X-ray Security System Used in Airport and Railway Station

There are many kinds of security inspection machines in the world. For example, it is common to see X-ray baggage scanners, security doors and explosive detectors in places crowded with people. X-ray security detecting system is important for places like airport and railway station as it is able to prevent prohibited items being carried on board. Here you can learn some detailed information about different kind of security machines included in X-ray security screening system.

1. X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner is a kind of typical device which belongs to X-ray security detecting system. X-ray baggage scanner adopts the most advanced X-ray technology. The working principle of X-ray baggage scanner is as follows: The conveyor will transport the baggage through the scan and the baggage scanner will preciously detect whether there are prohibited items like knives and lighters in the baggage. In the X-ray security detecting system, X-ray baggage scanner is one of the most widely used.

2. Handheld metal detector

Handheld metal detector is a kind of security inspection device usually used together with security doors. When passengers arrive at the airport, they are asked to walk through the security doors and detected by handheld metal detectors before they check in. In the X-ray security detecting system, handheld metal detector is also one of the important devices widely used in our life.

3. Explosive detection system

An explosive metal detectors system detects potential threats by scanning bags placed on any airplane, whether carry-on bags or bags checked in with the airline company. Similar to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, explosive detection system analyzes each bag and determines if the bag carries a potential security threat. Once there are explosives and weapon detected in the bag, the explosive detection system quickly alerts security officers for proper response and handling of the situation. Explosive detection system is recognized as one of the most useful devices.

In a word, X-ray security detecting system plays an important role in our life and industry. In order to keep our safety, we cannot live without X-ray security detecting system. Therefore, it is important for us to apply the X-ray security detecting system widely in places full of people. You can find a lot of high-quality security machines in Eastimage. No matter what kind of security machine you are looking for, you can always find what you need here. For further information about security machine and security detecting industry, you can go to www.eastimagesecurity.com.

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