A Little Less Lonely (Sehun Fluff One Shot)

My first one shot stars Sehun of EXO! I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a one shot story!

PG-13, in like, one part. Otherwise total PG fluff.Word count: 4,606

I don't even want to open my eyes. My head feels like I got hit by a brick. I let out an exhausted groan and I feel an arm tighten around me. My eyes snap open and I look beside me. The shades are drawn and I can barely see the person cuddling up to me as they sleep soundly. "Wait." I let out a series of whispered no's as I sneak my way out of my bed. I swiftly leave to go to the bathroom. I splash some water on my face and wipe it off. I blankly stare at the mirror as I assess the situation and talk myself through it. "Can this be a dream? For the love of god make this a dream. How could I sleep with his band mate? Why did he sleep with me!" I sit on the edge of the bathtub and hold my head in my hands. "What the hell happened?" -previous night- I talk quietly to the drink sitting in front of me. "Alright Minhye. This is the last night that you're going to drink. This is it. This depressing binge for the last month is done." I think I've hit up every bar in town. Not likely, but a big portion for sure. Tonight I decided to stay in at least. I just can't stop myself from pouring this poison down my throat to drown this pain. I can't get over him. It wasn't even a long relationship. Nine months isn't that long when you look at the big picture. It's practically a blink of an eye. How can I be this torn up when I'm the one who ended it? Xiumin was gone and working so often. I cared about him immensely, but it was too lonely. A relationship needs more than a few texts a day. If I was lucky I'd get a call before bed to say goodnight. But I still care about him. I wonder if he ever loved me. I mean, our relationship was literally the bare minimum to be considered one. I'm sure he cared, I doubt he's as depressed as I am though. There's plenty of girls that would date him so he won't have any problem finding a replacement. I sigh and take a gulp of the drink, the harsh alcohol burning my throat that's still sore from crying earlier. He's not like that. He wouldn't "replace" me. He'd eventually move on and hopefully find someone who can love him and deal with his career taking him away. ... "Damn. I'm out of wine." I get up and stumble to my purse by the door. I put my hand on the wall to keep from falling over as I lean down and grab my wallet. I open it to find twenty dollars. "Booze or snacks? Booze or snacks? Snacks. Remember this is the last night of hard drinking. Be a good girl." Luckily a 24 hour convenience store is nearby. I'm quiety singing as I meander down the empty sidewalk. "I'm on a late night snack trip. Gonna get some candy. Gonna get some chips." I continue humming. I feel like a child, I feel carefree. I wish this would last. The moment I'm back home I'm going to be in that deafening silence with nothing but my thoughts. I trip on a raised crack in the sidewalk and hit the ground. I roll onto my back and groan. I lie there for a moment looking at the black sky as I try to find the will to stand back up. Soon enough though a man's face pops into my view. "Minhye?" He holds out his hand once he realizes that I'm indeed Minhye. "Sehun?" He sighs and taps his foot impatiently. "Duh. Now do you need a hand up or are you going to stay down there?" I grab his hand and he pulls me up. The momentum brings me forward though and I can't stop myself from falling into him. He catches me before I take us both down, resulting in us basically hugging. I put my hands on his shoulders and look at him with a smile. "Good save." He gets a tad flustered. "Yeah, yeah. Can you stand on your own?" I nod and he quickly takes his hands off my waist. "It's not safe for a woman to be this drunk and wandering around at night." I look at him seriously. "The snacks were calling to me. I couldn't ignore them." He chuckles. "You're so strange. Fine, let's get your snacks and I'll walk you home." I wave my hands in front of me. "No, no. I can't bother you with that." He grabs my wrist gently to make me stop moving my arms. "Don't worry about it. I'd hate to hear that you got hurt just because I couldn't take the time to see you get home safely." "You sure?" He pulls my arm forward a little so I follow him as we walk to the convenience store on the corner. "We're almost there, you shouldn't take long, and you don't live too far right?" "It's close by." He continues leading me so I don't fall or wander. "Then there's no reason I can't." I feel bad for bothering him. I'm surprised he even recognized me with how little he's seen me. I'm even more surprised he's doing any of this for me. "Sorry for the trouble." He shrugs without looking back. "Don't mention it. You're easier to walk than Vivi. At least you follow me." "How can you compare me to a dog!" "Don't get so drunk that you need to be walked to the store and back, and I won't compare you to a dog. Besides, Vivi is adorable; so it shouldn't be too much of an insult to be told you're like him." I mull over what he just said. "Adorable?" He clears his throat. "Yeah, haven't you seen him? He's cute." "I think I saw him. Yeah, he's very cute." We get to the store and I wander to the chips. "They all look good." Sehun lets out a quiet whine. "Just pick some. Chips are chips." I gasp. "Blasphemy! All chips are beautiful, but they are all unique as well. Don't lump them together. That's rude." He shakes his head and smiles. "You're ridiculous. Just pick some or I'll pick some for you." "You know what, you should pick." "Seriously?" "Surprise me." He sighs and walks up to the shelf, muttering as he looks. "I'm not even getting paid to babysit you and you're ordering me around." "Very true. Do you want a reward? You pick some chips too. My treat." "Fine." He grabs a bag and hands it to me. "There. That's my favorite and yours too. So let's go." "How'd you know I like these?" His cheeks redden slightly. "Does it matter? Let's go." "Wait! I need candy!" "Really?" "Yes! You need something sweet to balance out the salty." "You take snacking to a new level." I start walking to the candy aisle. "You're right. It'd be a good idea to take notes." He chuckles again. "Sure, I'll get right on that." Once again we're at a standstill as I stare at all the choices. I'm too indecisive. "Sehun." I raise my hand and snap my fingers. "I require your assistance." He playfully smacks my hand down with an astonished look on his face. "Excuse me? Are you treating me as if I'm your secretary?" "I'm paying you aren't I?" He pokes the bag in my hand. "In chips!" "Then pick some candy too. Something for me and something for you." He begrudgingly walks to the shelf. "You owe me big time. Much more than just snacks." He hands me two bags of M and M's. One regular and one with peanuts. "I'm not your errand boy." I giggle. "Yet here you are fulfilling my requests." He grabs my wrist again as he rolls his eyes. "We're done. Let's go." "You're so hot and cold." He stops and looks back at me, confused by my statement. "What do you mean by that?" "You smile and laugh one moment, and the next you're being bratty." "Bratty! I don't want to hear that coming from you. You're the demanding brat, not me." I mumble under my breath as we walk to the counter. "Just nice to get attention for once." He quietly mumbles back a response that may or may not have been meant for me to hear. "That's exactly why I'm giving in to you." As we're about to pay he stops me from handing the clerk my money. I look at him confused. "What are you doing? I'm supposed to treat you since you're doing me a favor." "Don't worry about it." "But-" He hands the clerk some money. "Consider this ordeal as us hanging out, rather than me being your assistant." I smile. "Are you still going to assist me by walking me home?" "That's why I'm still here." I take the bag. "I thought we were hanging out." He grabs it out of my hand. "Stop dwelling on the specifics and let's get going, okay?" I nod and follow him out. ... "Hey idiot, stop walking on the curb like that. You're going to twist your ankle." I walk along with my arms stretched out for balance. "I'm fine. I used to be in gymnastics in high school." "That's interesting. You do have that body type." I blurt out my first thought. "Flat?" He laughs immediately. "No, no. I meant petite. You're not at all flat." I feel my cheeks blush and his laughing stops when he realizes his words. It's silent as I continue balancing along the curb. He reaches out to grab my hand. "Seriously, you're going to fall." The moment he grabs my hand I lose balance and fall onto the pavement. He drops the bag and kneels down. "Damn it, what did I say? Can you stand?" He helps me stand up, but when I put weight on my one ankle, it's stricken with a sharp pain and buckles. I hit the ground with a thud and he has a concerned look as he sighs and kneels back down. "Minhye. You're an absolute mess." I look down. "I know. I apologize that you have to do this." He shakes his head. "I didn't have to, I chose to. Although I wouldn't want to see you like this all the time, it's a new side of you. It makes it somewhat more worth it." "It's not like you knew much of me in the first place." He shrugs. "I knew enough." "Did Xiumin used to talk about me?" My heart lifts for a moment thinking that he truly cared for me. "For a while in the beginning. But can I be honest with you?" My heart sinks as his words leave his mouth. Xiumin really did just lose interest. He couldn't manage both a career and a relationship. It must be hard. "Go ahead." He struggles to say what he wants to. "He's really into his work right now. It was probably for the best that you broke it off when you did rather than spend your time feeling abandoned." I tilt my head. "How do you think I feel right now? He's gone, I'm by myself, I'm alone." His gaze is sincere and straight forward. "What about right now? Are you alone? I'm here. We may not know eachother well, but I'm still by your side, aren't I?" I nod. "Exactly. You've been smiling tonight and you've been making jokes. Aren't you feeling less lonely?" I nod. "A little." He smiles sweetly. "Alright, then once again, let's get going." "I can't walk." He hands me the bag. "I know. I'll give you a piggy back ride. It's not far and you're small, it'll be easy." He bends down, facing away from me; which is good because I'm blushing, and it's not the alcohol. I get on his back and he lifts me. My arms are draped around his neck. "You've got such broad shoulders. Very ideal for piggy back rides." He laughs. "I'm glad they're finally of some use." "Well, besides looking good." He clears his throat. "Thanks." "Not a problem." I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. Is this what lovers do? Do boyfriends do sweet things like this? Sehun isn't even a close friend, an acquaintance at most, and he's been so kind this whole time. I'm a drunk girl and he hasn't gotten mean or rude. "Thank you." He answers in a questioning tone. "You're welcome, but what are you thanking me for?" "Being there for me. Thank you Sehun. You've been good to me and treated me well tonight." "It's not a big deal." "You've gone way above and beyond the call of duty." He lets out a breath and hums a little as it comes out. "For you, I don't mind." "Oh." There's a beat and he asks me a question. "So you only feel a little less lonely?" I laugh softly. "Okay, maybe a lot less lonely. I didn't want to sound like too much of a loser, but the secret's out now. I've been lonely for a long time; so this is really nice." "I'm glad it's not just a little. Too be frank, it hurt my pride somewhat." "I'm glad we cleared it up then." The rest of the walk is quiet, but not awkward. It's just a content silence. This silence is broken by him. "Here we are. Where's your keys so we can get into the building?" He lets me down for a moment and I lean on the wall while I dig my keys out of my pocket. I place the fob over the scanner and the door unlocks. He bends down again. "Quick, before the door locks again." I giggle as I return to my spot on his back. "The elevator is straight ahead." Once we get in the elevator he stands for a moment before getting impatient. "Anytime now!" "Oh. Right. It's on the second floor. It's apartment 214." He presses the button and the doors close. I can see his reflection on the doors. It's a bit blurry since it's not a mirror, but he's smiling. "Why are you smiling?" He looks up and realizes that I can see him. "No reason." His voice cracks a little as he says this. I put the back of my hand on his cheek because I can't see his face that clearly. "Your cheeks are warm. Are you blushing?" He gets pouty. "No! I'm just warm from carrying you. You're not heavy, but it was certainly a bit of a walk." I chuckle and rest my head on his shoulder again. "Sure." "It's true!" "I believe you." Next thing I know we're at my door and he unlocks it with my keys. We step in and he lets me down as the door shuts behind us. As I'm reaching down to untie my shoes, he's already doing it. I move his hands away. "Hey, I'm not totally incapable. I can handle that." He then moves my hands out of the way. "Just let me do it. I've taken care of you so much already, I might as well see it through. I don't need you losing your balance and falling again." This is strange. Where's bratty Sehun? He was hot and cold earlier, but now he's just warm and fuzzy. He's being so kind. He unties my shoelaces and I slip them off. He pulls out his phone and smiles slightly. "I never thought a run to the convenience store could possibly take that long. You'd think we'd have bought out the entire place in that amount of time." I giggle. "You certainly did me a huge favor. Thank you very much. You should get going though, I don't want you to be out too late." He starts taking his shoes off. "Actually, do you know why I was on the same block as you?" "That's around where you live isn't it?" He nods. "But I was on my way to the store. Do you know why?" I shake my head. "Because I was getting snacks and that's the closest one that was open." He takes the bag. "So let's snack together rather than be lonely. Deal?" I grin like an idiot as I nod. "Good." He starts looking around the vestibule. "Do you have a living room, or do you typically keep company in the doorway?" "Oh! Sorry I was lost in thought or something. It's just down-" I step and take a sharp breath in as I'm reminded as to why I was carried all the way here. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes. "Absolutely helpless. There's no avoiding it now." He curtly hands me the bag back. That bag sure has been playing tag with us. While I'm thinking this, he literally sweeps me off my feet. I feel my face burning, I can't believe he's holding me bridal style. When did my depressing binge turn into a situation like this? My voice is little more than a whisper. "The living room is down the hall; the first door on the left." I finally look up at him as we walk and he looks absolutely embarrassed. He tries to be so cool and collected, but this is definitely pushing his limits. We make it to the doorway and I flip the light switch. He sets me down on the couch and looks around. "This is a really nice place. Small, but very well decorated. You have a good eye." I rest my elbow on the arm of the couch and lean my head on my hand . "Would you believe it if I said about eighty percent of the decor in here is pre-owned?" He turns around. "Pre-owned?" "Yeah. Vintage is in; so why pay three times as much for something new that looks old, when you could just buy old things." He nods and his brow furrows in thought. "You have a point. Very thrifty of you." A smug smirk crosses my lips. "Why thank you." He walks over and sits on the other end of the couch. He looks at me and holds out his hand as if I should know what he's thinking. "Can I help you?" His tone is an exaggerated, fussy one. "Snacks." "So demanding. Chips or candy?" "Salty first, then sweet." I hand him the chips and he opens them. He pauses before grabbing one and tilts it toward me. "Ladies first." "How sweet. You're such a gentleman Sehun. Whoever said chivalry is dead, had never met you." He tilts the bag away from me before I can grab one. "If you're going to insult me with sarcasm, then you can just go without any chips at all." "I wasn't being sarcastic. You've been a real knight in shining armor this evening." He tilts it back as he looks away. "Very well." I grab some and put one in my mouth. "So good. Thank you." "No problem." He looks into the bag as if he's searching for something with great intent. Then he grabs a big one. "Hold up!" He looks at me stunned and mid-bite. "What?" "You're cherry picking for the big ones! Not cool!" He swallows the chip and looks back in the bag for another, shaking it slightly to wait for one turn up. "What's so wrong about that?" I sigh. "It's poor snacking etiquette. On your own it's fine; but if you're sharing, it's rude." He puts another large chip in his mouth. "You're ridiculous." I grab the bag and look in it. I fill one hand with as many big chips as I can before he snatches it back. He shakes his head. "You're so weird about this." I shrug as I put one in my mouth. "I am. You want to watch a movie or something?" He nods slowly. "Sure. We can watch whatever you want." "Alright." ... The movie ends and the snacks have been devoured. I turn the TV off. "It's pretty late." He stretches and yawns. "Sure is." I've finally sobered up a bit. "Are you going to take off? If you want, you can sleep on the couch and leave in the morning." He gives me a strange look. "Isn't it a bit irresponsible for you to just let some guy sleep in your home?" "You're not a complete stranger. I trust you. You've been a gentleman up until now. I have faith that you weren't putting on an act." He looks up, obviously mulling the idea over in his head. After a moment or two he gives an answer. "That's probably the best option. I'm tired as hell and my body definitely doesn't want to walk home. I don't think taxis run this late. And even though I'm a strong guy, I don't feel like walking around at this time of night; that's practically asking to be mugged." He looks at me. His eyes look tired, I'm surprised he stayed awake through the whole movie. He closes them as he talks. "Are you one-hundred percent sure that it's okay for me to stay?" I nod without hesitation. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want to. I'd have just let you walk your ass home." He lets out a quiet laugh, he seems half asleep already with his eyes still closed. "Want me to walk you to your room? I'm sure you can put enough weight on it by now that I shouldn't have to carry you." He smiles a sweet smile as he says this. He must be somewhat delirious from sleep deprivation or something. "Is that too much trouble?" "Not at all; because I know how you can pay me back for all this." "What's that?" He opens one eye. "You can take me out to breakfast tomorrow. It's Sunday so you shouldn't have to work. I can spare a little time in the morning before heading back. I'll just let them know I'll be home later in the morning." I giggle. "Sounds fine. I can agree to repaying your kindness with food." "Sweet. Alright, off to bed with you." He stands up and walks over to me, he pulls me up and puts my arm around him as he helps me walk. We get to my bedroom and he sits me on my bed. "It's weird to be in your room. It's a pretty personal place." I nod as I lie down and pull the covers over me. "I suppose that's true." He stands there awkwardly for a moment before moving closer to me. His hand is shaking as he reaches out and pats my head. "Thanks for letting me keep you company tonight. I hope it made you feel a little better." I smile as my eyes close. "It did. Goodnight Sehun." "Goodnight Minhye." -present time- I'm going to need to ask him what happened. I can only remember us going to bed. He walked out of my room and I fell asleep. "So how in the hell did he end up in my bed?" I work up the courage to ask him directly. I sit on the edge of the bed and shake him gently. "Sehun." He moans quietly but doesn't wake up so I shake him again. "Sehun, please wake up." He groans and his tone is gruff as he talks. "What do you want now?" My voice is weak, I feel so embarrassed. "Why are you in my bed?" "You seriously don't remember?" I shake my head. He sighs. "Fine, here's what happened." -middle of the night-Sehun's perspective- "Sehun!" What is that? "Sehun!" Is that Minhye yelling for me? I'm sleeping, what could she possibly need now? "Please come here!" She's not going to stop is she? I stand up and trudge to her bedroom, dragging my feet the whole way. I open the door and see that she's sitting on the edge of the bed crying. "What's wrong? Why aren't you sleeping?" "I had a really bad nightmare. I've been having them a lot lately." Probably from stress. "What do you want me to do about it? It was just a dream, okay? You're safe and sound; so calm down and go to sleep." She calms down just slightly; only enough to talk more clearly. "Can I ask you for one more favor?" I reflexively roll my eyes. "What?" "Will you sleep in my bed tonight so that I'm not by myself?" "Absolutely not!" "But-" "That is just too much to ask. I can't do that." "Hear me out?" I lean against the doorframe. "Alright. I'm listening." "We both have clothes on. You can sleep under the comforter, but on top of the sheet. I'll sleep under both. I'm not asking you to cuddle me. I'm just asking you to sleep near me. Since this is a queen sized bed there will be plenty of space between us." "I can't." "Please stay in here tonight. I know I'm asking a lot. I know I've asked too much of you already, but I just need this one thing. Only one more thing." I sigh. She's really been pressing her luck. She must have been pretty damn lonely all this time. Especially if she's been waking up crying regularly. She deserves one night of decent sleep where she doesn't feel like no one is there for her. "Fine." I walk to the bed and lift the comforter, I can't believe I'm getting into bed with her. I just wanted to buy snacks and now I'm in this situation. I lie down close to the edge and face away from her. "You owe me the biggest breakfast tomorrow." I hear her sniffle as she lies down. "Of course. Thank you." "Yeah, yeah. Just go to sleep." "Goodnight." I sigh and speak in a calm tone. "Goodnight." -present-Minhye's perspective- "I don't even remember making you get into my bed." "I do. You interrupted my damn sleep." "I'm sorry. I feel so dumb. I must have been over half asleep for me to ask that." "Don't sweat it. I've had nightmares and know how much they can shake someone up. I slept fine." "I'm glad you slept well, all things considered." "Yeah, it was definitely a weird night." I think for a moment. "But why were you cuddling me?" His eyes widen. "I was cuddling you? No way. Nope." "You were to! That's why I was so worried about what happened!" His face turns red and he shoves it into the pillow, causing his voice to be muffled. "Whatever. Go get ready to get breakfast. I'm starving and you owe me, remember?" I laugh. "Right. I'll get dressed and then we can go. So get out of my room." He gives me a pouty look as he gets up. "You're so rude to me; and after all I did for you." I wave my hand to shoo him out. "Go on." He walks to the door. "I take it your ankle feels okay." "Feels alright. Tender, but it doesn't hurt too bad." "That's good. Now hurry up. My stomach is practically eating itself." "The sooner you're out of the room, the sooner we can leave." He lets out an exasperated noise of irritation as he shuts the door behind him. I giggle. He's so hot and cold.


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