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Place: School with friends Friends: Y/N isn't the BTS student council pretty cool well not as swag as me? You: Yup..the Coolest Yoongi *laughes* even my best friends is in the STCO aka you. Yoongi:*smirks* Yeah and much more when Jin your crush. You: *blushes* yah!!!*playfully smack them*

Hoseok: Bro isn't that Jin crush over there? Jin:*turns around and sees you with your friend and smiles* She sure is. The guys except Namjoon: *tease him*

-Later- Yoongi:*sleeping in class again*

Namjoon:*curses under breath* why does she get him!!!! *glares at you* You:*feels chills and sneezes*

Namjoon:*orders Jimin to hurt you to leave Jin alone* Jimin: *Walks and always pushes you or torture you in some manner when Jin isn't there* Namjoon wants you to leave Jin alone y/n!!!!*grabs your hair*

Jungkook: *walks by and see jimin harming you* YAH...JIMIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! Jimin:*lets you go* Hmmm...nothing why? Jungkook:*helps you up and glares at Jimin* Jimin:*gulps* Hey jungkook Jungkook:*still walking away with you* Damn....Jimin....**trips on a pebble and falls on top of you kissing you*



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