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Congratulations to@BabydollBre for being our last week's Royal Spotlight member. She requested a one shot of Minsu. I'm giving you all a fair warning. This is my first attempt at writing a one shot. I hope@BabydollBre will like it. Please give me some feedback on this one shot. I'm pretty nervous about it.

It was five minutes past eight o'clock in the evening. She looks at the table to see if everything was in place. She walks towards the window, which happens to over look the street in front of her house. She was expecting to see a car heading this way. She sees nothing but an empty street. She turns away feeling both nervous and a little disappointed. What did she expect? This was a blind date after all. She didn't blame him if he decided not to come have dinner with her.

She walks away from the window.Then walks towards her bedroom to do a last minute check on her appearance. She walks straight to her full length mirror. She was looking at her reflection. She was pondering on her appearance. She was a short and curvy woman with long velvety brown hair. She was a pretty young lady with clean complexion. Who was staring back at her? It was Y/N, who doesn't know what she was doing. She turns away from the mirror to lay down on her bed. She threw her arm over her face. She was thinking how did she get in this situation in the first place.

It all started with a lunch with her best friend Sylvia. Y/N meet her best friend last Wednesday for lunch. She had a huge favor to ask you. She wanted you to go on a blind date with her boyfriend's best friend Kim Min Su next Saturday, which happens to be today. Sylvia was practacially begging Y/N to go on this blind date. Since it was Sylvia asking you to do this favor, she agreed to go but under one condition. Kim Min Su would have to come over to her house for dinner. Y/N figured it would be the best option, in case it didn't work out. Since Sylvia knows him so well, she figured it would be safe. Sylvia thinks its a wonderful idea. "Min Su would love your cooking Y/N" says Sylvia. She starts praising Min Su on what a great guy he was. "Min Su is so handsome and easy to get along with. You'll have a great time" Sylvia reassured her. Y/N was starting to feel really excited about the upcoming blind date. When the date was approaching, she then started to feel nervous and doubtful. When the day finally arrived, Y/N was a bundle of nerves. She woke up early that day to do cleaning and shopping for dinner that night.

It was mid-afternoon when she was done with her shopping and cleaning. While she was preparing the ingredients for dinner, Sylvia called to confirm that Min Su will be over at 8 o'clock that evening. Y/N thanks her for letting her know. She then continued preparing dinner. While everything was cooking, she started getting ready.

She put on a velvetly brown dress with matching sandals. It was kind of a simple dress, but she loves how it matches her eyes. It was a perfect dress for tonight. Or she thought as she checks on dinner. She keep wondering if Min Su was going to show up or not.

While Y/N was pondering about Min Su, he was still in his drive way parked car. He was deciding on whether to still go on this blind date. He was practacially forced to go on this date by Sylvia. His best friend and his girl Sylvia were pressuring him. They keep on praising Y/N. On how she was a great girl and super friendly. She is from a well to do family, who happen to be very supportive. They keep going on about what a great personality she has. Min Su finally agree to go on the blind date, even though it was kind of weird to have a dinner date at her house. That's what is giving him second thought about going though this date. while he was still deciding on what to do, he noticed that it was ten minutes til eight o' clock. It would take about 15 to 20 minutes to get to Y/N's house. He still wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Its not like he needed help on getting dates. Not to sound conceited, but he was a good looking young man. He's able to turn some heafs , just walking in a room. So he doesn't really need help with that but its hard to find someone to connect with though. Min Su is so confused on what to do. Should he stay or should he go? Then he realized that if he stay home, he will be in big trouble with Sylvia. So if he still wants his friendship, he better go on this date. Min Su glanced to his watch while putting his car into drive. He hopes it wasn't too late for dinner. While driving, Min Su was hoping Y/N was in a forgiving mood.

It was 8:30pm by the time Min Su arrived at Y/N's house. Y/N was in the kitchen, she was starting to put the food away in storage bowls. The doorbell starts ringing. She takes off her apron. She is wondering who can it be at her door.

Y/N open her door. She couldn't believe what she was seeing at her front door. There was the best looking young man she ever saw. He was like a golden god with his blonde hair and dark eyes. He's light tan just completed the image in front of her. Min Su couldn't believe what he was looking at. There was a young woman who opened the front door. She was shorter then him. The first thing he noticed was her velvetly brown eyes that happened to match her dress. Even though she was kind of short and curvy, it didn't matter with those eyes and beautiful smile. They kept staring at each other for a few seconds before Min Su finally spoke to her. "Are you Y/N" he asked Y/N was still in a daze until she realized that he asked her a question. "Oh yes! I'm Y/N. and whom may you be sir?" she replied in a polite tone. "Kim Min Su, your dinner partner for the evening. I'm so sorry for being late. I was temperorily detained. I hope you can forgive my tardiness. May I come in your home?" Min Su asks. Y/N couldn't believe this young man needed a dinner date. He is so good looking, that he could have dinner with anyone he wanted to. She then realized that she was keeping him waiting outside. "Oh yes! Please come in. I'm sorry to keep you outside. Its ok that you're late. Its really not that late anyway. I'm glad that you were able to make it after all." she says while letting him the entryway.

Min Su walks in her home, after she moves out the way. Y/N leads Min Su to the dining area. "Please take a seat, while I bring out the food." she says while pointing to already set table. She leaves the area once Min Su takes a seat. Before she goes through the kitchen door, "What kind of drink would care for with your dinner" she asks him. "I'll have the same thing you be drinking" he replies with a smile. "Ok then I'll be right back with food and drinks" she says with a smile. While Y/N was getting the food and drinks, Min Su looks around. From where he was sitting, he can see the living room and the entryway. It was a nice and cosy house. He then was starting to wonder what is taking Y/N so long. Meanwhile Y/N was having a mini anxiety attack. She can't get over on how her night is turning out. She realized that she was delaying in the kitchen. She hurry up in warming and serving dinner, then pouring drinks. She then placed them on a carrying tray. Once she was done, she pick the tray up to carry through the kitchen door. Min Su was starting worry that he scared Y/N. He should've offered to help carry in the food and drinks. He was about to get up, and offered to help when Y/N walks through the door carrying a tray. "Sorry to keep you waiting Min Su." She says while placing the plates down. She noticed that he was standing then. " Are you going somewhere?" she asked "Oh no! I was about to go offer you my assistance on carrying the food and drinks. But its seems I'm late in asking though" he replies smiling. He takes a seat while Y/N finishes placing dinner on the table. Oh thank you for offering. I've just about got it all done now. I'll be right back. I need to put this tray in the kitchen." Y/N says whiling walking back to the kitchen. "Let's begin eating. I hope you enjoy it" she says when she takes a seat across from Min Su. "Thank you for the food" He replied. While they began to eat, they began to get to know each other better. Besides having common friends, it turned out they have many other common things with each other. They were having a nice dinner conversation. When they were done eating, Min Su offered to help clean up. In which, Y/N gratefully accepted his offer. They were having a great time cleaning up. Y/N started serving dessert and coffee. "Let's have dessert and coffee in the living room" she says while leading the way. They sat down on the couch by the coffee table. While enjoying their dessert and coffee, they continued their conversation. They were enjoying themselves so much that they didn't noticed how late it had gotten. Min Su realized it was getting late. " I didn't realized how late has it gotten. Its almost midnight. I should take my leave now." he says while standing up. " I really had a great time. Dinner and dessert were wonderful" He continues on while they walk to the front door. Min Su really had a good time getting to know Y/N. "Thank you for coming to dinner Min Su. It was really nice meeting you." she replies when they reached her front door "Yes I enjoyed myself too.And thank you for cooking such a wonderful dinner." he says Min Su wanted to spend more time with Y/N, so "I was wondering if you would like to go out to a dinner and a show soon? Min Su asks " I would love to go out with you, Min Su. But sadly I'll be leaving the country in a couple of days." Y/N replies She doesn't want to lose her chance on going on a date with Min Su, so "How about we go out when I return from my trip? she suggests Y/N didn't want to lose her chance with Min Su. So she hopes they can set a date on her return. " That would be great! When are you returning from your trip?" Min Su asks "I'll be returning back in two weeks." she replies "Oh! Why are you going to be gone so long? Is there anything wrong? he asks her " Oh no! Just some family business that I need to tidy up." she replies with a smile. She can't get over how sweet Min Su is. "So do we have a date then? she asks Min Su agrees with her. They exchanged cell numbers, and promised to stay in touch. Min Su leans down and gives Y/N a soft kiss on her cheek. Y/N started to blush prettily with a soft smile. " Good night Y/N" says Min Su " Good night Min Su! Be careful on your way home" replies Y/N Min Su starts walking towards his car. He can't believe how his evening turned out. Thanks to his friends forcing to go on this blind date, he was able to meet his dream girl. Well That's it. I hope I didn't bore you all. I especially hope@BabydollBre enjoys her prize. 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