Revelry I.3 Part 6

WARNING: Adult Situations

“Don’t you dare ask me ‘Honey do I look fat’,” Kyungil growls at you as you try on your third outfit.

“But the mirror says I do,” you pout after turning both ways. You grab your stomach with both hands, “I must be bloated, ugh.” You yank this third dress over your head and start looking through the closet again.

Gil drops his head in his hands, shaking it and pulling at his hair. “Babe, we’re going to be late just grab something and throw it on!”

“Excuse me? Mr. I’m a Man; therefore, I’ll never get bloated or bleed for over a week, feeling like I’m wearing a diaper and that everyone can tell.”

He looks up at the ceiling and rolls his eyes; gets up off the couch and comes into the bedroom. He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around. He turns you to the mirror with his hands over your stomach.

“You are knocking the woman I love. This part of you? On the inside is one of my favorite parts.” He bends down and kisses the side of your neck while holding your eyes in the mirror. “Put on your best pair of jeans, because that ass looks spectacular in any jeans. Slide on a pair of heels, a sweater, and let’s get out of here so we can get back here.” He turns you towards him and gives you a toe curling kiss. “I promise to do everything in my power to help make your cramps go away when we get back but we gotta get moving; NOW.”

You swat at his hand as he smacks you on the butt on his way out of the room holding up his fingers; “5 minutes!”

You roll your eyes at him yet can’t help but smile. He could have totally yelled or started a fight when you responded like you did, but he didn’t and that’s why you grab your jeans; the first sweater you find and run around the room like a crazy woman.

When the two of you arrive at the restaurant, his manager looks at his watch and back up at Gil with a frown.

You step in front with your hand up, “Hi guys! Sorry we’re late; totally my fault. I hope it didn’t cause a problem?” At the last word you look over at their manager with your brightest smile.

He huffs but points his finger at two seats next to Yijeong, “Sit down. It’s a good thing I told you to be early or it would have been a problem! As it is, the producer and director aren’t here yet, so you’re lucky....this time.” He waves the two of you off, receives a text and heads to the front of the restaurant.

“That was close,” Yijeong leans over and whispers. “Did you really almost get Gil in trouble or was he playing doctor to your nurse?”

You back hand him on the chest. “Honestly, is that all you guys ever think we do? Or all you even think about?”

He shrugs and rubs his chest. “Hey, can’t help it if we’re jealous that he gets action; and essentially yeah, we’re guys, it’s what we sing about, write about, think about...”

You shake your head, “Boy, we need to get you a girlfriend.”

“RIGHT?!?! That’s what I’ve been saying but none of the women I know seem to think the same way. They all take off screaming in the opposite direction.”

He looks so pitiful that you unfortunately, start to laugh. You were in the middle of taking a drink, so as the manager walks up with the director and producer, you’re making a scene by hacking up a lung.

The director looks over at you concerned, “Are you alright Miss?”

After a few pats on the back by Kyungil you manage to squeak out, “Fine, thank you sir. I’m sorry.”

The rest of the dinner and meeting go on without any more disruptions. You felt mortified and therefore, keep to yourself and your food the remainder of the night. Every now and then Gil reaches over and squeezes your knee or takes your hand under the table. You won't look at him, in fear that you will make another scene. When the producer and director take their leave and are out of the room, Gil turns your face to his.

“Hey, look at me.”

You close your eyes, your face turning red from the embarrassment you cost him tonight.

He leans down and takes your lips with his. When you try to pull away, he cups the back of your head, successfully holding you in place. When he pulls his lips back, he leans his forehead to yours.

“Look at me.”

When you open your eyes, his dark chocolate ones aren’t full of anger or laughter, but concern.

“You did nothing wrong tonight. We could have been late but weren’t; you could have choked to death and I’m glad you didn’t! There was nothing for you to be embarrassed about. I’m not embarrassed by you or ashamed of you and neither are the guys. Okay?”

You nod and shift your eyes around the table. Four sets of eyes are looking at you with questions.

“I’m okay guys, thanks.” You hear a collective sigh and then see smiles go round as everyone gets up to leave.

Yijeong pulls you to the side for a moment. “Hey, I’m sorry if what I said made you choke and that’s what embarrassed you. I didn’t expect them to be back to the table that fast. You’re really okay?”

He looks so much like a sad puppy that you give him a hug. “Yeah, I’m really okay but thanks.”

Kyungil tucks you under his arm and flags a cab to head home. Your sweater is short sleeved, in your rush you’d forgotten a jacket and how cold it gets at night.

“Why didn’t we drive here?” You ask as you rub your arms with your hands.

He takes off his jacket and drapes it over you, “Because taxis drive a lot faster with less tickets then I can.” He opens the door and lets you climb in first.

When you reach the apartment, he punches in the code and directs you inside. Without waiting for shoes to be removed, he guides you directly back to the bedroom. He pushes you down on the bed and kneels to take off your heels.

“What are you doing?”

“I remember promising, a certain sexy woman in my life, that after we got home I would do whatever was needed to help her feel better and get rid of her cramps. Stay.”

He demands while he goes into the bathroom. After a minute you hear water running in the tub and he comes back with a glass of water and 2 Pamprin.

“You didn’t take these earlier did you?”

As you shake your head, he places them in your hand and orders their ingestion. He puts the glass on the dresser and proceeds to start helping you out of your clothes.


He looks up with feigned innocent eyes, “Can’t you hear the tub? I have a hot bubble bath running for you and didn’t you say you were bloated? These pants have to be killing you.”

You eye him suspiciously, “Mhm. And are you joining me in this ‘bubble bath’?”

His wicked smile returns as he pulls you to your feet. “But of course. How else am I supposed to rub the soreness out of your back and make sure you don’t exert yourself by trying to reach all the hard places to wash?”

As if to prove his point he lifts you in his arms and carries you into the bathroom, setting you down by the tub.

“Ladies first.”


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