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Episode 8~

"Yaah! Your serious face! Change it, it's not fun to kiss you when you're serious, you don't squirm."

The thoughts in your head quit ranging, releasing you from your narrowed concentration with a single sentence. "Huh?"

TOP lifts your chin away from his chest and stares down at you, "You need to go to bed if you're not going to pay attention to me."

The corner of your lips curl into the most innocent smile it could create, "but I am paying attention to you."

He raises a thick eyebrow, "lying to my face are you?"

You glance away before your the blood rushes to your face, focusing on flexing your toes in front of you. "No...."

TOP leans in, rubbing his nose against your cheek, "are you suurreee?" He tights his grip around your back and tucks his other hand underneath your knees, locking your legs on his lap to prevent you from pulling back and escaping.

A giggle breaks free from your throat. You pull your hands up and cover your mouth. "Yes."

He draws back with his bottom lip sticking out to form a pout. "Then let me kiss you."

"I do let you kiss me," you respond, lowering your hands just a bit.

TOP raises another thick eyebrow before raising the other and wiggling them both to make your giggle again. "Are you suureee you liikkee?"

You use your hands once more to bury your face into them to shield yourself from the active Bingu powers that were occuring. "Aigoo! You're too silly!"

He lets go of your knees to coil his finger around your hands and tugs them back, "why are you being so serious?"

A light flickers in your head before you had a chance to dismiss it. "Because I need to get my crayon...." You grin.

TOP's eyes flutter as he rolls his eyes and drags his hand down his face. "Yaah! Don't be cheesy! That's my job!"

You stretch forward and kiss his jaw, "but you liikkee!"

After a few more seconds of obvious judging, TOP's face softens, He reaches to you and traces the curvature of your jawline with a finger before stopping at your chin and proceeding to trace the outline of your lips. "Go to bed, hun. If you keep thinking like this, you'll grow even more tired and get sick on me."

You force a thin smile, "I'm sorry, I've just had a bad feeling since....."

"I know, hun. I have it too. So go to bed and try not to worry so much. I don't want my beautiful flower to grow wrinkles before the season."

A flash of color fills your cheeks. "I'll try."

<<I'm conscious, I'm conscious. You can control your dreams when you're conscious.... shit. Why am I running then?>>

You cough, your lungs burning from lack of oxygen. You run at full speed away from your apartment after narrowly escaping men in dark attire and black face masks; the sound of metal scraping against metal echoing in your ears.

<<Shit..... Shit.... I need to stop running and collect my thoughts.>>

A car screeches to a stop in front of you and out come the very same men from your apartment, jumping to grab you before you had a chance to turn and run in another direction.

You kick and scream with the sudden boost of adrenaline that your body unleashed.

"Let me go!" you yell, until something hits your head, forcing your eyes shut as you lose conscious.

A bright white light penetrates your eyelids. You squeeze your eyes and slowly release them, opening your eyes with a few blinks.

<<Where am I?>>

Your head begins to throb as you rub your eyes with the back of your hand and sit up and become aware of your surroundings.

<<Am I.... am I in my office? The hell?>>

You stand up and glance around, confirming the familiar setting of your office room.

<<How did I end up here? What the hell is going on?>>

The room begins to shake with such force that the frames on the wall start shattering on the floor. You drop on the ground once more and crawl towards the coffee table, pulling the closest two chairs with you to block any glass that may fall in front of you.

The shaking stops almost instantly. You sigh in relief and lay your forehead on the cool hardwood floor and take a second to breathe.

<<What the hell is going on?>>

A loud crashing sound from outside your office makes you jump.

"Find that bitch and bring her back to the basement."

"Yes sir!"

<<T-that.... that voice....>>

Your office door swings open. Instantly, you hear more glass breaking, in response, you cover your mouth with your hands and slowly turn your head to see a couple of pairs of feet walk over to your desk.

"Where the hell would she be?"

"Boss didn't specify if he wanted her dead or alive did he?"

"Does it matter? He's paying us good for this, better we find her and break her legs so she can't run while the boss pays us."

You watch as your computer falls and breaks apart on the ground. You press your hands harder into your mouth, as the two pair of feet walk towards the coffee table.

"What kind of foreign bitch gets treated like royalty just because she can translate? Hell, anyone could her fucking job."

"Let's move on. The faster we capture her, the faster we get our money."

A harsh shiver runs through your body as you watch the intruders walk out of your office.

<<I need to get out of here, fast.>>

You count to ten then crawl out from underneath the table, quickly standing up and tip toeing towards the door to listen.

<<The elevator is closest.... but they'll hear me.... the emergency stairwell is on the opposite side of the hall....>>

You swallow hard and peek out of the door, seeing no sign of the two men.

<<I can make it.... oh god, please let me make it.>>

You lower your body and half run across the floor, picking up the pace once you start hearing voices coming from the CEO's office until you break into a full run the second you reach it.

"Did you hear something?"


Your body rams itself into the emergency exit door and fly down the stairs.

<<Go down one floor and run to the elevator.... they won't catch me in time....>>

You kick the door open and continue running, skidding to a stop when you see him.



"Mademoiselle, je dois vous parle."


"S'il vous plaît mademoiselle, vous êtes en danger!"

He starts walking towards you, reaching his hand out to you.

<<N-no. I won't let you win!>>

Your legs begin to move again, pushing past him and taking off in direction of the elevator again. Smashing the open button and slipping inside the ready to go elevator, you smash the close door button just in time as the two men from upstairs made it to the man.

With your hands on top of your head to control your hyperventilation, you watch the numbers decrease with the descending floors until the lights start to flicker and the power controlling the elevator dies between the first and second floor.

<<Are you flipping kidding me!?>>

You pace back and forth.

<<They did this. Of course they fucking did this. Think girl, think. You've seen enough scary movies to figure out what to do.>>

Your eyes glance at the door then up at the roof exit.

<<Two option. Pry the elevator door open somehow or climb on top and get into the second floor.... Aishh.... they'll be waiting for me in the first floor, I can just feel it.... the recording room! I'll hide there and use its outside exit!>>

Within seconds you find yourself on the second floor, crouched down and listening for any noise.

<<I knew it. I'm fucking dreaming. Shit. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! This isn't funny brain!>>

Your feet move on their own to the recording studio, forcing you to stick to the plans. Locking yourself in the recording room, an eerie feeling starts to crawl on your skin. You turn around slowly, the eerie feeling feeding your anxiety as you walk towards the middle of the room.

A lone opened box sat in the middle of the empty room. You approach it one small step at a time until you were close enough to peer inside.

A strange sense of familiarity washes over your body while you gaze in horror at the decapitated BigBang Krunk bears in the box. Your eyes flicker to a small note on TOP's bear.

<<Please wake up, I don't want to know what's on the note. Please wake up!>>

Your traitorous hand reaches into the box and pulls out the note, opening it up for you to read clearly- "turn around."

Every conscious brain cell yelled at you to stop, every little voice in your head begged for you to not turn, you knew better than to do as the note instructed, and yet you had no control over your actions.

You turn around, jaw dropping in terror at the words written on the glass of the recording room but it wasn't the bright red words that created a river of tears on your face. It was what you saw beyond the still dripping words.

The door knob jiggles violently, followed by loud banging on the door.


You cry harder.

<<Why is this happening?>>

The door flies open. Your body goes numb, your ears mute themselves from the noise that was taking place, and your eyes stayed glued to the recording room- glued to white, lifeless faces of the members

<<Wake up.... wake up... WAKE UP!!!>>

You gasp to life and launch yourself forward. Instantly touching your face and body to make sure you were all there and alive to help settle your pounding heart.

<<It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a really messed up dream.>>

Your body continued to tremble violently while you looked around and noticed the empty spot beside you.

<<Where is he?>>

With a mind on full alert, you hop out of bed and make your way towards the hallway, listening carefully to the sounds of the apartment until you pick up a soft humming coming from the back room.

"Aigoo! What are you doing up!" TOP's eyes widen when he sees you emerging from the hallway.

You ignore his question and make your way around the mess to find a place to sit on the floor.

"I thought you were asleep," TOP asks, smiling when he sees your attentive eyes on him.

Again, you remain quiet, allowing TOP's actual living and breathing presence calm you immediately.

He chuckles to himself. "If you're mad at me for not being in bed, I'm sorry. I had a weird dream and couldn't sleep after I woke up. Painting helps me relax-"

"Choi Seung-Hyun."

His eyes widen. "Oh, uh, yes?"

"I love you."

Color floods his cheeks at the end of the sentence, making him chuckle nervously. "Be careful there, my heart just stopped beating for two seconds there with that direct jab."

You remain awake with TOP until he takes a seat next to you and pulls you into his arms, causing you to fall asleep for a bit longer until he shook you awake and sent you to get ready for work.

"I had a.... a nightmare," you say in the car.

"Aishh. Then my bad dream must have rubbed off onto you when I woke up. I'm sorry hun." TOP responds. "I dreamed that I couldn't find you no matter how much you screamed for help. I'll have to keep a closer eye on you," he grins.

You see the YG building appearing into view from the distance. "I know this is selfish, but will you check in on me a few times during the day for a few days?"

"Of course I will hun, don't worry about what you dreamed about. I'm going to be in the building with you." He reaches over and gives your hand a gentle squeeze. "I love you. You're not allowed to go crazy if I'm not there to say it was because I winked at you."

The corner of your lips curl into a small smile.

TOP opened the door to the building for you and walked with you every step of the way. Past the receptionist, past a couple of iKON boys, and straight into the elevator. His body next to yours helping reassure that what you lived just a few hours ago was really nothing but a dream.

He opens the door to your office and lets you walk in ahead of him, "I have to go meet up with the members in the practice room but I'll sneak away and come check up on you in a couple of hours. Call me if you need me to come sooner, okay?"

You turn your head towards him and nod, "thank you oppa."

He smiles warmly at you then takes his leave, abandoning you in the same exact office that appeared in your dreams just a few hours ago. Your eyes scan every detail of the room, recalling which frame dropped on its own, and what was ripped apart.

You stare at your desk area, noticing how clean it looked.

"Oh, you're here!"

You turn around to the cheery voice of one of your coworkers.

She smiles and bows her head, "I was asked to give you these when you arrived." She hands you a small bundle of documents. "It just needs to be signed by the CEO. I heard he was in the recording room so you should check there first."

She bows again and excuses herself back.

As if they had a mind of their own, your feet carry you back to the elevator. Within minutes, everything felt like an episode of deja vu. Your heart starts to beat faster than its normal pace while anxiety ran through your veins.

<<It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a flipping dream.>>

The chant repeated itself in your head up until you stood outside the door. Your hand hovers above the door knob while images of last night took over and played on repeat over and over again.

You turn the knob slowly and open the door, immediately recognizing a voice that appeared in your head last night.


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