I'll Be Your Lifesaver- Chapter One

"Ugh!!!..."Yo!""Nana are you still in bed?""No....""Youre a liar! We said to be up and readyChan, what makes you think Im still going to be up at 12 in the afternoonNari, seriously! -laughs- Get your butt up, were going to the beach today remember!How can I forget Chan?Well, get ready me and Jongdae are going to be there in 20 mins20 mins? Chan you do realize that we live next door to each other right?Yea, I know I got to go pick up JongdaeKay, Ill be readyDont be going back to sleep either!Yes mom.-laughs-See you soon

We just all fell asleep, Jongdae passed out on my floor, with Chanyeol, both fell asleep on my stuffed turtle and on my beanbag chair. I slowly fell asleep on my bed, with only one thing, well more like one person on my mind. Baekhyun.

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