Hit The Stage

This is a link to a article about this dance show "hit the stage". I love watching dance shows an kept seeing performances from this show pop up. was trying to figure out what was what because it would say Taemin performing, Bora performing, Ten's prefomance etc. An could not figure out what was going on. were they a group performing to that persons song? was the person actually performing? how many crews are there? how big are the crews? etc. finally had to break down an look some of this stuff up. Korea this was a great idea a bit behind but hopefully you are as successful as America is in "dancing with the stars".

this is the finally performance with a member from got7.

this one is posted a lot U-kwon from Block B. The theme was of course Joker.

And you can't have one without the other. Joker that is. Hoya's joker.

As mentioned Taemin.

this is one of the best synchronized dancing I have ever seen.

This is Bora.

It's Momo!

Great chemistry between Hoya an Choi Hyo Jin.

I'm going to finish with this adorable cat an dog themed dance between U-kwon and YooA.

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