Damn Right Jhope!!! (Too bad it’s too sweet)

Although we've already established it I still have to say it BIGHIT GOT NO CHILL!!! Erhmm...moving on EVIL??? Really???? I DID NOT see that one coming...


Seriously Jhope dancing is my aesthetic...I really need more of this


Boy Meets Evil Comeback Trailer Lyrics

My future’s light is becoming darker

The path of a dream I lost because of an immature love

My ambition’s spite sharpened its knife everyday

But the knife is dulled by the greed that I can’t contain

I know everything

This love is the devil by a different name

I called out “don’t hold her hand”, but my conscience lost

The sharpness of reality that I feel as the days go by

Ripped by reality, tinged red by blood

I didn’t think that this greed would become the horn that would call forth hell

Breath, I am short of breath

Closing my eyes every night in a twisted reality, the music box of tragedy that plays

But to be free of this sin, to forget it, I just can’t give it up

As those lips were too sweet

I was drunk with love, my future was abandoned

I woke up to see mines all around me

The harsh stares of those around me that I can’t bear

I cry out for a miracle in this reality

I was crazily infatuated with you

A fool addicted to the sweetness, yes a fool

I didn’t want to let go, the touch of the devil

Too bad it’s too sweet

Evil it’s too evil


I don't know what kind of sorcery he is doing but Daayum!!! And those body rolls!!! Like what the hell Bighit I saw this right after Church...anyway my brain has gone into shock after Jhope's solo (so no theories ;P)

The comeback date has been set and its on my Moms birthdays!!! EEEPPP!!!!

Guys go check out the trailer...It's too bad but its too damn sweet!!!

PS I really hope these are left as solos in the album...I need 4 mins of each of them singing/rapping...

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