Rapper's Identity Ch.3

Who: Reader x Woo Jiho What: Semi-angst, Semi-smut. (I honestly don't know how to place this) Chapter 3 For those of you that haven't read Rappers Intent this is the second part of that story. I have decided to make a second part it may become a trilogy I don't even know. Story: At your three year mark as a group, NTERNational has come a long way since that performance after your brother's death. You and Zico have been dating almost a full year but stress has overcome you in a much different way. No one seems to know what's wrong with you not even your best friend Jihoon. With another mini album coming out and you working on your solo mixtape, the pressure becomes harder to handle and your relationship with Zico wavers...

Jihoon's POV*Pre-Debut*everything*Present Day*inklingthat

Pardon the endless dialogue in this chapter but this is the first chapter that really dives into the depth of Jihoon and Y/N's friendship. With that being said I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading. ~BabydollbreTaglist:

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