Song Ji Eun's Lyrics Will Break You Down

Song Ji-Eun doesn't get enough love.

Her songs always have a message that will punch you right in the heart, and her voice is stunning.

Below are some of her most emotional songs to date!

Barbie Doll was just released this week and talks about being emotionless in love.

Going Crazy

This is a song about obsessed love and stalkers. Ji-Eun plays the role of the one being stalked, and Youngguk is the obsessed stalker.


It’s not love, This isn’t love

It’s just your obsession

Wherever, Whatever I do

It’s frightening, The you who watches me


I’ve called you

But why, why is there no answer?

Did you forget?

It’s already been a thousand days since we met

I prepared a gift you’d like

I sit on the street you frequently travel

I’m waiting for you, I know my love

Don’t call it obsession,

you don’t know love

Don’t say I’ve gone crazy

You don’t know my heart

You you you

You can never be separated from me

Don't Look At Me Like That

Many found this to be an anthem about rights for the LGBTQ community.

"Don’t look at me like that

We’re just in love, that’s all

Don’t hate on us, however you’re viewing us

We’re just a little different

Just leave us alone

Can’t we live in a world where time stands still?

Why? Why not?

We did nothing wrong

Why? Why not?

We’re so in love"

False Hope

This is about not being able to get over someone because they keep coming back, even if they're so bad for you.

"Don’t touch me now

Never touch me

Don’t get drunk late at night

And call me, never

I know you’re tipsy whenever you call me"

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