City Hunter ! <3

I just finished this drama not too long ago & I LOVED IT. who doesnt like LMH ?! like really; hes too perfect right!? *0* LOL. Wellll i really liked this drama buuuuut it kindaaa got boring cuz of all the politics;---; but the whole drama was so suspenseful; i came to love it so much omfg<3. & THERE WAS SUCH A PLOT TWIST IN THE END. @_@ like asdljdskghadfkWUT. LOL. Well what did you guys think of this dramaa ? (x Also, Watch it if you haven't yet !! <3<3 No one can miss a drama with Lee Min Ho... ;-;

Annyeong~ ^o^ I'm Izzy ! I love all sorts of stuff [x Mostly Kpop,Anime,Manga,K-Drama's & FOOD<3. so yeah LOL Bye(x
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