High4 Releases Second Teaser of Subunit 😍⚰

So Today I get attacked by my son and Hubbs once more. This time, they release their second teaser ♡ ☆☆ Also added that someone is going to be in this video with them.

This already looks like it's going to be my jam for the next 50 years.

I'm excited to see who it will be ♡ This Sub-unit is going to kill me. Alex already has my soul, there's no way I'm going to survive ⚰

Pretty sure I am going to die

❧ That Gaze thooo. . . My ovaries have fallen and can't(refuses) to get up.

❧ Excuse me sirs I need you to not leave me hanging and release the remaining teasers and the Song. Thank you in advance


☆ YakPak ☆


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