Danger! part 10

So before I leave for a fun weekend I'm gonna post! I held on to danger a little to long I thought! so it's being handed over to sarah do to her thing!

Belle was walking down the hallway talking to Eliza. The conversation was bouncing around talking about pranks to pull and Eliza was reminding Belle she still had to get her back for drawing on her face. "Eliza you got me back, you drew on me too" Belle pointed out. "Not the same besides the guys pulled me away before I could finish my masterpiece " Eliza said and Belle laughed.  They walked into one of the empty practice rooms,  with most people out for lunch there was several empty rooms. "You know I have this random thought. I want to get a tattoo " Eliza said making Belle stop and stare at her. "On your face?" She questioned Eliza laughed. "No. Definitely not on the face. Somewhere else. I already have one on my right side that's hidden but I kind of want one to show!" Eliza said. "All mine show and I never had an issue, you know if you get another one I might get one too" Belle said "You have one on your ankle and another on your wrist right? " Eliza asked, "Yea" Belle showed her wrist to Eliza and then lifted her leg to show off the one on her ankle. "Where would you get your next one at?" Eliza asked.  She pulled out a lolly pop from her bag, offered one to Belle who declined. "Im thinking on my shoulder " Belle said. "What about you?" Eliza was sucking on her lollipop now. She thought for a second.  "Well I'm thinking either on my chest or going for a big one that covers the right side of my back and comes up over my shoulder to the front " Eliza said. "How big are you wanting it to be?" Belle questioned.  Thinking about it Eliza went to reach her back,  she couldn't reach the spot she wanted to point out. She couldn't reach with one hand so tried with the other until Belle started laughing at her. "What are you doing? " she asked "I can't reach the spot I'm thinking of. its like to high and to low " Eliza said  "Okay turn around. Tell me if this is the spot or not " Belle said so she turned her back to her and moved her hair off to the side.  Belle put her hand just above the shoulder blade. "Okay a little lower . . . Lower oh no stop right there " Eliza said. "That feel about right? " Belle asked.  "Yea right there. So I have this image of a big spider Web with a spider crawling up and when it gets to the top of my shoulder then I'll have scattering of some kind of flower " Eliza said.  "Where would you put the end of the web? " Belle questioned "how far down do you want the roses?" She asked. Eliza put her hand on her shoulder.  "Here for the Web and here for the flowers" Eliza said putting her hand just under her collarbone.  Belle hand moved up and over her shoulder from behind to go to her collarbone. "Okay that is a huge tattoo,  you think you could get that done?" Belle questioned. He was honestly just passing by the practice rooms minding his own business. The rest of the guys where already in one of the rooms and he was going to a different room to work on lyrics. Overhearing girls talking he ignored it until one of them kept saying lower. It sounded weird. The door was cracked open and he poked his head in just to see Belle sliding her hand over Eliza's shoulder from behind.  What were they doing? He thought in his head. Eliza turned around and Belle was lifting her shirt up to expose her midriff and put her hand on her hip. Eliza laughed and pointed to the other side. "What are you two doing?" He finally called out opening the door wider to make his presence known, "Oh hi yoongi" Belle said looking up, she quickly let go of her shirt at seeing him. "We're looking at spots we could put tattoos" Eliza answered his question. So that's what it was about. Belle gave him a curious look. "You didn't get a weird idea in your head did you?" Belle questioned. "No" Yoongi shook his head, he wouldn't admit he thought naughty thoughts upon seeing these two. "Okay let me ask your opinion then. What do you think of Belle getting a butterfly tattoo on her hip?" Eliza questioned. "Not a big one, I'm thinking small and something I can easily cover up, so I was thinking just below the waist band " Belle said. "That sounds interesting" Yoongi said. "Or should I get it above the waist band" she moved to show him, lifting up her shirt a little to expose the skin and pulled down a little on her pants "Here" Eliza pointed and then moved her finger up a couple inches "or here?" She asked. His mouth went dry,  what were they trying to do to him,  did they not see him as a guy? "In a man's opinion what do you think?" Belle asked.  Scratch that, they knew he was a guy. "Or in between, just barely peaking out?" Eliza questioned  "Oh I like that then if you stretch it appears " Eliza added. "Uh that one, in between" Yoongi said thinking how that would look on her. "Cool thanks! " Belle said dropping her shirt.  "Are we interupting something here?" Someone said from the doorway. Namjoon and Jimin were standing there looking at them. "We were asking Yoongi 's opinion on Belle tattoo she wants to get" Eliza answered. "Hmm we should ask their opinion about yours! You want to get a much bigger one then mine" Belle suggested "Oh wait the place we were looking at, would it overlap with your other tattoo?" Belle questioned "Shoot I don't know, I forget how high up it goes" Eliza commented. "You have a tattoo?" Namjoon questioned suprised. "Yea, I have a Tokyo mew mew girl on my side " Eliza said. "Why that?  Isn't that childish?" Namjoon questioned. "Not when it's in dedication to a dead friend" Eliza shot back which had them looking shocked. "Not so childish now is it?" Eliza was slightly defensive. "Wow" all three guys said at the same time. "Nope " "Liza show me the tattoo so I can see if it may overlap" Belle brought the attention away from that, so with a look she turned around and pulled her shirt off, thankfully she had a tank top underneath, it covered most of the tattoo but the head poked out.  A loud gasp issued from the group. "What?" Eliza questioned "Its not like I'm naked" she added. Belle was just laughing cause when she turned around there was the entire group of bts standing there now, "Why is Eliza stripping?" Jin questioned "We talked about this! Only for me Liza!" Hobi exclaimed which made everyone laugh. "Okay okay sorry, I was just trying to figure if I could get this tattoo in a certain spot.  Belle would it fit?" Eliza asked her friend.  "You would have to move it up a little bit but yea it should be fine" Belle said.  Belle then explained what Eliza was wanting to get done and the guys all nodded now understanding what was going on. "Do you know how weird it is to walk into a room and see a girl taking her clothes off with a bunch of guys in the room" kooki questioned. "You guys do it all the time! With guys and girls!" Belle pointed out. "But we get paid to -" "Don't finish that sentence kooki" Jin stopped him. "Why?" Kooki questioned which made everyone laugh. "You don't want to hear the response to that " Jin advice him.  "I'm a curious boy, I really do!" kooki said looking innocent "oh you really want to know?" Eliza gave him a evil look. "I think we can share" belle said . . . . to be continued!!!!!!!!

little bit short and I swear if I had continued it would have gone down a whole path were it got dirty! lol would a been interesting but I think I'll leave that conversation to your imaginations!!!

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