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Hey guys!

I know it's been quite some time since I have made a card about the beauty products I use. But I have a LOT of new product to talk about with you.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend kcon and got so many samples that I honestly don't even know what to do with. I'm going to send some to my family I guess.... In fact while I was at kcon a wonderful ajumma went to sample a product on my hand and instantly stopped and said :

"You can't use our products your skin is too sensitive."

The product was made from apples and oranges.... >.> damn my sensitive skin! It smelled so good too. I really wanted it.

Anyway! Let's get on with the product reviews!!


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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P

My 언니@MichalJamerson will also make comments and she is also a great resource :)

Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.

Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

First one is a product by Tony Moly

I actually love Tony Moly products. They are cheap and really seem to do well on my skin. However this product obviously hated me beyond belief. While I was in California for a different event I forgot my toner so I went into a Korean/Japanese skin care store and the lady suggested this product to me.

It does feel really nice on the skin and I tried a sample of it in the store on my face. Though after using this product a couple of days I started to break out like no other. At first I was thinking that maybe it was just because of a product switch so I kept using it. Needless to say my skin never actually cleared up, it only got worse.

This product contains 99% Damyang Bamboo, which is rich in minerals and amino acid, cool Bamboo Water soothes and refreshes heated skin. So in a way it is similar to that as the Aloe gel by Nature Republic. This product does have a fragrance ingredient so it is possible that was bothering my skin.


Next I want to talk about a facial mask!


This one is by the company Naisture. I only tried one and I didn't like it at all. Sorry. I don't know if you use these but it left my skin so oily that I was really suffering for a while.

And no I didn't use it while I was recovering from the Tony Moly product.

These masks are a 3 step system which is why I wanted to try them out. I thought it was really interesting. I did really like the ampoule and the essence but the mask itself was really messy and oily. I have another one, but I'm honestly too scared to try it. hahahaha.

If maybe the sheet mask was better I would try them again. But if you have had better luck with a certain kind by this company let me know! They seem to be of high quality but my skin hated it :(


On to the next one!!

Facial Tissues!

Herb Day Cleansing Tissues by The Face Shop

I bought these while at kcon because like an idiot I didn't pack any....

I instantly fell in love. They smell really good, they feel really nice on my skin and didn't dry out my skin. Some days I wore heavier makeup and I did notice that these facial tissues lacked in that department a bit. I use a lot of water proof makeup and these did struggle to remove that a bit. However they were really gentle around the eyes. I have had cleansing tissues where my eyes would sometimes burn a bit but I didn't get that with these. When I got these at the Face Shop store in kcon they were on sale so I got 70 sheets for $10. I thought it was a good deal.

I like these cleansing tissues because for those days I need a soft and gentle clean I go to these. When I am in a hurry I know that my light makeup will be wiped away and my face will feel clean. My skin didn't break out and I didn't notice any other major issues when using these. I really like them :)


The last products I will talk about are these nose pack things.

I hadn't ever used anything like these before so I was really excited to try them. As you could have probably guess from my previous cards, I have a complex with my pores. So when I talked to a lady at kcon about the colorful one she really sold me on getting it.

Both have 3 different steps.

1. Small strip to help loosen/soften sebum in your pores, usually leave it on for 20+ minutes

2. Nose strip - just like every other type of nose strip - leave on until dry

3. Small strip to help close/shrink your pores to reduce nasty from getting back in them, usually leave it on for 20+ minutes

The colorful packaged one, White Nose by Petitree, (idk the name) was the first one I used and I really liked it. Each step was easy and made my nose feel amazing. With the nose strip though I didn't notice a lot of blackheads coming out. At the time my blackheads were also pretty bad and so I was a little disappointed. I was hoping that a lot of blackheads would have been removed but no :( The other two steps though were easy and no irritation came from them. My nose felt really soft and looked really clean after using it. Also the packaging was really cute lol.

With the Face Shop one I had some difficulties. Step 1 went great. Easy peasy. Step 2, A LOT of blackheads were removed. I was really really impressed! I got really excited when I saw how well the nose strip worked. Step 3 was where I had issues... I went to put it on and after about 30 seconds my nose started to burn. My eyes were watering because of how irritated my skin was. I took the strip off and my nose was incredibly bright red from it. I'm not sure if it is because of what was in the strip itself or if it was because of the nose strip i had used prior. Because with using nose strips it's not uncommon to pull out some off the small hairs on your nose.

Either way, my skin was on fire and I was unable to use the 3rd step. You can buy just the regular nose strips from the Face Shop in this type and that's what I have done because I liked them so much. :)





Well that's it for today's card guys!

I have a lot more to talk about but I'll save that for another time!!

Till next time! Stay beautiful!

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