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The month after Jimin asked me to be his girlfriend. Everything went well! He would always pick me up from school and drop me off. He even bought us rings! But I put mine in a necklace and he put his on as a ring! However, he started to become busy once the winter season came. A lot of paparazzis came just to take their photos and everything. But I always wondered why. "Hey babe!" Jimin said as he ran towards me in the hall way "Slow down there bad boy no running in the hall ways!" I said He stopped running and began walking towards me in slow motion then walked normally . He then pinned me to my locker. "Someone has been very bad today I suppose" he said as he whispered into my ear. I started getting shivers down my spine. "I guess that someone needs a punishment" he continued He then pressed his lips on to mine. But I couldn't let this happen in PUBLIC especially in school so I pushed. He laughed at my reaction. "I don't think I've been the bad one babe, I think it's you!" "Well [Y/N], i guess you need to punish me baby" I gave him a smirk and told him if we can go home already. He nodded and lead the way. Once we got to his motorcycle someone was yelling my name. "[Y/N]!" I turned around to see who it was and it was her, Jessica. "Hey [Y/N], how you been my love?" "I've been great thanks for asking" "Oh that is nice, well I was wondering if you have seen a friend of mine" "Um I don't think so, have you babe?" I said asking Jimin "Not really, I was just about to take her home so if can excuse us" he said as he got on the motorcycle and pulled me to him and kissed me on the cheek. "Oh wait! Never mind there he comes! My best friend in the world!" We all turned to see who it was and it was no other than my ex, named Jeon Ji Young. We dated when I was in Chicago. I never knew how I liked him and had my eyes into only him. He was not only hot but he was very abusive. Maybe that's why I was so blind. He was the one reason I moved to Seoul. To begin a new life and get away from this stalker who abused me for days just to be with him. But what was he doing here? "Hey [Y/N], How is my baby doing?" Ji Young said and came towards me and hugged me and kissed me in the cheek. I looked at him with a fierce face. "First of all I'm not your baby, second I broke up with you, third I have a boyfriend!" I yelled to him. "Aw baby really? Forgot about me that fast only because you came here to study doesn't mean to have to forget your boyfriend and get a new one. That's called cheating" he said "Jimin?" I said with a sad voice "Don't worry, forget about it. We are no longer something" Jimin said "Jimin, let me explain! I broke up with him. He isn't my boyfriend! I am begging you Jimin listen to me." I begged to him as a tear started running down my cheek. "Aww Jimin are you okay come here to Jessica. Let's go. Let's leave these love birds" she said. I ran towards Jimin and hold his wrist to stopped him from walking away from me. "Jimin please listen to me. Just please." I said. He yanked his wrist and I let go. He started walking away and left his motorcycle. I saw him walk with Jessica. I guess they were going home together. "Well babe wasn't that fun" Ji Young said and as I turned he slap me across my face. "Now that's what you get for leaving me huh? Now be a good girl and let's go back home" he said as he pushed me towards his car. "Get in" he said I did was he said and drove me home. "Now I want you to act happy okay babe. Tell your mom that you will have a nice vacation for the winter with me back in Chicago" he explained I nodded. We both got out of the car. I opened the door and my mom was in the living room. "Hey honey how was school? Wait! Jeon Ji Young is that you?" My mom said "Yup Ms, well we both brought exciting news for you" he said "Yeah mom great news! I am going to spend my vacation with Ji Young back in Chicago" I said trying to sound happy "But what about Jimin? What happened to him?" My mom asked "Oh she broke up with him because once she saw me, she fell into my hands" he explained My mom nodded and said she had to leave to buy groceries. She explained that I can go pack my bags and if I needed anything else to call her. But besides that she said to have a nice trip. Then she left out the door. "Go to your room and pack your things quick! NOW!" He said I did what he said. Packed things quickly without even looking. Then ran back downstairs. "Good girl. Now let's go. Our airplane line is waiting" he said. We walked out. He opened the door and ordered me to get in. Once I got in he put my belongings in the trunk, got in and drove away to the airport. Once we got there I got out and he motion me to get my belongings and follow him. I did what he said and then was checked trough security and then got on the airplane to fly back to Chicago. 'How did he knew I was here in Seoul?' I thought to my self I looked out the window. I saw the plane lift up and we were flying away. 'I'm sorry Jimin. He's not my boyfriend. He is abusive. Please help me' I though my my self. *14 HOURS LATER* We were back in Chicago. I got off the plane with Jeon Ji Young. He motioned me to get into his car. I wondered how his same car got here. But then remembered that they can ship it overseas. I got in and he drove us back to his home. His home was huge. It was like a mansion. It looked pretty. However, the person who lived in there, Ji Young, was totally the opposite. He got out of his car. Opened my door. "Now baby, I'll take your stuff in the house. Please go to your room and sleep. I'll wake you up tomorrow morning" he said. I nodded. I stepped into the mansion and bad memories came through my mind. The times be had beat me, almost to death. My blood always being on the floor. The time when he got me pregnant and killed the baby. I ignored all the negativity. I walked upstairs to my room. I opened the door and saw it was the same way I left it when I escaped. I closed the door and locked it . I took a quick shower and put on my pijamas. Then I sat in my bed. "How did all of this happened?" I said. I cried and cried. But I knew I was strong girl. I stopped crying and laid in bed and turned off the light. I was in a heavy sleep. Until I heard knocking in my door. I woke up and whispered "Who is it?" "Don't worry who I am! I am here to help you get out trust me." The mysterious voice said. "Okay" "Know listen to what I tell you. Leave your belongings I will buy you new things once we escape, second leave no trails that you are leaving, so I suggest you to put pillows under your covers, third open the door and hold my hand and we will leave" I did what he said fast and then opened the door. "I'm done" "Good now take my hand and let's leave" I took his hand. "But who are you?" "You don't recognize me?" "No. I can't see you." "Well just look at me" He looked into my eyes and covered my mouth and dragged me out of the house.

OMG WHO COULD IT BE???? Are they rescuing her or kidnapping her too??? Well now next chapter!


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