Dear Happiness? or Dear Shippers Heaven?

So a few days ago EXO-Ls were given a huge surprise that probably hit everyone in the feels...Not only did we get a photo book filled with EXOs beautiful smiles but the photo book was basically shippersville...

Like I'm not even kidding...not only did we have the famous ships but many thing is clear from this...EXO is shippable to the infinity...

The reason I was screaming like a dying whale when the photo book was released was because of the amount of Kaisoo...The Kaisoo fandom had seriously gone through a long dry spell during which arose Chansoo and Sesoo...What really confuses me is that it seemed like SM was against Kaisoo for awhile now and then suddenly they release THIS!!! Especially that 5th photo is hella is well known that Jongin stares at Kyungsoo all the time...however this was just a normal group photo..nobody is talking or doing anything for Jongin to turn his head...

PS I'm pretty sure SM knows about all the Kaisoo stuff we post so they must know about the staring thing..if they'd been so against Kaisoo all this time why release this picture??? I'm just seriously tired of all these mind games...

SM was right when they named it Dear Happiness...I seriously need more of EXO relaxing and enjoying themselves...and Yixing there to enjoy it too...😄😄😄


Ok can we seriously take a moment to appreciate Kyungsoo's collarbones and tanned skin.........Amen


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