Foreign Flower~ TOP's Petal in Bloom

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Episode 7~<<Aishh!>>

<<Holy crap, does he not sleep? Is this his way to mess with me for running barefoot that night? Hasn't it gone too far?>>

You pace back and forth the small corridor in front of the main door. As soon as BigBang landed safely on South Korean soil, you had seen the paparazzi swarm TOP like a fly to a freshly cut fruit, bombarding him with questions and multiple cameras in his face. Even though you watched the mess go down live your laptop, you could only imagine the rush of adrenaline TOP had to withstand with multiple individuals trying to poke a hole in his defenses. The amount of time it took for a "leaked" source about TOP's confession to each the internet, was just as fast as it took to legitimately bake a cake from scratch- if not, faster. You watched the comments take over article pages as the VIP fandom argued with each other about the whole statement being a hoax by the magazine company, and who his sweetheart may actually be. Attending work made it worse with some of the employees cracking jokes about the topic as if it were just another of the many rumors Netziens tried to throw TOP in. You practice a couple of breathing exercises you managed to find online to calm your anxiety, acknowledging in the back of your mind that there was no possible way you could bring yourself to beat his perfect ass for basically screwing his career and your own. The sound of a juggling knob catches your attention, making you freeze and turn in the direction of the opening door. TOP slides in with a small luggage in his hand, closing the door behind him instantly and dropping the bag on the ground so he could focus his attention on you. "A welcome home hug? Kiss perhaps?" TOP grins. "Hug? Kiss? Well, might as well do it in public so they can have the coffins ready for when they come out to kill us," you growl. "Oh, that?" TOP chuckles, taking a long stride to pull you into a tight hug before you had the chance to pull back. "You do realize I didn't say who my girlfriend was, right?" "What do you me-" "I accidentally let it slip that I was seeing someone yes, but when I was asked who, I told them it was best to keep it a secret until the time was right." You pull your head back to look up at him, "and when is the time right? After we've been caught?" TOP leans down to plant a warm kiss on your forehead. "We're not going to get caught. Believe me, I'm good at keeping secrets." You shake your head, "the whole kpop fandom is going to be watching you, oppa, and me living with you is only going to add more fuel to the flame-" "Yaah! If you think about leaving, I'm going to tell them that you broke my heart after all I afford was love!" He grins wickedly. "That's playing dirty!" you protest. "Well I haven't seen you for a few days so I'm allowed to." He lets you go then scoops in to snatch a quick kiss from your lips. "Change your shoes, we're going out to eat tonight." You chew on your lip, savoring the flavor of his lips on yours before it had the time to disappear. "I don't think that's a good idea. I really don't think that's a good idea at all." TOP winks, "I'll take care of whatever happens, come on." Inside the car, TOP hands you a medical mask, helping calm the anxiety in your bones. His large warm hand resting comfortably on top of yours while he drove with a single hand and hummed along to the gentle lyrics that filled the car. Merging onto one of main streets, the car quickly gets surrounded by other cars, trapping you in the dense traffic. But with TOP's maneuvering, he manages to break free and take the lesser packed roads. "We've been around here before, remember? First time you had dinner with the members and I," TOP says with a soft smile as he waiting patiently for the cars to move once the light turned green. You look around, recognizing the street signs and the flashy lights. "This is where we went to that restaura-" Your eyes narrow down on the familiar characteristics of someone you knew too well. "Omo, is the CEO eating there tonight? That's his assistant right?" TOP asks, bringing the car to a stop when the lights had turned yellow just as he approaches the cross walk lines. You hadn't noticed the other man, your attention was on the face you saw a few nights ago, and in his hands open to collect a familiar small bag, like the one you received and had yet to open.


Omo! I think things are about to get intense o.o Like, uber intense o.o Maybe TOPPED ;) Well- maybe..... but you'd have to stick around to see in Monday's episode! :D Thank you all for reading!^^ I hope you've enjoyed! :D See you all soon! :3 *bows*

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