Shin Se-kyung injures herself

Actress Shin Se-kyung recently tore a ligament while shooting a new drama. Her agency said that it wasn’t a major injury and that she was well. To reassure fans, Shin uploaded a picture of herself with her leg in a cast on June 2. With the picture she said, “I’m fine.” Fans were pacified and praised the actress for maintaining a positive outlook despite being harmed. Just last week, Shin was named the new face of the cosmetics brand Nature Republic. The skin care and makeup brand announced on May 31 that Shin’s popularity as a Hallyu actress will help the brand’s image in the seven nations in which it has outlets. By Carla Sunwoo []

Expat living in Seoul. Love spicy food and Korean drama. Sống và làm việc theo pháp mình :>
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