Finding My Happily Ever After

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Chapter Four - Every Man Needs Their Princess

Please let everything be okay, please.

As my eyes scanned the crowd, one person in particular was staring at me. He had been since I had stepped away from him. Even if he was talking to another person, his eyes would meet mine and they never faltered. If this was a different situation, I would be flattered but considering that he is supposed to be falling in love with Cinderella, things were not looking so bright.

As I kept on looking for any signs of Jinwoon and Cinderella, I failed to notice that he started to walk towards me until he was right in front of my face.

"Miss Soomi?" He called, bringing my attention to him. I jumped a little at his sudden appearance and quickly did a courtesy as I smiled at him.

"Hello again Mr. Charming," I responded, trying to come off as cold as I could. I quickly started to become distracted again, hoping he would get the hint that I didn't want to talk to him but as if oblivious to such things, he stepped in front of my gaze again.

"If I may," He began, looking a bit flustered. "Can I ask something of you?" He was fumbling with his hands and seemed nervous, for the lack of a better word.

"Well it depends on what it is, Mr. Charming," I responded, leaning back up against the wall to wait and hear what he had to say.

"Ah, no need for such formalities. Just call me Xiumin." I raised an eyebrow at first, but then nodded.

"Okay, Xiumin, what would you like to ask me?" I questioned. At this the prince took awhile before answering, making me nervous as well. His hands wouldn't stop moving and his eyes kept on darting to different places on my face. After taking a second to regain his composure, he started to speak.

"Would you-"

"Ah! There you are!" A voice called from a few feet away. Confused, both of us turned to the voice and my eyes widened when I saw Jinwoon. He walked over to us and stood by Xiumin.

"Where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you!" He said, looking straight at me. I wanted to smack him as it had been just the opposite but when I saw him mouthing something along the lines of 'go along' I quickly realized what he was doing.

"I-I was talking to Xiumin over here. Sorry that I was so hard to find." I responded, hoping my acting was better than it sounded.

"No matter." Jinwoon then turned to face Xiumin and held his hand out in front of him. As if under a spell Xiumin' s princely smile from before returned and he shook his hand. "My name is Jinwoon. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise." They both shook hands for a while, and stared into each others eyes before they let go and separated. As if feeling the awkward atmosphere, the music started back up suddenly and the ballroom behind us was lively once again. Xiumin turned to face me, the same determination in his eyes before Jinwoon interrupted him.


"Let's go dance shall we?" Jinwoon interrupted Xiumin, grabbing my wrist and leading me away. I did a small bow towards Xiumin as we left and noticed how his expression became sadder. Feeling a little bad, I turned back around and tried to focus on Jinwoon.

"Where the hell were you?!" I whispered as our feet moved in sync as we danced. His mouth instantly moved upwards at my words.

"Aw, did you miss me?" He asked when he swung me around and dipped me to the side, following the other couples surrounding us. My heart fluttered as he stared into my eyes, his smile shining brightly as his arms were the only thing keeping me up at the moment.

"N-No stupid. I was worried something happened." I shyly stated, hitting him on the arm to let him know that I wanted back on my own two feet. He grabbed me and when he lifted me back up, my face ended very close to his - our noses touching. I instantly backed away, embarrassed for a second, before he grabbed my waist and brought my body closer to his. He seemed unfazed as we continued to dance. I couldn't look him in the eyes and I instead stared at my feet. Taking a few moments to let my heart calm down and shake off this feeling, I asked him what had been on my mind all night.

"So..." I started, my voice a little higher than I planned. "What happened?" I questioned as my eyes moved up to see his face.

Man, I thought my part was hard.

"Wait... The fairy godmother wasn't there?" I asked, realizing how she should have been the one there to transform everything for Yeri.

"No. At least not that I saw. When Yeri called me fairy godmother at first, I realized that she must have been the one that was supposed to do what I did." My brows furrowed, confused at why the blue old lady did not show up for her.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing you went then because I wouldn't have been able to help at all. But I had things managed here...kind of..." I trailed off as we continued to dance, meeting Xiumin' s eyes as we spun around.

"'Kind of'?" He repeated, worried at my choice of words.

"Yeah...I had to dance with him so he wouldn't with others but I think," I sighed, hoping that this situation was not what I thought it was. "He might have fallen in love with me?" Jinwoon's eyes widened at my words and we stopped dancing for a second.

"Seriously?" I nodded.

"He hasn't stopped looking at me all night. Thank heavens you should up when you did. I was afraid he was going to ask me to marry him or something." I laughed awkwardly, embarrassed at the thought. Jinwoon studied my face, and noticed that I looked nervous and mainly scared for what was to follow.

"Sooyoung?" He whispered. I brought my head back up to him and he smiled.

"Everything will be okay alright? Yeri should be here any second and then the story should go back to normal." I slowly nodded giving him a tight smile in return. The song then ended, concluding our dance. We both bowed towards each other and walked back over to the side of the wall, relieved to not find Xiumin standing there. However, when I looked around the room my eyes quickly met his again and he started to walk towards us. I unintentionally started to move behind Jinwoon as he approached us, hoping in some way or form that it would hide me. Jinwoon was confused at what I was doing but when Xiumin came and stopped in front of him, he knew why.


"Hello again," Xiumin said, knowing well that I was behind Jinwoon. "Miss Soomi? Can I talk to-"

"Sorry. I can't let you do that." Jinwoon interrupted, for the second time that night. Xiumin looked shocked, as if he was never really turned down before.

"Why not?" He pondered, wondering as to why I could not see him.

"Because..."Jinwoon trailed off, trying to think of something. And then all of a sudden he grabbed me from behind him and pulled me to his side. "We are engaged." My eyes widened and I looked up at Jinwoon shocked. He smiled down at me and motioned for me to follow along once again. I glanced over to see Xiumin as shocked as I was.

"Ah, yes we are engaged. I am sorry Xiumin." I agreed, bowing towards the prince who looked confused. However, he was not convinced of our lie.

E-Excuse me?

Wait, what.

I had closed my eyes and when I opened them, my face turned red at how he close we were. We stared into each other's eyes for a second and then quickly broke away, embarrassed. I turned to see what the commotion was about and I noticed that Yeri had finally arrived. I exhaled a little in relief at the sight and that Xiumin's attention was fully on her.

Not caring anymore about us confirming our engagement, he walked away and approached her, in awe. The crowd parted for him as he went up to meet the fair soon-to-be princess. I couldn't make out what they were saying but when he held his hand out for her, she placed hers in his and they went to the middle of the ballroom to dance.

"Thank goodness," I sighed, finally feeling like I could breathe for the first time tonight as I watched them dancing.

"Looks he dumped you quickly after seeing her. I could see why." Jinwoon suddenly said. I elbowed him in the side and quietly laughed.

"Well, considering they were made for each other it makes sense. And the fact that we told him we were engaged probably helped a bit. Nice thinking by the way." I said, not wanting to mention what was about to happen between us only moments before.

"Thank you. It was the only way I could think to get him off our backs. Sorry about almost ki-"

"It's fine." My voice squeaked as I stopped him, silently cursing myself for it doing so. "You did what you had to do. It's totally understandable." He nodded and glanced back over at Yeri and Xiumin.

"They do look pretty good together - they both also look so happy." I nodded.

"Of course. Every man needs their princess and since Yeri is Xiumin's, they are both happy to find each other. I still don't get the whole 'love at first sight thing', but you can tell that they are meant to be." The dance was short and when the music stopped, they both bowed towards each other as they separated. As if right on time, the clock chimed, making the whole room quiet. It was almost 12. Jinwoon and I watched as Cinderella ran out the door, picking up her dress with her as she went. Xiumin ran after her, leaving everyone in awe at the sudden disappearance of the mysterious lady.

"Maybe we should go see if everything turns out okay?" Jinwoon asked, sounding a little worried.

"Yeah, probably a good idea." I agreed, walking ahead of him as he followed behind.

As the room broke into whispers we ran after them to see that Cinderella was riding off in her carriage and Xiumin was holding the glass slipper she was supposed to leave behind. I sighed in relief.

"Well it looks like our work here is done." Jinwoon said, happy to have everything solved as well.

"Do you think we can leave now?" I asked. He pondered for a second before answering.

"Only one way to find out." Just then, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the same steps Cinderella went down. I almost fell over and tripped when I lost one of my shoes.

"Yah!" I yelled to get his attention, making him stop. "We don't need a second Cinderella tonight!" I went and grabbed my shoe and ran back to him with it in my hand. I quickly put it back on and followed him down the rest of the steps.

"Where are we going?" I asked as he grabbed my hand again, leading me out of the town.

"To get our clothes. If we can leave we should get out of these and change back into ours." He explained. I made an 'ah' sound as we kept on running until we were back from where we first started.

"But what about the fairy godmother?" I asked as we stopped and he went to get the clothes from behind the tree. "If she isn't here, do you think we can still leave?" He came running back holding my jeans and black shirt and his very bright purple genie outfit.

"It doesn't hurt to try. The sooner we can leave, the faster we can get to save Aladdin and Jasmine." He said. We both turned around and quickly changed our clothes, leaving the extravagant dress and classy tuxedo on the ground.

"Okay." I said, turning around to face Jinwoon to see him staring at me. "What." I said, staring him down again.

"N-Nothing." He responded, making me raise an eyebrow as he stuttered. "Are you ready?" He asked, moving to stand beside me. I nodded, letting him know to start bringing up the portal.

He started his incantation and after he finished the portal started to open. Both of our eyes widened in disbelief. It worked! Jinwoon then grasped onto my hand and we jumped through, hoping that we landed where we wanted to go.


"Master!" The servant screeched, running into the sorcerer's view.

"Yes?" He replied deeply as his hand caressed the top of his staff, running over the head of the snake.

"We have caught her. Shall we bring her in?" He asked. The master smiled, satisfied at his servant's success. He nodded, and with that the servant left, opening the door to his lair.

As the doors creaked, a cage rolled in, revealing the person that he had wanted. He walked over to the cage and smirked when he stopped in front of her. She was shaking and holding herself, scared of where she was.

"Hello," He whispered. "Welcome to my home, fairy godmother." He hissed. At the mention of her name, she shifted her gaze to meet his and her face fell more than before as she was terrified of the man before her.

"W-Why did you kidnap me?!" She yelled, half out of her mind. He smiled at her panicked state.

"Let's just say..." He elongated the last word, holding out the tension between the two of them as it was his favorite thing to do. "That I need something from you. Something you can give me."

She was worried. Very so. But what could she do? She had no choice but listen to what he was saying as she couldn't really go anywhere else.

"Seung-hyun. Bring me one of my mirrors." Seung-hyun, his servant, left and did as his master said so.

"M-Mirror?" The fairy godmother whispered, wondering why he would have such an item brought to him at this time. A few minutes later, Seung-hyun returned, bringing a 10 by 6 ft. mirror and placed it by his master, letting it rest against its backstand.

"Do you know... what this is?" He asked, slowly walking to the front of it, his hands running along the side of the mirror until he touched the glass. She didn't answer and continued to stay huddled in her ball, trying to think of ways to escape. When the Fairy Godmother didn't answer his question, he continued anyways.

"This is one of the Mirror of Souls. It can take the bodies of people and trap them inside this mirror, making them forever stuck until I decide to set them free. It also gives me the power of the individual I place in here, letting me get stronger with each new soul." He explained, bringing himself in front of her once again, his staff by his side. "Interesting, huh?" He asked, flashing his wicked grin that sent shivers down her spine, haunting her to the core.

"So," He started again, letting his mind speak freely. "If you do what I want...I may let you go back to your world and enjoy your life, free of worries. But.." He said. "If you don't...well...I think you can guess that it won't end well for you..." He placed his hand on the mirror, letting her know fully well that the mirror would be her fate if she decided to fight him.

"W-What do you want?" She asked, trying to stand strong despite the fact she had no power at the moment. He came closer to her and grabbed onto the bars of the cage and snickered again at her shaken form.

"I want your wand."

"W-What?" She muttered, unconsciously.

"You heard me. It is either you give me the wand or it is the mirror for you." He stated coldly. "Your wand helps your magic power and lets it flow through the wand to help you do what you desire. Make wishes, help damsels in distress, whatever you usually do." He waved his hands around as if to show how ridiculous she is for using her magic the way she does.

"No." She said suddenly. "I can't let you have it. I won't give to you." She retorted, barely hanging on to what little willpower she had left as she glared at him hatefully. He stared back for a while before snorting and laughing loudly. Seung-hyun started to laugh along with him, trying to get along with his master. But when his laughter ceased and Seung-Hyun continued, he shushed him, making him embarrassed and move awkwardly in his misshapen form.

"Oh, sweetheart." He said, leaning in closer to smile at her disheveled form. He then quickly changed and his face fell - changing terrifyingly - making the fairy godmother's heart drop. "Wrong choice. Seize her." He commanded. Seung-hyun started to open the door to the cage and with the help of other guards in the castle they grabbed her as she fought against them, using what little strength she had left.

"Don't do this." She pleaded. "You will regret it. Please. Let me go back." Her eyes look defeated and she hoped - hoped that somewhere deep inside of him he would find some good to let her go. But, much to her expectations, it would never happen.

"Sorry." He said, grabbing the wand from inside of her pocket and holding it in his other hand that was not holding his staff. "But I don't do nice." And with a quick flick of the wand, her form disappeared and flew into the mirror. Within a few seconds, the guards, Seung-hyun, and the master could see her in the mirror confused and scared. She quickly started to pound on the inside, thinking that she could break out if she did so. However, the master waved the guards to take the mirror away as he had got what he had wanted.

Seung-hyun went to stand beside his master, as the guards rolled her out of view.

"What should I do now master?" He asked, happy to see that the master had gotten what he was after and was one step closer to what he was planning.

"Bring me another magic being, from another world." He said, going over to his magic ball placed in the room and putting his hand over it. It then changed to reveal two familiar forms as they fell through a portal and landed somewhere new.

"We have things to do." He said, as he studied the blue man with the unfamiliar girl beside him.

"As you wish...Jiyong."


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