Hit The Stage : Idol Spotlight

The very first video I watched from Hit The Stage was this performance by Ukwon, I watched it before I watched the episode and I was like... damnnnn Ukwon!! He really performed so well as the joker!! There were a lot of cool choreography effects too! I was pretty impressed ^^ His Devils performance got him some recognition too!

Ukwon & Yoona were sooo cute yet cool in this performance. I loooved the concept Ukwon came up with for the theme This Love! Its so cute and unique! Really loved this

In ep 8 Ukwon got 1st place with his Crazy performance~ He performed with a really well known choreographer Rie Hata whi jas worked with Chris Brown & other big name stars! I really enjoyed this performance! Ukwon is so good at facial expressions and really getting into the role for the theme of his performance! Ukwon will be on HTS for the 4th for the final ep & im totally looking forward to what komd of performance he cooks up~


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