My #1 Waifu Levi Kazama (Trinity Seven)


Levi, Levi, Levi! What more could you ask for from a sexy Ninja like herself?! Not only is she one of the strongest if not the the strongest girl amongst the girls of Arata's Trinity Seven, She along with Waifu #2 Lieselotte Sherlock she's probably the most seductive one. She loves to tease Arata whenever she sees an open opportunity!! I love this Girl Immensely!

There is no question why this girl is my #1 Waifu! She'll be the death of me if I end up seeing this in the next season of the show and Movie That's in the making as we speak!! Did I mention she's a part of the Bionic Magic King Fan Fic I'm writing along with her friends and Waifu #5 Chitoge Kirisaki? Now you know!! You should Check out my First 6 Chapters!! Again sorry I was a little late! I've been doing tons and tons of college work lately and it's been kinda overwhelming living alone, but I know I'll get thru it! @Aimebolanos@DripDrop@NeckoNecko@DesiphirXIII@Watermage@AlexCattura@tylor619@hikaymm #LeviKazama #NinjaShaman #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #TheBionicMagicKing #TrinitySeven Here's the Link to My Collection

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