4 Weird diet tips that actually WORK

1) Get Grossed Out Can’t put your fork down, even when you’re full? Get grossed out! Make the food left on your plate look unappetizing. 2) Purge to Avoid the Binge This is one time purging is good for you. If you really want to stick to a diet, clear your cupboards, fridge, freezer and pantry of foods too tempting to ignore. Once you’ve purged your home of naughty nibbles, stock up on healthy items you can turn to when the urge to munch hits. 3) Try the Toothpaste Diet You don’t have to suck down tubes of toothpaste, but that minty fresh taste can help you stick to your diet. If portion control is your dieting downfall and you can’t resist your favorite goodies, brush your teeth with mint-flavored toothpaste. It’ll tell your brain the meal’s over. If you’re tempted to take another bite, you’ll quickly find out that most food doesn't taste good with a mouth full of cool mint flavor. Plus, the slick feeling of clean teeth is enough to keep most people from wanting to chow down more. 4) Drink Cheap Water’s one of the healthiest drinks, but here’s another reason you should have more of it: It’s free! Have you ever been shocked at the restaurant bill? It’s not the food that’s sinking your budget. It’s the iced tea, soda or alcoholic drinks. You can easily trim at least $5 off your check by choosing water. You’ll save on liquid calories too. A 12-ounce soda has around 150 calories; alcoholic drinks run 170 calories for a glass of wine to more than 300 calories for some mixed drinks. Water? Zero.

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