in love with <3 This song played so much during the drama it was hard not to love it

Moorim School : Run - Ha Seong Love this song~ Very nice vocals and fit the drama so well~ I love Lee Hyun Woo in this drama!

My Lovely Girl : I Want To Love You - Alex Idk the singer, but this song is sooo nice and vocals are on point <3 Such a clneat drama with Rain, Krystal (f(x)), and L (Infinite)

Secretly Greatly : An Ode To Youth - Lee Hyun Woo This is a movie, but this movie is amazing and Lee Hyun Woo is one of fav actors so I looove him singing too <3 His voice is nice! Lovely song~

Moorim School : Alive - VIXX Hongbin was in this drama and I loved it, I actually really like a lot of the OST from this drama~ I ended up writing some choreo to this song cuz I liked it so much

What are some of your favorite OST songs from K Dramas? ^^ Taglist:@Kpopandkimchi@ARMYstarlight@MichelleIbarra@Morganelisabeth@belencitagarcia@baileykayleen@jiyongleo@chelseajay@madandrea@stevieq@kpossible4250@Vkookie47@amobigbang@sarahdarwish@sugafree@tracylynnn@Bekikunstman@sharayahtodd@chaerica@prettieeEm@xergaB20@ilennrocks@tigerlily84@kpopgaby@keziahwright@creetheotaku@tayunnie@ashleykpop@sarahvandorn@mandynoona@drummergirl691@katierussell@emilypeacock@sugaontop@thepinkprincess@jinsprincess86@nell03@moonchild03@stephanieduong@aubriepope@hajelf@rainac3@kchavens09@saraortiz2002@taetaebaozi@jojojordy2324@agentleo@sosoaloraine23@lexxcisco@emilygardner@lashonda0917@kwellnitz@nancyvongvilay@annahizaragoza@anniechang1545@ninjamidori@nenegrint14@morleecorielus@mrsbangyongguk@edwey66@amberg171997@deefran@kyky97@lolimbetter09@lilmnm@veronicaartino@vipfreak2ne1@christianliu@torchix@jungkookie1@destinabyrd@emealia@jessAS@kellyoconner@itsmari@heidichiesa@cindystran@vixenvivi@aimeeh@kiki29@roxy1903@lizanightshade@saraortiz2002@everiemisfit@LizaNightshade@brawner13@vatcheeAfandi99@zyxzj@taehyungv

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