Brian aka YoungK Day6 supporter

Hello all i am the MOD support for Brian or also know as YoungK from Day6. i will mostly just post a bunch of spam. and some facts here and there. if i repeat some pics of facts my bad lol. but yeah. hope u all will enjoy my YoungK cards happen in the future.

If you'd like to be added to the Day6 taglist click here Day6 Mod Team :@ChaErica@JiyongLeo@MaeLyn@Starbell808@HayleyEastman@DalyRomero@StephanieDuong Tagged:@twistedPuppy@Bangtanss@AimeeH@AlenaSegura

Aloha. im from Hawaii. i love kpop. and anime! also love sports. family means a lot to me so do my friends. love meet people from all over the world.
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