I'll Play With You However I Want (EXØplicit +19)


Story is explicit with sexual material.

Enter If You Dare and see how far you get... try not skip any blocks. (This is about as smutty as I can get.)


EXO turned inside out (attempting). Can't sing about being called a monster without being one. A one night stand turns into a night of pleasure or pain, or both. Giving "We Are One" a new meaning.


She thought winning the back stage pass with a meet-n-greet was the best thing to ever happen but right now, at this moment, Minseok was staring at her. She couldn't believe it. Her little heart was pounding a million miles a second. When she had shook his hand earlier, he lingered, trying to talk to her. He wasn't her bias but if anything, just capturing one of thems' attention was more than enough. But this is Kim Minseok, XIUMIN! He's so good looking. His eyes were beautiful, coupled with his smile and that body made him lethal. It would be a sin not to take a piece of him.

He walked over casually. The other VIPs were busy chatting it up with the other EXO members. Every few steps he was stopped by a fan; he would smile, sign something, take a selca and move on. Slowly but surely he was coming towards her.

"Hello" his English was relatively good, "My name is Kim Minseok. I seen you and wanted to tell you how pretty you are." He said closely to her ear. His warm breath and soft steady voice gave her goosebumps. She felt her ears and cheeks flare up as she turned to him.

"Thank you" she said bowing a little.

He thought that was sweet of her and began to look her over from head to toe. He was having second thoughts, 'She won't do, she's too nice' he thought to himself. When he looked back up into her eyes, he seen her checking out Suho and Kai as they walked by. She licked and bit her lip. He felt the corner of his mouth curl up into a smile.

"Do you want to go somewhere and talk privately?" He asked quietly.

"Where would that be? I don't think there is anywhere private around here." She said looking around the room. Everyone was so busy. She happen to look back across the room and seen Sehun watching with curiosity. She tore her eyes away, her whole body heated up. She looked over in his direction again, he was still watching.

Minseok leaned toward her and whispered, "Follow me." He walked towards a door with his hands clasped behind his back. She watched him go out and then she followed. She tried not to follow him too closely, but when he turned a corner, she thought for sure she would lose him but when she came around, he was standing by an elevator, holding the doors open. He gestured with his head for her to get in. She quickened her pace.

The elevator started to rise. She noticed that the 9th floor button had been pressed. She nervously watched the floor numbers climb, but when it got to the 3rd floor, he made the first move. It was so fast, so sudden, his mouth was on hers. His sweet breath breathing into her, his lips gently sucking at hers, the tip of his tongue just slightly grazing her open mouth. He pressed his body against her, his hands against the wall behind her, she allowed herself to be taken. She slipped her arms around him, her hand slipping down to his ass and squeezing, pulling his hips into hers at the same time.

"Mmmm I knew you were bad." He said just as the elevator came to a stop.

Xiumin & Lay

He swept her into his room. As soon as the door closed, he stripped her clothes off before she had a chance to even catch her breath. He hoisted her naked body over his shoulder and threw her on the bed. She giggled as she watched him get undressed. He crawled on top of her, pushing his groin into her, letting her feel how hard he is. She moaned helplessly as his mouth covered her body in kisses. He bit at her flesh softly with his teeth as he made his way down. A moment later, her body arched when she felt his tongue gazing up and down her clit. She let out a loud moan. The pleasure was heightened when his finger slid into her. She couldn't believe this was happening. Skip the formalities and just go for it, she liked how he thinks.

He took one last lick and then popped up on his knees pulling her up on her feet. She didn't know what he was up to making her stand on the bed but she was up for it. He laid down on his back right below her, between her legs. He motioned with his fingers for her to come down.

As sexy and provocative as she could, she squatted down into him. His eyes rolled back, his beautiful eyelids fluttering, letting a deep groan escape as warmth engulfed his member. She couldn't help but moan with him. His strong hands guided her hips to rise and fall, keeping her pace steady, making sure each thrust was long and slow. She so badly wanted to speed up the pace, it was driving her crazy.

She fell forward, her hands gripping onto the sheets, her hips moving faster. He caught her by the throat, pushing her up as her face came close to his. He was nearly choking her when she heard something at the door. At first she thought it was the noise they were making on the bed but after a minute, Lay walk in.

She stopped and was ready to jump off Minseok but he grabbed her hips and held her in place. She looked down at him puzzled, he smiled mischievously up at her, his mouth curling up in the corners, biting his bottom lip. For a second, she didn't know what to do. Lay looked at the both of them.

"Did you leave any for me?" He asked.

"There's plenty." Minseok said ominously, slapping her thigh.

Lay took his shirt off as he climbed on the bed behind Minseok's girl, the both of them straddling him. Min was always good at picking the good ones out, he had an eye for them. He pulled her head back as his hands slid up her body from her hips to her breasts and squeezing them with great pleasure. One hand made its way down and started rubbing her sweet spot softly as Minseok started thrusting up into her.

She moaned even more loudly before she felt Lay's hand go to her mouth. His fingers tracing her open lips, occasionally feeling the inside of her mouth, she sucked at them.

"I know what you want." He looked down at Minseok, watching him getting closer to his climax, "Min, don't go that far yet."

Minseok slowed himself down then finally stopping all together, slipping himself out of her. He pushed her off and turned her over onto all fours. Getting up on his knees, grinning like an evil little cat, he slapped her ass and teased her from behind. Lay wrapped her hair around his hand, holding her face in front of his crouch.

"Pull them down, baby..." He caressed her chin, brushing his thumb over her lips.

She did as he said and pulled his pants down to his knees. He was hard and ready for her. She kissed the tip and began licking it all around until he was completely in her mouth. Sucking softly, making him groan the way Minseok did. His hips swayed back and forth, meeting her lips all the way. Minseok took her from behind, pounding hard into her. Minseok giggled a little listening to her little whimpers.

"She likes it" he said slapping her ass again and again, "I knew it... yeah you're a dirty little girl aren't you." He pushed her hips down for more friction, her bent legs nearly splitting. His hips were moving faster, his breathing heavier. Lay reached over and slapped him across the face. "You ass!" Min's voice filled with gratification as he started to climax, he pulled out of her in time to let his juice out on the bed. He collapsed on her backside.

"Oh god, that felt freaking good" he bit his lip with a big smile on his face, his eyes closed ready to take a nap.

Lay shoved him to the side making him roll off the bed, then picked her up and threw on her back into some pillows, "My turn." He lifted her legs up, holding onto her ankles, his hard cock rubbing against her making her moan in delight before thrusting in. He moved in and out slow and deep, his body rolling like it does when he dances on stage. He grinned in satisfaction listening to her moan louder than before.

He parted her legs, letting them fall to the bed. He squeezed at her breasts hard and twisted her nipples. He liked how she grabbed them and pushed them up for him wanting more. He leaned forward, nibbling and pinching them with his teeth. She tangled her fingers into his hair, pulling and gasping every time he bit a little harder. He slapped the side of her boob, watching it jiggle, then he slapped the other, his hips never stop moving between her legs.


She never heard Minseok leave the room, nor realized that someone else was there until she heard their voice. She was so enthralled with Lay with how he was making her feel, that the soft voice speaking next to her, took her by surprise. She looked at Suho with dazed eyes and thought it was a dream.

Just as she turned her face toward him, he started kissing her gently like a lover would. His mouth tasted sweet, his lips so soft. Then they were torn away as Lay picked her up into his lap, thrusting harder than before. Suho got behind her, his chest pressing against her back, his arms wrapped around her rib cage, just under her breasts, holding her up for his friend. He turned her face to the side so that he could kiss her. Lay pushed her off his lap, quickly and harshly that it made her and SuHo fall backwards. She never let his mouth go even as Lay crumbled at the edge of bed before disappearing out of the room.

With their mouths still attached to one another, she twisted around, laying on top of SuHo. He wrapped one leg around her legs and then the other. His finger tips traced up and down her backside. He was still fully clothed, she couldn't understand why. She sat up, nestled between his legs. He put his arms behind his head, looking up at her in all her nakedness.

Not once did she question what was going on when Lay came, it was obvious but here was SuHo, lying before her. She had a pretty good idea what was happening, she was usually up for anything but nothing like this. She looked at the door and wondered who else was going to come in.

"Are you up for it?" he asked, "Three down, six more to go." He watched her swallow hard and swore he could hear her heart beating hard. The look on her face; the realization and the decision, was everything he needed to know even before she answered.

She nodded, answering Yes. His handsome face light up as he grabbed her behind the head with both hands and jerking her forward into a hard kiss. He guided her hands to his shirt and she tore it open, sending a couple buttons flying through the air, she ran her nails down his chest. Then she undid his pants pushing them down as far as she could. Squeezing her shoulders, he pushed her down, she nipped at his bare skin as she went. She always liked how Suho's chest looked, it made her drool when she'd see his bare chest in photos and now here she was, actually touching him in person.

SuHo leaned his head back letting her feel his chest up and down, "Suck me, baby." he said softly. He grabbed hold of her wrists, holding them tightly, his legs around her body. She wrapped her mouth around his member and did exactly what he said to do.

He was practically screaming, his head banging against the pillows, his body arching and squirming from side to side. His pelvis shot up, his cock went deep into her mouth, making her gag a little, the warmth of his cum filled her mouth. She tried to left her head so she could spit but he wouldn't let her. Still holding her by the wrists, he held her still, caught between his legs. She looked up at him with his part still in her mouth.

He smiled, "Drink me baby"

So she swallowed.

He pulled her up, dragging her body up his. He rolled over on top of her, letting go of her hands, only so one could support himself while the other felt its way down to her crotch. He rubbed and played with her until he felt her getting wet. He moved his mouth down to her breasts where he suckled her nipples before kissing down to give her a VJ.

Her body shuddered as his tongue made circles on her clit. She grabbed a hand full of his hair as she started to moan his name, "Junmyeon, Junmyeon..." Pretty soon, he worked a finger or two, maybe more, into her, she couldn't tell, it just felt so good. She even felt a finger or two, maybe more, go anal. Every now and then, she felt his teeth biting and tugging at her lips down there. Her body shuddered even more, her moans became screams. His face was buried deep into her, she couldn't hold on anymore, the more she moaned, the harder he pushed his face into her, moving his tongue and fingers even faster. Her whole body screamed for release as she came.

Suho took a few last licks, "Mmmm you taste so good." He crawled up her body, lapping at the sweat coming off her skin before he kissed her deep and hard. He got off the bed, pulling her up with him, then picking her up into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. He sat her on the sink before turning the shower on, making sure it wasn't too hot.

"Better get cleaned up."


Her legs were wobbly, like jelly when she stood on them. She inched her way over to the shower and climbed in. The warm water felt good, her body relaxed a bit but she really wished for was a bath not a shower. She grateful in a way, Suho had taken it easy on her. He didn't seem to want much, he seemed distracted.

She was standing under the water when she felt like someone was watching. She opened her eyes and seen Chen watching her from behind the curtain. He looked like a peeping tom, half his face only showing, his one eye looking her up and down. Either way, she recognized him, his eyes were unmistakeable.

"Do you want to come in?" she asked, she wrapped her arms around herself. He disappeared for a couple minutes and then stepped in.

"Min... he picked you?" he said before letting out a laugh that made her a little afraid. Looking at her madly, his little eyes looking her up and down as he stepped towards her, making her back up to the wall under the showerhead. He came close to her, resting his elbows on the wall behind her, trapping her. He looked down at her, even though she was tall, he was taller. "So what did you and Min do?"

Her eyes went big, she looked at him, but unsure what you say or share for that matter, "Nothing really, Lay came in, so..." she started to say.

"Oh really? Did Min show you what he likes to do? Or did he just lie there with his dick in the air for you to ride?"

Before she could answer, he turned her around, shoving her against the shower wall, her face smashing against it. With one hand, he held her like that, while the other roamed her wet body.

"Usually it's me and him but he wanted Lay this time... kinda disappointed me." he said a little pouty. If she had been looking at him, she would have seen him stick his bottom lip out.

"It wasn't all that great..." she said, thinking she would reassure him,

"What.... what did you say?" he grabbed her hair, pushing her even harder against the wall.

"I mean, it was great, just not what I expected" she said trying to recover what she just said. He pushed the shower curtain open and reached over for something. Her face was facing the wrong way and couldn't see what he was grabbing for. She knew for sure what it was when she felt it sting across her ass.

He swatted her again with the shower brush, "What, you didn't like what Min did, you don't like how he does it?" he swatted her again, "Are you saying you didn't like his huge cock in you?" another swat.

She squealed, her ass squirming. He rubbed the shower brush handle between her cheeks, sliding it deep between her legs. He leaned in close to her ear, "Suho hyung, did you enjoy him, did you swallow for him? He likes that, he likes to watch sometimes, it really gets him off." He laughed, before biting her ear, and swatting her ass again. Using her hair, he jerked her around, making her kneel on the shower floor. Again, he smashed her head down against hard surface but this time, his foot was doing the work holding her there. He tapped the shower brush on her ass, or she thought it was shower brush until she felt him rubbing the tip of his cock against her and then the shower brush swatting against the other cheek.

"You're going to enjoy it until the end aren't you? No, I don't think you'll be able to finish, you'll be begging him to stop." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up to her feet. He nozzled her neck like a kitten, humming a little... "He's going to end you, I know he will." He turned her around, picking her up, making her wrap her legs around his waist as her back slapped against the wet shower wall. He thrusted up into her, her eyes rolled back feeling his hardness penetrating her so suddenly. He grunted with each thrust, getting faster and harder. She dug her nails into his back, biting hard into his neck.

"Do it harder" he demanded. She wasn't sure which he wanted harder so she just did both. She bit hard into his neck right under his ear, dug her nails deeper down his back. She licked up his neck as she grabbed his hair hard and pulled it, biting again at his throat just above his adams apple. He groaned, "fuck yesss..." he slammed her into the shower wall hard, her head bumping against it and then dropped her. She landed on the shower floor, the warm water spraying down in her face. He forced her on all fours and took her from behind. She felt the shower brush under her chin as he pulled it back hard, she choked a little. Holding the handle, she tried to pull it away a little so she could breathe some.


They came walking out of the bathroom together, he was holding her from behind, biting at her neck. She locked his arms around her waist but by the time she was ready for round two with Chen, there was Chanyeol waiting on the bed.

"Sounded like you two were having fun in there, didn't want to disturb you." he casually said. Chen was grinning at him from over her shoulder.

"Where's Baek?" Chen asked.

"He's coming."

"Are you going to wait?"

Chanyeol smirked and shook his head no.

Chen, still naked, danced behind her, leading her over to the bed. Then he crawled behind her, brushing her hair back with his fingers. Chanyeol stood in front of her, looking down. Chen lifted her head for him. He was so tall and so handsome, she couldn't believe it. Her mouth dropped open gazing up at him, he smiled. Even Chen looked up at him somewhat mesmerized.

Chanyeol undressed in front of her, letting her get an eye full of just big he is. The expression in her face thrilled him. Chanyeol crawled on top of her, straddling her, his long legs on either side of her. She wondered if this was who Chen was talking about, the one that was going to make her beg to stop, the one who's going to end her.

He looked up at Chen, "Chen your smile is disturbing me." he motioned for him to leave.

Chen protested, "But I wanna stay, just until Baek gets here."

"Go" he growled, Chen glared at him.

Chen got up, went to the bathroom, gathered his clothes and left. As soon he left, Chanyeol, shifted her more onto the bed. He rolled her over swatting her with his huge hand before inserting two fingers into her. He moved them in and out twisting them around. Then with much pleasure, moved them into her anal and then inserting them back into her other hole.

"I want both." he said drooling at the thought of taking her ass fully. He prop her ass up higher, making her shiver as his tongue went to work, making her moan. When he made her nice and wet, he positioned the head to her opening, pulled her arms back, using them like handles, and pushed into her. She bit into the pillow, he was hurting her but it felt good at the same time. After a minute, she got used to him.

His fingers dug into her arms as she started pushing back against him, meeting his thrusts. Then he stopped all of a sudden. He sneered at her letting the tip of his penis poke at her other hole. When she felt he was getting ready to penetrate her there, she jerked away hard, flopping over onto her back, sticking her foot against his chest, stopping him from coming closer.

"It's not that I don't want to..." she looked down at him, "You're going to damage what little pride I have."

He came down on top of her, "I'll go slow, now roll over, hurry, before Baek gets here." He tried to push her over but she slapped him instead. His eyes went round for a second, then that smirk appeared, "Ah, so you want it like that huh...."

She slapped him again and tried to squirm out from under him. She screamed at him and scratched but he seemed to like that. He grabbed one wrist and held it as the rest of her fought with him. She bit into his peck, but he just laughed, and returned the bite. Just when she finally managed to get free, or maybe because he let go, she crawled away. Chanyeol grabbed her by the ankles, watching in amusement as she struggled again, smacking her thighs hard every time she kicked at him. He pulled her back across the bed, then lifted her up into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her a little.

"Stop" he said softly. "Stop struggling or you'll get hurt." For a moment she stopped, looked him in the face and seen a different Chanyeol than who was there a moment ago. He smiled and started kissing her so sweetly, she couldn't resist his lips. They moved so well.

As he got her to trust him, he seen Baek standing at the door watching. Chanyeol started making out with her, his hands all over the place. He laid her back, his hands feeling her body, she seemed to want him now. So he thrusted into her, making her body arch up, her small hands wrapped around his biceps. All the while he was keeping eye contact with Baekhyun. He turned her over onto to her stomach, saying something in her ear. She lifted her ass for Chanyeol, slowly, inching his way in, he took her ass hole as gently as possible. He groaned, biting and kissing her backside. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

When she opened her eyes, she seen BaekHyun. He half smiled at them as he walked over. He started to undress when Chanyeol pulled him in by the doggie collar he wore, "Come here" he said as he was grinding into her. Baek leaned in, listening to Chanyeol's heavy breathing. He climbed onto the bed with them.


Chanyeol rolled off her, making room for Baekhyun. Baek pulled her up and started kissing her as Chanyeol watched in turn. He laid her back against Chanyeol. Chan wrapped an arm around her neck and one around her belly, Baekhyun sat between their legs. He caressed her body, his hand going down to her crotch but it wasn't her that he grabbed. Chanyeol groaned feeling Baekhyuns hand stroking him.

She felt Baekhyuns mouth come to hers, kissing her like she'd never kissed before. His lips were so good, it was turning her on. She pulled at him to come closer. Then she felt Chanyeol's hands grab the inside of her thighs and pull them open even more. She felt BaekHyun's hard cock rub up against her.

"You're so wet" he muttered as he kissed.

His arms wrapped around the both of them as he slid into her. Chanyeol lifted her up, Baek backed up a bit after a few thrusts letting Chanyeol have a turn. Her head fell back on Chan's shoulder and then she heard them kissing. She turned her head and watched their mouths move together. She couldn't believe how much that was turning her on. She reached down, taking Baekhyun in her hand and stroking him. He started to moan and went back to kissing her. Chanyeol pushed them forward off of him and she landed on top of Baekhyun. Chanyeol pulled her back up and whispered something in her ear. Baek watched him get dress and leave.

He put his hands behind his head, smiling, "Show me what you got" he said.

She grabbed his one arm and twisted it, he yelled out in pain as he rolled over onto his stomach and proceeded to spank him hard. She wished she had that shower brush.

"You want to see what I got? I'll show you what I got" she said spanking him again.

"Show me! show me!" he said in between spankings, sticking his ass in the air, shaking it.

She licked her finger, and ran it up and down between his cheeks. Wiggling the tip of her finger over his hole, he moaned, his little body shifting about.

"Again, do it again" he begged

She grabbed a handful of his hair, she started spanking him again. She smacked one cheek, then the other, back and forth until his ass was as red as his face.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do?" she said shaking his head. "You know, little boys like you get too naughty and need to be punished. Do you wanna be punished?" She grabbed him under the chin and squeezed a little hard.

"Yes" he looked up at her, managing a little smile. She had to giggle, his face was too sweet. He wiggled his butt like a little dog and started panting like one too. He growled and nipped at her thigh. She grabbed him by his doggie collar and smacked him on the ass.

"No biting!" He nipped at her again, before biting her leg. "No Biting, I said" she smacked him again. He jumped on her, pushed her down on the bed and started licking her face. She jerked his collar, "If you need something to lick..." She pushed his head down. He trailed down her body, she held tightly to his hair, pushing his head into her crotch. Just when she thought she had him where she wanted him, he jumped on top of her. He tore a pillow case off a pillow and ripped it into strips. He tied her hands to the bed posts. "Hey!"

"Hey what?!" he laughed. He ran his hand up and down her body. "Mmmm you feel nice... Would you mind if I just jerked off on you?"

"But Chanyeol said to..."

He scrunched his nose, "If he'd stayed, it would've been another story. Maybe we would've done that." he squeezed her breasts, grinding his hips back and forth, biting his bottom lip, "Just lay there."

She watched him run his hands over his own body, this hips swaying back and forth on her. He seemed to really enjoy touching himself. His hands floated down. She continued to watch him as he stroked himself. Every now and then, he'd reached down and touch her.

"You look so sexy doing that..." she said softly.

"Do I?" he moaned, "Do you want it?"

She licked her lips, "I do, are you going to give it me?"

"Maybe" His stroking got faster, he started to groan louder. "Maybe next time" he managed to say between breaths. He arched back as he came on her belly. Letting out long hard groan, falling backwards on top of her legs. He rolled off and got dressed. He cuddled next to her, kissing her softly. He wiped her belly, "I have to go now, I want to play some more but... their getting anxious" he laughed.

"Hey! Are you going to untie me?" she called after him but he just smiled, waving bye to her.

Sehun & Kai

She laid there still tied up. She tugged on the bindings trying to loosen them. One came undone. She got that she was suppose to stay that way but she needed to use the bathroom. She figured she'd freshen up a bit while she was in there. She heard the door open and close. Grabbing Minseok's robe, she went out to see who it was.

Sehun was waiting on the bed, kicked back with his legs crossed. He looked over at her and smiled when she said hello. He didn't seem interested in the greeting. His eyes shot past her, she looked over her shoulder and Kai was standing behind her, breathing down her neck.

All she felt was him ripping the robe off her body and tossing it on the floor. He grabbed her arm hard, turning her around. He held her tight, his nails digging in.

"You weren't supposed to move." He said, his voice so smooth and deep. He pushed her back and she fell down. She crawled backwards until she bumped into bed. Standing over her, Kai looked down at her. He knelt down grabbing her ankles just as Sehun wrapped one of the bindings around her neck, pulling her up onto the bed. She pulled at it but he had it wrapped so tight she couldn't wiggle her finger through. Kai slapped her hands away and took another binding and tied them together.

Sehun watched in delight, pulling the binding he held tighter when she tried to get him to let go. He held it until he seen she was ready to pass out, so he let go and slapped her cheek, telling her to wake up.

When she came around, Kai was striping his clothes off. He grabbed her by her ankles again and pulled her towards him. He dug his nails down her body, it stung. Then he did it again and then again. Each time it stung like crazy. He pinched her nipples hard and then pulled her by them. She screamed in pain.

"Hey, No Screaming!" Sehun said. He wrapped his hand over her mouth and pulled her hair. "If you scream, it'll only get worse." He and Kai grinned at each other as she nodded her head.

Kai twisted her nipples hard, her eyes watering as she tried not to scream but she couldn't help it and screamed out in pain again. Sehun gagged her with the binding he had used around her neck. He was about to tie it off good when Kai stopped him.

Kai slapped the inside of her thighs, giving them a good squeeze that hurt enough that she flinched, her legs instinctively closing. He gave her a mean look and then slapped her thigh roughly, telling her to open them. He slapped her other thigh even harder. She finally opened to him.

Just as she was wondering about Sehun, he sat himself down on her chest, right below her breasts, he squeezed them together, pushing his cock between them.

"So soft" he groaned.

She felt Kai biting down her leg. Which felt more than just love bites. When he got close, he stopped and sucked, his teeth penetrating her skin like a vampire drinking from her. It hurt so bad, she grabbed his head, trying to push him off, but he slapped her hands away. Just when she felt relief when he let go, he moved to the other side. Sehun grabbed her hair again, this time shoving his cock into her mouth as she started to whimper. She clawed at his back but he started moving his hips back and forth slowly.

Then she felt Kai's nails dig into her own hips, and then bringing them up higher, a moment later she felt his hot member take her. Sehun's body contorted, moving left to right, his back arching. Kai's hands were moving all over him, making him moan. Red streaks appeared trailing after Kai's fingers.

She moaned out loud. Kai felt so good, she couldn't help but feel like she was going to climax. Sehun moved his member from her mouth back to her breasts, squeezing them hard around him.

They moved so fast, before she knew it she was lying on her stomach with Sehun behind her, clawing at her back as he took her. He was so good, he was grinding so deep into her, her moans turned to screams of pleasure, even when he scratched down her back and his nails digging into her ass. She could hear him cursing under his breath.

Kai laid across the bed watching.

"The baby needs to learn" he said. The corner of his mouth curled up into that smirk. Sehun grunted and yelled out, shoving her off him as he came on the bed. Kai laughed a little. He crawled over to her, caressing her cheek, "The best is yet to come" he whispered and tossed the sheet over her.

As they were getting dressed, she heard them talking. Sehun was asking if he could stay but Kai told him no, Sehun whined a little, She looked over at them, Kai had his arm around Sehun. "You're not ready for that, not yet." As they left out the door, Sehun kept looking back. He had that same look on his face from earlier, curiosity.


She laid there with the sheet over her. She waited but no one came. The one person she wanted the most, did not come. She was a little glad though, she didn't want him to see her like this, not like this at all. Kyungsoo was her bias, she was in love with him. Through all this, it was him she thought of, it was him she pretended was tearing her part. It was him she waited for, going through them all. She had a feeling he wouldn't be into it, he's too good of a person for this kind of mess. This proved that he was a true sweetheart. She was relieved.

She crawled off the bed and went to the mirror to check herself. Sehun and Kai really did a number on her. The scratches weren't too bad. She examined them to be sure none of them were bleeding. When she turned her back to the mirror, to check the ones there, a couple were. She moved her hair aside to look at them better.

"Oh my god..." she quietly said. It was then she noticed something in the mirror.

Off in the corner, sitting in the dark, Kyungsoo was watching. Why hadn't she noticed before, when did he come in? she wondered. Was her attention that far off that she didn't notice him sitting there all this time. She slowly turned around to face him.

He got up and walked over to her. Standing in front of her, he wasn't that much taller than her. She could smell his cologne, it smelled good. She took in deep breaths of him trying to commit it to memory. His hand came up, his fingers lightly touched the scratches on her chest and down her torso. He was perfection incarnate. His lips, his eyes, his chin, his hair, his skin. He was more perfect than she had ever expected.

She could have sworn she stopped breathing when his lips kissed the scratches he just touched. He tore the sheet from her body as he continued to kiss and lick each and every scratch. His hot tongue grazing over her wounds, even the ones that were bleeding a little. "Did he hurt you much?" His voice so deep and velvety, she felt it on her skin like a warm blanket. She shook her head no, afraid if she said yes, he wouldn't have her. "Kai can get a little mean sometimes. You want to know a secret?", she nodded, he continued kissing her little scratches, "If you're mean back to him, he'll back off and become putty in your hands. He doesn't like to make people angry at him."

Keeping her gaze on him, Kyungsoo reached inside of his coat, pulling out a long black silk cord. First he tied up her mouth, then he turned her to the mirror so she could watch him as he pulled her arms back, tying her elbows together then her wrists. He pulled it tight, wrapping the rest of the black cord around his fist and guided her over to the bed. He gently pushed down on her shoulders, she got down on her knees, her head planted into the bed. He wrapped the rest of the cord around her ankles and tied it. He hosted her up into the bed and rolled her into her back, pushing her knees apart. He crawled up in between them. "Don't be afraid." he whispered.

As he hovered over her, he pulled a small knife out from under his shirt. He slid it over her skin. The tip found a wound that had scabbed over a little, he gladly reopened it, making it deeper than it was before. He admired the pain in her face. He licked the blood off the knife before licking at the wound itself. He started kissing up her neck, grinding himself against her. She could feel him getting hard through his pants. If her mouth wasn't tied, she would beg him to take her. He looked deep into her eyes as he caressed her cheek with the edge of the knife... "Don't be afraid."

All she could think was how beautiful he is. What ever he wants, she'll give it to him.

Anything for him.


A Little After Midnight...

She heard voices. Somewhere in the room, someone was upset about the mess they made. Then she felt a blanket wrap around her and got picked up off the floor. She tried to open her eyes but she was so tired, so exhausted. She tried to speak but her lips barely moved. All she could see in her mind was Kyungsoo's face, his soft lips kissing her everywhere, his gentle sharp touch giving her pleasure. How he whispered he loved her. She didn't want it to end.

"At least she's still alive. What more do you want?" another voice replied.

"I swear there's something wrong with him..." the first voice said.

"There's nothing wrong with him, you leave my Kyungsoo alone, I love him." she wanted to say but much to her surprise, someone answered her.

"You love him that much to let him do this to you? I hope it was worth it"

"I love him more than my own life." she whispered.

That person, who ever he is, huffed, "crazy sasaengs.... You're all alike."

I hope you made it all the way through. I appreciate you reading it all the way through. I hope it was enjoyable to say the least!

Thanks ❤

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