Married to J-Hope (a Jung Hoseok oneshot) chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Just as Hannah was about to silence her phone for the night, J-Hope texted her. "Hey girl, can I come over?" "Now? I'm about to sleep! Why do you want to come over?!" "Because I'm craving your love." "Oh dear, Hoseok cut it out! I have to go to my classes tomorrow! I'm busy, and I'm sure you are busy as well since you're an idol! I need to get my sleep!" Once J-Hope saw Hannah's latest text, he shot up from the recliner in his room, stormed out of his room, and headed towards the elevator towards Hannah and Chloe's room. Once he got off at their floor, he headed straight for their room and banged on the door. It startled Hannah and she got up and opened it. She didn't know it would be him on the other side of the door outside their room. She slammed it back on him but he blocked it with his foot. She kept trying to close the door and keep him out of the girls' room until he squeezed Hannah and he tried to pull her on her bed but she started hitting him and telling him to get out and to leave, but he didn't listen, he wanted her, she broke away, grabbed her purse, and went out of the room and walked to the nearest drug store and bought a box of condoms for J-Hope. She paid for the box, walked out of the drug store and went back to the hotel to her room. Once she got back to her room she set her purse down and woke up Chloe. "What's going on?" She asked dazed. "Chloe, I'm afraid I have to send you to Madison and Natalie's room." Hannah answered. "Are you two-" Chloe started with a sly look on her face but she was cut off by Hannah. "Yes Chloe, we're about to do it. If that's what's make him happy!" Hannah responded to Chloe, annoyed and disgusted by J-Hope in the room. Chloe got up, put her robe and clogs on, grabbed her purse and went to Madison and Natalie's room. Once Chloe got to their room, she knocked lightly so they could hear her. Unfortunately they didn't hear her knock so she texted them to let her in. Then she called them, but they didn't pick up because their phones were on silent. Finally she banged on the door until they finally heard her and Natalie was shaking at her bangs as well as Madison and she opened the door for Chloe. "Hey Chloe, what are you doing here?" Natalie asked her. "Hannah sent me here because she and J-Hope are about to make love." Chloe replied. "OOO! Tell me more!" Madison replied. Meanwhile Hannah was pissed at J-Hope and wanted to be done with his junk. She placed her arms on his shoulders and kissed his lips. He placed his arms around her waist and kissed her lips as well. He turned her around, laid her on the bed, and began to strip her. "Stop, not yet." She stopped him. She got up, bent down, and grabbed the box of condoms and took one out. When she was bent down, her back split so she pulled up her pants but it didn't work so J-Hope ran over to her and yanked her pants down as well as her panties and he began to eat her out. She placed it between her bra and she turned around and she was carried back to the bed by J-Hope. He laid her down on the bed again and continued eating her out. He licked her buns, inner and outer, in between, around, and he poked his tongue up her hole, massaging her insides with his tongue. She leaked so much for him that he licked up all her juices and ate her out until she stopped leaking and she was all dry. Once she was dry and wasn't leaking anymore, he moved his head up and kissed her lips and pulled her shirt off as well as his shirt. Hannah unhooked her bra and slipped it off and pushed his pants off with her feet until his butt was bare. She then closed her eyes as he pushed his pants and boxers off, exposing his dick. Hannah got off the bed, looked for the condom, gave it to J-Hope, and he slipped it on without hesitation and kissed her lips and rocked his pelvic bone on top of her and he shoved his dick up her hole which made her moan out of pleasure. She flipped him over and she banged her pelvis on his crotch and she kissed his neck passionately until he flipped her over and kissed her neck. She rubbed his back with her hands, lightly scratching it, and she flipped him again, this time, he pulled his dick from out her hole, and she kissed his chest muscles, stomach muscles, his v-line, and then she sucked on his dick, licking all over and gnawing on it until there were teeth marks everywhere. She then moved to his black cherries, licking each of them, pushing them back and fourth, in and out, until they slowed down and they were sore. She then poked her tongue up in between his black cherries, licking and massaging his insides everywhere. She then moved out, laid down, and took a breather. J-Hope then squeezed her boobs, sucked them, and twirled his tongue around them until he ran out of breath and he laid down next to her catching his breath. She leaned over to him, kissed his lips and she hooked her legs on his back. J-Hope returned the gesture, and he slipped his dick up her hole, and she reached a high, but she was still kissing him until she came back down until she ran out of breath as well as him. They broke apart and they were breathing heavily after that wonderful routine. "Hobi, you need to get dressed, and you need to go back to your room. I enjoyed having you here, I enjoyed your company, but you need to go back to your room. We're both busy tomorrow and we need sleep. So get dressed, and go back to your room to sleep. I'm sorry but I can't have you sleep here tonight. Besides, I'm sure the members are worried about you. Get dressed and go back to you room. Please!" Hannah pleaded and begged him. "Alright, alright! I'll get dressed and go back." He assured. "Thanks hobi, I love you!" Hannah replied. "I love you too gorgeous!" J-Hope said. He got dressed, threw the condom away, grabbed his phone, walked out of the room, and headed back to his room. Hannah put her pjs back on, called Chloe and told her to come back. Once Chloe came back, she fell on her bed and slept. Hannah finally set her phone to silent as well as Chloe, and they both went to sleep. I hope you all liked it! I'm currently writing the next chapter which will be out next week! In the meantime, please suggest an idol and I will write a oneshot for that idol! Thanks! Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed! 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