The Arrangement: Internship Agreement

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I was summon to YG entertainments, for a meeting with YG Daebu and JYP Daebu. Yeah I know my brother and I have two different Daebu, but that didn't stop them for treating us both like we were both there Godchildren.

They had both called my brother in privately too. It seems to be my turn, which made me nervous. Since, Tai came home and seem stun, and quiet. Tai being quiet was never a good thing. He was arrogant, and full of himself.

Which is why he was a cocky dork, so him being quiet. That when I actually either became concern or scared of him. I was sitting in YG Daebu's office, and play with one of his action-figures, carefully of course. These were his prize collections.

Perfect timing, she's already here tooIs that my Gundam

Okay lets not linger any longer, and get straight to the point

You're grandfather, on your father's side had contacted us, personally. He concern about you, since you seem to have no interest in finding a mate

He even said he didn't care if its a woman, just wants you to find someone to love. At least have your first boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever your preference is. He's not worried about your twin, plays way to much

Before you say anymore, I prefer men

He made us make an agreement with him though. As long as you are here in Korea. We are to try to hook you up with one of our talents.

Okay, give me Lee Jong Suk. The actor you have signed.She messing with you

Its sweet of you to make me the exception to your ban on dating, but honestly, I have my reasons for not dating.

I am still in my twenties, and still have so much to learn. I've actually have play the field so I ain't gonna become a virgin ghost. Its just I'm a Gypsy, who rather have fun and enjoy life while I can, whether I have someone or not. I was content as long as I had my family and friends.


Well at least come do your college internship at JYP entertainment. I know you're a auto production major. We could use an extra hand, and if you need a break from JYP you can run over to YG entertainment

Paid or unpaid internship

I was joking, I would be honor to intern for both your companies

I explored YG Entertainments, to figure out what is what. This way I didn't feel lost when I came in for internship work. I went to the forth floor first, to actually get something to eat. I was starving, since I tend to forget to eat a lot.

I took the elevator down, but when the doors open, There was Lee Jong Suk with Dong Youngbae, chatting. I couldn't hold back my laughter, as I remember what I had said to YG Daebu. I had my hand over my mouth, as I crouched down, whilst laughing.

They both just started at me, as the doors closed to take me back up to the sixth floor. The doors open again, so I greeted by my actual Daebu this time. He enter the elevator, while raising an eyebrow.

I was trying to sneak to the cafe, and the doors open to Lee Jung Suk-ssi.

This is both JYP Daebu and I both burst out laughing, the moment we made eye contact. I lean on the wall this time, as JYP Daebu was holding his sides while laughing. This was simply minded entertainment for the two of, but it show why I was his goddaughter.








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