How EXO's Lay & VIXX Leo Became Friends!

Did you know Lay and Leo are good friends? Are you curious to know how they became friends? Okay here we go..

MBC’s “Star Show 360.”“The Lay I know is extremely insightful, caring, and knows how to look after people. He’s a good friend and has a variety of skills.”“We became friends during a music program when he told me he thought I was cool since ‘Super Hero.’ I’m very shy and embarrassed about my rookie image then, so I want to ask him what in the world about me during ‘Super Hero’ was cool to him.”

Leeteuk“I’m surprised you and Leo are friends,”“I’m surprised too. We had no choice. We were always stuck closely together, and it was awkward that we didn’t talk, so we had to talk.”Tak Jae Hoon“When you complimented Leo, he must have bragged about it to his neighbors. He was so touched you said he was cool.”“But he was dancing so diligently then that he really did look cool. He’s still really cool now.”“Have you touched Leo’s butt as well?” (Leuteuk is referring to Lay’s strange habit, which he previously demonstrated on Tak Jae Hoon).“I haven’t done it to Leo before,”Tak Jae Hoon“Do I seem that easy to you?”


So cute! Exo x Vixx interactions ♡


Aren't they adorable?! ♡

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