Lee Min Ho Dating Rumors Cleared!!

false rumors!! Interestingly, the Asian actor has his own girlfriend, Miss A member and actress Bae Suzy. While their relationship was said to be on the rocks, reports claim that Lee Min Ho is still spending time with Bae Suzy. Yet, when the rumors connecting Lee Min Ho's name with Swift emerged, the Korean couple seemed to have broken up.

To cut the speculations short, Lee Min Ho was said to be the third party in Hiddleswift's split, while Swift was seemingly the third party between Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy.

Addressing the rumors, a source from Lee Min Ho's agency released a statement, saying, "It's ridiculous and we are taken aback." The source even said that they were shocked when the rumors surfaced because Lee Min Ho is currently filming his new Korean TV series in Spain, Soompi reports.

Amid all these rumors about the so-called "SwiftLee," reports say that Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy are still together and very happy, as their respective agencies clarified.

Regardless of the rumors, the possibility for Swift and Lee Min Ho to keep a relationship is already questionable since they are working in different parts of the world. Swift is in the U.S. while Lee Min Ho is in South Korea.

Hence, fans do not have a reason to fret as the "Blank Space" singer is still single and ready to mingle, and is even said to be writing songs for a while. As for Lee Min Ho, he keeps himself busy with Bae Suzy as well as working for his upcoming series, "The Legend of the Blue Sea," along with actress Jeon Ji Hyun.

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