Seven Minutes in Heaven: 'BLACK' Yoongi (19+)


You stared down at the black strip of paper, turning it over your eyes caught on the pencil markings. Holding it up to light you saw words start to form. Got cha, it said. You chuckled, already knowing who’s color you had picked. “Yoongi Hyung, you’re up.” Namjoon said winking at you. You looked to see Yoongi but he wasn’t there. You caught Seokjins eyes instead. “That way.” He said lifting two of his fingers towards the door that lead out the room. It was still open. Namjoon offered to walk you to the room but you respectfully declined. You would find this sex room on your own. You did not need or necessarily want to be guided by Namjoon. Oh, you might be wondering why you’re calling it the sex room it’s quite simple actually. There is no way in hell you will be locked in a room with Min Yoongi and nothing happen. It goes against nature. You paused at the door, taking a deep breath before reaching for the handle. Pushing it open, you found Yoongi. He was watching the door. Watching you. He had taken off his necklace and jacket. Leaving him in a black button up, leather pants and an insanely sexy smirk. “I’ve have had my eye on you for a long time,” He spoke, his voice low and full of gravel. “All you have to do is say, yes.” Yoongi shifted but didn’t move. Seeing his shoes beside the door, you took yours off and placed them beside his. You weren’t gonna make it that easy. Not for Min Yoongi. You straighten and roll your head back as if you were thinking. Perusing your lips together, you nodded. You inhale then exhale, and then make your way over to the ever so still Min Yoongi and place your hand on his stomach. He tenses and swallows hard. It was nice to know you had an effect on him. You slowly walk around him, letting your hand trail across his waistband as you hum in consideration. Coming to his other side you danced your fingers along his fabric. Yoongis hand slaps down onto yours, making you jolt. You look up at him, his hungry eyes looking over every inch of your face. His breath was fast and quickening, his fingers held your wrist tight. And in that moment, you were lost. “Yes.” You said softly and his lips found yours before they could completely close around the word. Yoongis lips were soft and carful. His lips stilled on yours like a butterfly. There was a soft sound as he broke the kiss and looked into your eyes. “Don’t be afraid.” He warned. You didn’t really know what he meant, but then his lips came back to yours. Yoongi gave you two quick soft pecks as he took of your jacket and then pulled you closer with one of his strong hands. Yoongis lips pushed harder on yours as his other hand came around to unbutton your pants. His tongue prodded your bottom lip, but you denied him and turned your head instead. He kissed you again, not bothering to hide his frustration as he growled on your lips. Yoongis hand slipped into your panties and his thumb finding your clit. You twisted with his touch as you whine onto his lips. You felt his tongue and smirk as he let himself in and immediately deepening the kiss. You moaned into his mouth and the hand at your back came up to your neck. The hand stilled you as the other played with your clitoris while his tongue explored your mouth. Your throat burned with the need of air. You try to turn to break the kiss but Yoongis hand on your neck wouldn’t allow it. You cried into his mouth, your hands going up to grip his shoulders. His tongue played with yours as you tried to breathe through your nose. Yoongis hand leaves your panties to find the hem of your shirt. You moan as he tugs it up and he finally broke the kiss. You were still gasping for air when his lips came to yours again, his tongue instantly slipping back into your mouth. His thumbs ran under the base of your bra and it felt that at any second he would rip the cloth from your skin. Your fingers fumble for his buttons, eager to rid him of his clothes. Yoongi guides his hand back down and into your panties with a groan. One…two…three… His buttons come undone as he dominated your mouth and his thumb drew quick circles on your swollen nub. You whimper at the sudden movements he made as his lips tore away, and his hand leave your panties so he could rip off his unbuttoned shirt. With a low groan Yoongi returned to your lips. His hands at your waist as he pulled you to the floor and then looped his fingers into your waist band to pull your pants and panties off. Yoongi runs two of his fingers up through your folds and groans. You moaned at both his groan and your body tensing up at the new pleasure. “You’re so fucking wet.” He said in his deep tone. It was so easy for Yoongi to curse and that turned you on beyond belief. His long, strong fingers came to your entrance and you immediately arched your back for him. Yoongi pushed the two fingers inside you and you cried out at the pain, moaning when it turned to pleasure. He curled his fingers, owning him a loud moan from you. He groaned at your sound and repeated the motion. You bite your lip at the knot starting to form in your stomach as Yoongi pumped you with ecstasy. You moaned his name and he groaned for you. You could feel as his hips bucked up. Yoongis fingers curled against your sweet spot as he sped. You cried out as white came into your vision. Pushing your thighs into his strong fingers, moaning his name when he pulled out. You whimper at your loss. “Please..Yoongi please.” You plead, trying to get him to take you back to your orgasm. Yet Yoongi ignores you, taking his fingers to his mouth instead. Your sore core tightens at the sight of Yoongi kissing his fingers clean. Eyes cluched together as he moaned out your name. “You taste too fucking good.” He said, his chest rising quickly. Yoongi moves to situate himself between your legs. Your insides were screaming for a release as your hands found his hair. You didn’t need to push him into your core as he went willingly. His tongue running up and down your sweet sticky folds. “Oh God. Yoongi!” You praise, twisting your body and grabbing fistfuls of his hair as you arch your back into him. Yoongi hummed his approval of your cries into your core and you pushed him deeper onto you. KNOCK KNOCK “Hyung?” A voice came from outside the door making you gasp. You tried to pull away but Yoongi held you still, growling into your core before lifting his head. “Go away!” Yoongi ordered, returning to your center and licking up your folds. You whimper at Yoongi as you press your lips together. “But it’s been more than 7-” “I don’t give a shit!” He huffed onto your heat before nuzzling back down into you. You gasped and moaned as his tongue darts in and out of you. Yoongi pulls up, despite your hands trying to keep him down. You cry out at the cold and he chuckles. “What’s the matter baby?” Yoongi said looking up at you from between your legs. He looked so sexy and your abused core cried out for him. “Please, Yoongi.” Your hand gripping his shoulder. Yoongi shifted once again and returned to your shaking form. He smiled at your spread and vulnerable state before lightly blowing on your hot flesh. You shook under him, causing him to laugh. Yoongi took your clit between his lips and sucked with passion. Your whole body reacted as you moaned and groaned for him. You batted away at the hair sticking to your sweaty face and neck when something prodded your entrance. You gasped as Yoongis long digits found their way into you as he continued his attack on your sensitive nub. Your head flew back as your hand grabbed onto Yoongis shoulder. Your nails digging into his flesh causing him to growl into you. “Yoongi! Yes!” You screamed squeezing him with your thighs. Your lip came between your teeth and you bite at it as you closed your eyes, trying to find your climax. Yoongi curled his fingers again and again and you were seeing stars. You filled the room with loud moans as he licks you dry. You shook and twitched under him but that just made him lick you harder. You lay on the ground, shaking and panting off your orgasm as Yoongi stands. You close your eyes to breathe but then you hear pants unzip. “Oh no, Baby Girl. We’re not done yet.” He said reaching for your hands and pulling you up. You look at his erect member, precum dripping off of him. You shuffle to your knees and lick your lips. “Good girl.” He says taking the back of your head in his hand and steps closer to you. You open your mouth and Yoongi guides his cock in. You moan around him as he forces you farther onto him. You can feel him watching you as you hollow your cheeks and take him as far as you can, bringing your hand up to pump the flesh you can’t fit. Your tongue wonders around his hot dick, looking for veins and textures. Yoongi moans when your tongue prods and twists at his slit. He hisses and groans as you continue to twirl him in your mouth. Yoongi jerks and hits the back of your throat, causing you to gag around him. He groans at your gag and sways into you again. You decide to pick up the pace. Letting him hit deeper in your throat. Using one hand to hold his side the other massaging his testicles. Lifting your head you quickly slide him down your throat, holding him there as your nose touches his stomach. “Oh shit.” He says, twitching in your throat. You pull back to make sure you don’t gag and then take him again. “Fuck, Baby.” He growled as you breathed hot air onto his stomach before pulling up and taking him back again. Yoongi held tight to your hair as he plunged himself deep and hard into you. You cry out around his cock but that makes him go harder. “Oh shit.” He groans. You try to bob your head but he’s making all the movements. Yoongi throws his head back and moans your name, letting you have a bit more freedom. You quickly bob your head, taking most of him. Yoongi moans at the new pace, his hand fisting your hair. Your tongue rolls around his underside as you fuck him as fast as you can. You feel Yoongi harden as you bob your head. “FUCK!” He yells reaching his other hand to your hair, pulling you on to him. “Y/N! AGH. OH~” He screams, looking for his release. “Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop.” You wouldn’t dare. Bobbing your head up and down you hum around his cock taking him back into your throat again and again. “Shit. SHIT.” Yoongi twitches twice before unloading inside you with an insanely sexy growl. You swallow him down as he milks himself into you. He looks down at you before falling to his knees and then laying down on his stomach. You watch him for a second, eyes closed, panting with a delicious smirk on his face before joining him. “Fuck. Baby Girl.” He said looking up at you before shifting to make room for you on his arm. You smile at him and he reaches forward to kiss you.

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