First Love part 1

"Bye." Those were the words I told my love. My first love. I left him. Not by choice. I just had to leave him. >>7 years later<< "Young Joon, be nice to other kids in the school. And eat your lunch okay?" "Okay mommy..." "Hoseok uncle is going to pick you up, so I'll try to pick you up as early as possible." "Really? I get to play with Hoseok uncle?" "Yeah!" "Yes!!!" "Okay, go into the bus, I'll see you later!" I watched Young Joon go into the bus. And he left. A single mom. That was my title. I worked at a nearby company that helped me a lot. As a working single mom, I didn't have much time to spend with my kid, but I always tried to be with him as much as possible on my free days. I mean, he was a special child. As I arrived infront of my house, I saw someone familiar. PARK JIMIN. "Jimin?" He looked at me with those eyes. They were beautiful. 'Y/n, you need to pack your stuff." "What?" I just came home, and I needed to pack my stuff? I need to go to my company. "I have to go to work. I don't have time for this." "I'm not doing this because of me. It's because of my grandfather." I paid attention. Jimin's grandfather always helped me in the hardest times of my life. Since I was an orphan, he took care of me a lot. But never adopted me for some reason. "Is there something wrong with him?" "Yes. He's at that point where he can die any second." I started to cry. "He wants to see your face before he dies. And he told me he has something to say to you." My tears fell down my face one by one. "Okay.." I quickly packed my stuff and called Hoseok. "Hey Hoseok!" "What's up?" "You're going to have to take care of Young Joon for a few days." "What? Why?" "You remember Jimin's grandfather?" "...Jimin?..." "Yeah." "Are you with him right now?" "Yes." "What the heck!! You know how much pain he caused you?" "Yes, I know. I know." "*sigh* I dont know y/n." There was silence between our call. "Okay. Fine. I'll tell young joon something. He'll probably believe me if I told him you said it. " "Thanks Hoseok. Really." "You better pay." "I will. Talk to you later" "Bye. Be safe." In the car, I couldn't help but stare at Jimin. His face was different. Facial features were the same, of course. Beautiful eyes, plump and wantable lips, awesome jawline. Nothing changed. But he was different. Emotion wise. I wasn't able to find any traces of the careless and lovable jimin I loved. Yes, we were in love.

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