Day 29 An anime that I wish was real.

Ok I can not decide between three animes. So all three are going up. Frist one is fruits basket.I always love the Chinese zodiac and when I found out there was an anime with base on the Chinese zodiac I was all over it. so this is my number one that I wish was real. Also I can see Kyo but then there Akito. if he/ she ( manga and anime can't pick a gender) stays away from me I'll be fine. (I don't have time for a crazy person. that's on my nope list)

The second one was Darker than Black.This anime I have always love. I love the storyline and the charcters in the anime ( all but Amber I hate her with my guts). Plus I might get powers so sweet but have to pay a price unless your like hei then it's a different story. And speaking of him I hope I don't become his target.

And the last one was between Inuyasha and Bleach. Both I love greatly but I was raised on Inuyasha but sorry I don't think I'll survive in the demon world. With my luck ( which is bad) and my smart ass mouth ( which is also bad) well get me kill in less then a day if not less. Like literary if I ever met Naraku my frist couple of words will be " Why the fuck are you dress like a monkey frist off? we all know it's you so why keep dress up?" and if I'm not dead I'll add "last time I check it's not a costume party." So yeah I don't think that be a good idea so this spot is going to bleach. but then again that can also end badly. Now that I can think about it. I have a couple of words for Aizen too and other people but we will stick with Aizen ( why because I said so :-P ). one thing that will most likely come of my mouth is" So you put all that work to take over the soul society which failed miserably but you escape to the hallow world just for you to sit on your fat ass for the next couple of months or years and do nothing." and but that time I (hope I'm still alive) I must put the icing on the cake and hope I don't pissed him off even more ( if hes not amused because he twisted that way.) my mouth would keep going because will I can never stop it unless I'm eatting or I have nothing left to say. " oh wait my bad you did do something you kidnap a girl ( which you sent Ulquiorra to get) and literally force her to work for you. Just because of her power even though you pretty much shit out lie to her ( in her face ) just to make her agree with some bullshit deal. Bravo your mother would be proud of you." by that time I'm screwed but I'm already screwed if I end up there ( which my luck I will). so after that I can see two things that can happen one I'm already dead from my frist comment but not if I become friends with Orihime frist. So ha I escape death if that's the case ( so take your deal a shove it aizen) but then it's the second option I'll have to worry no more like be scared of . I'll most luckily will end up under spoon head (Nnoitral) or freaky pinky ( Szayel) and at that point of time I'll be dead or wishing I was dead. but hey at least I had fun.

So those are my three animes that I wish was real. Next is an anime I wish never ended and continued on. Well looks like I'm going to have a headache tomorrow.

Hello everyone the name is Alexandra or you can call me Allie for short. I'm a huge gamer and I love anime a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I'm also a huge fan of creepypasta and well pretty much anything gory, bloody, and scary. Something a girl shouldn't like but I don't give a damn. Overall I'm a really easily to get along with unless you get me angry then that's a different story.
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